Thursday, July 01, 2010

"Kanak Pak Prachhaing Thmei, Yuon-Sen's Game" a Poem in Khmer by Hin Sithan


Anonymous said...

You are 110% right lok Sithan. Í use to meet with folk from HRP several times I was asked to join them but declined. I know HRP is proud to be called as a new opposition party. They are happy to see SRP in trouble. I think this reflects deeply about khmer attitude as written by Mr. Bun ChanMol long time ago. Mr. Kem Sokha is not an honest man. He is greedy and corrupted. If he's not so he would work with SRP to help push for border issue event deeper into CPP's throat but he and his party did not. He took this opportunity to work behind the sceen with Mr.Mam Sonando to convince people to follow them.
I feel so bad the our Khmer politicians such Mr. Kem Sokha and Mr. Mom Sonando act so stupid like this. I understand that Border issue is a hot sensitive issue if all khmers rally behind SRP we can bring this issue internationally.

I rather stay with Hun Sen then work with Mr. Kem Sokha.

Anonymous said...

I reread this Poem in Khmer twice and I think I get the author's message: Yuon-Hun Sen is setting up Penn-Sovann/Kem Sokha Opposition Party to replace the SRP. At the end the author warns people not to play this game of Yuon-Hun Sen. However, the author notices that some Khmer folks are "fooled" big time.

Anonymous said...

1:12PM You got it!!!
Sokha fooled Khmers once in 2008. If he has his way it will be twice. Khmer will loose big time.
I don't think SRP membes will support Kem Sokha if their leaders are not to participate in the election.
Watch out for the hypocrite khmers!!!

Anonymous said...

The author must emerge from HRP. It seems he knows Kem Sokha very well. Wait and see or take action now before it too late. Khmer cannot afford to loose again.

Anonymous said...

12:36PM said:

I feel so bad the our Khmer politicians such Mr. Kem Sokha and Mr. Mom Sonando act so stupid like this. I understand that Border issue is a hot sensitive issue if all khmers rally behind SRP we can bring this issue internationally.

... First let me take my hat off to Lok Hin Sithan who is so talent to put the explanation in his rhyming Poem very beautifully and exactly to the point.

... Secondly I could not agree more on your comment however Kem Sokha and Mam Sonando are not stupid, infact they think they are very clever to act like this to fool Khmer people.
I salute your fact and finding in supporting your reasons about the two opportunists who are so very selfish with their political game. We all will be the judge if this so call "WHO DARE WIN" ideology will be right or wrong?

Anonymous said...

Why fucking people like to flame each other? Why can you poeple united working together just made only two party one is CPP and another one is Demacractic party. Look at our Country fucking very tiny had alots of groups party. Open you fucking people look around the world it's not in the dark ages no more now it 21 century.

Anonymous said...

Without Viet, CPP will be die. In order to stay for ever in the power CPP do all for their Boss (allow more to be Khmer, give land to Viet despite they hear from the news every time but they are ignorance against Khmer, Sihanouk is also the part of this [Never hear, King in the Globe works with communist in the whole life-span],). One day after those die, Cambodia will be anexxed by Viet and also will be a part of Indochina empiror.

Tear of Khmer next generation

Anonymous said...

These old farts Hin Sithan claimed to know everything. :) He is totally sick dumbass.hahaha
Man I wish an old farts like Hin Sithan, and his moron group be dead soon. Hin Sithan and His wife are true sino-Thai. Hin Sithan's wife is Khmer Rouge Nuon Chea's niece.hahaha
and Hin Sithan is Khmer Rouge Nuon Chea's Nephew in-law.hahaha
Mit Chhay nov Tacoma said you were Khmer Rouge chief in Sangker Battambang.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ah chkae toeur Hin Sithan, Ah Kingcok krom bat peang and extreme group speak like gangsters like ah bath Psar Battambang.
Every body knew you become KR since event in Samlot 1967.
Nuon Chea is uncle of your Siam's wife, and you are Nuon Chea's nephew inlaw, you dumb fuck!
Stop fool everybody in here, all khmer in Washington know you and your 9 yards family trees. You are koun Chen kat Siam.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

មិនយូរទេពួកអាក្បត់ជាតិ ឡេមឡឺមលិតបាត ជើង
ងាប់រលត់ សាបសូន្យជីវិត មិនខានឡើយ !!

