Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tribunal Must Consider Reparations: Victim

Seng Theary, head of the Center for Justice and Reconciliation. (Photo: by Roland Neveu)

Sok Khemara, VOA Khmer
Washington, DC Friday, 27 August 2010

"If we wait until the trials are finished, they'll forget it."
Reparation for victims of the Khmer Rouge should be a chief concern for the UN-backed tribunal in its eventual plans to bring hearings for senior leaders to a close, a civil party participant said Thursday.

Seng Theary, who has filed as a complainant in upcoming Case 002, said reparations should include a center in each of the nation's 24 provinces and municipalities to help bring reconciliation to the country.

“If we wait until the trials are finished, they'll forget it,” she said, as a guest on “Hello VOA.”

“We're requesting the equipment of the [tribunal], as we know the Khmer Rouge court has a lot of materials, such as computers and vehicles,” she said. “This is a basic demand, and we will demand more than this. But to make it effective, the victims should make the requests.”

Tribunal judges are now preparing for Case 002, to try Nuon Chea, Khieu Samphan, Ieng Sary and Ieng Thirith for atrocity crimes committed while the Khmer Rouge was in power. But experts have also said administration officials should consider how they will wrap up the court when trials are finished.

Besides bringing senior leaders to trial, the tribunal was also meant to bring a measure of reconciliation to the country.

But the court did not do enough for victims following its first trial, for Tuol Sleng prison chief Duch, Seng Theary said.

Victims will need more, like a memorial stupa, education centers and preservation of prisons like Tuol Sleng, she said.


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Theary, our comments are not just for this article but in general from your previous as well. You have done wonderfull critics and work for khmer peoples. You have a vision for the justice as well as the future for Khmerland and its peoples but bear in mind, never let the politicians use you or your work for their purposes because anything can happen and everything is possible . You should look for a future involvement in politics yourself.

Khmer Isaan

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

USA would be the first that must repare Cambodia and Cambodian victims but I don't think Americans would do that because they already asked Cambodia to pay back $300M.
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Anonymous said...

$ 300 millions borrowing from the American. So? Pay it back. We borrow people money, we pay it back. What's the big deal about it?

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