សូមខ្មែរទាំងអស់ ទាំងនៅក្នុង នឹង ក្រៅប្រទេស ជួយដុតទៀនដុតធូបបួងសួងដាក់បណ្ដាសាពួកអាក្បត់ជាតិ ដែលកំពុងបំផ្លាញជាតិសព្វថ្ងៃនេះ!

ខ្ញុំសុំ ឱ្យអស់លោក កវី ជួយសរសេរកំណាព្យដាក់បណ្ដាសា មួយមេពីរមក។

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting point some commentor above had mentioned about hypocrite like Kem Sokha and Mom Sonando. It's sample to judge them as hypocrite because their actions tell us deeply their intention already. They both keep calling other khmers to join them by accusing other khmer democratic party tatallism, unpatriot etc... Why don't they rally as one with the strongest opposition which already in place and work from within for change?

Anonymous said...

Dear all khmers,

The poem composer name is Hin, Sithan, and his boss Ly Ngc Diep Hanoi's secret spy hiding in Long Beach California and the poem composer name is Hin Sithan Thai's secret spy hiding in Tacoma, Washington state.

He just came back recently from Thailand to receive news orders from Bangcock and Hanoi to write the poem and news papars to break khmer nationalist a part.

The Bank account they set up for internationl court of joke is just a fake bank account. Mit Samet and mit Chay said. As the matter of fact, this bank account is for them to buy more houses and more Businesses in Washington and Long Beach and to spread more of their networks to counter khmer patriots from your donation money.

Hin Sithan and Ly Ngoc Ding are nothing, but the cheaters and the khmer dividers and the khmer's enemy spy in the United States to interfere khmer patriots from being success.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to radio Khmer Post and heard ah monsier Mom Sonando talked like a mad dog. He was ordained as a monk the other day now he's talking about jumping to the political ring. Is he a viet agent? I'm disspointed that I donated lot of money through him to help poor people and turned out that he used my money for his political gain such a hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

Puok Ah Jamkuot Hin Sithan , Sam Vichea, Yim Guechse, Champa Diep--your fucking poems are so dumb and stupid.

Ah Jamkuot Kantoeu Hin Sithan, why don't you show your dumb face in Tacoma? Your Poem sound too dumb and stupid.
Min doung chea Kamnap mae vea s’ey teh.

All Khmer in Battambang know that you were former Khmer Rouge and Your wife is Siam Nationality.

Your Khmer M'chas Srok of Chak Sakhon or Khmer Sralanh Khmer of Kao Heanh Group will soon be smashed by us in Phnom Penh OK?
We are Keeping eyes on you Khmer M'chas Srok Movement and Pak Khmer Sralanh Khmer 24/24.

Anonymous said...

poem by Hin Sithan totally lacks of manner and lacks of intelligence.
Hin Sithan's poem is only hatred nothing about how to unite. If Hin Sithan still believes Yuon Spy Ly Ngoc Diep that Khmer King is bad, Hin Sithan is in a big shit. Hin Sithan lacks of a skill of being a diplomat. He does not know how to unite people. Very Bad peom he wrote. This old boy needs to sit in a Prey Sar cell sometime in the future, when he steps his feet on Cambodia soil.

Anonymous said...

One thing about Khmer politics is: "too many chiefs not enough indians!" Please, please, and please remove yourself from this old thinking and let's build the dying Khmer nation together.

The opposition(the democratic camp) is already too small, one must live in illusion to think SRP or HRP alone can defeat the CPP. Even a child with little education can see this impossibility!!!

Wake up my Khmer democrats and elect the right leader and future team to defeat the CPP and the Yuon's domination for life.

KHMER Angkor.

Anonymous said...

I like this political blog, khmer's wounded so deep into the third generations. Why? and who made khmer like that? Since, Khmer become yuon communist and help yuon killed millions and took over cambodia, 95.5% of cambodian become yuon brain or brainless as khmer human. That's why Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Decho Hun Sen Varman, Prime Minister of
the Kingdom of Cambodia, called Khmer is Ah Sat (animal) and His Excellency Mr. NGUYEN TAN DUNG, put more investments and more Vietnamese' rubber plantations every (Ha) at least 3 workers in cambodia as well for the long term agreement og 99 years.
Imagin.... 1,000,000 ha., then how many vietnamese workers? and for 99 years? Think people think!

I hope all you khmer soon have no country to call and no country to represent, no country to live, and you khmer will be come the vietnamese' 64th ethnic minority of Indochinese Federation!

Good luck you khmer, and keep fighting until no more khmer in the land!

Anonymous said...

11:21 PM Exactly!


Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In oder to achieve their goal and wealth, the Poem writers such as clans Hin Sithan, KC, KB, Sam Vichea, Sék Serei, Ung Thavry, Yim Guechsè and Champa Diep did not hesitate to use the following exodus Hanoi's methods:

1). The development of anti-King and Queen, Anti-governmental propaganda, by written newspapers, Books and Poems via Internets.

2). Create a climate of crisis and insecurity and to provoke divisions in the population to rise up agaist the King, Queen and Government.

3). Carrying out of acts of sabotage and break khmer apart from the majority of the population remained loyal to the King, Queen and elements of Government.

4). Circulation of tracts and other printed matter originated by the various factions, and in their place the appearance of a single overall their political line, both in written and spoken propaganda, a development which became more and more intence and widespead.

5). The sudden attacks launched by the Newspapers, books and Poems with political pictures or cartoons.

Hin Sithan, KC, KB, Sam Vichea, Sék Serei,Ung Thavry, Yim Guechsè and Champa Diep are practically, sympathy directed by Ho Chi Minh and their Vietnamese Communist in Hanoi.
That's the stategy of Hin Sithan, KC, KB, Sam Vichea, Sék Serei,Ung Thavry, Yim Guechsè and Champa Diep are preparing the entry of Cambodia into their Indichina Federation and their new political indoctrination.

Khmer Yuong said...

ដូចនេះបើគណបក្សសម រង្សីចុៈខ្សោយដៅយ
សិទ្ធិមនុស្ស វិញកុំអោយខាតពេលវេលា។

Anonymous said...

No it's not Youn Sen!! It's Youn Segn.. meaning carried by Vietnamese!!

Anonymous said...

Prors S'dach Khbal Mork

Roeuk Sen M'ha Thork

Num Khlork Yuon Khchip

Bontok Toeuk Krum

Sa'om Preah Khdor Pit\

S'dach L'ngoeu L'ngong L'ngit

SamLap Reas Aeng.

Anonymous said...

Pourk Toul Konthor

Ach S'dach Paror

Kh'det Phaom Kro' op

Naom S'dach ProHoeur

Pourk Ah Proeung S'rop

Thoeup Mean Chey Chaok

Ah Maok S'mao Vaing

Anonymous said...

While a crocodile bitten person or
animal , the more they move the more
they going to bite harder and harder.

Anonymous said...

Separation sickness (Chom Ngeu Bék Bak) again!!! Poor Cambodians!

Anonymous said...

Those who have drawn these three monkys is very smart. He did his job perfectly right.
From my understanding, these three monkys had known only to eat, steal and sex. For other things, they have to fly to vietnam to have instruction from their bosses. They need to bring with them, Khmer in Sydney CBD to assist them to remember their bosses orders.

Tith Sothea