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Tor Kim Sy, top finishing high school student in Cambodia in 2010

Tor Kim Sy, an outstanding student who achieved the topmost score in the final high school exam test in all of Cambodia in 2010 (Photo: Orm Uddom, RFA)

07 Sept 2010
By Orm Uddom
Radio Free Asia
Translated from Khmer by Soy
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KI-Media Note: Kim Sy, good luck with your study in Germany! We hope you will be as successful there as you are now. We are extremely proud of you!
Tor Kim Sy is a student who passed her finishing high school exam with the topmost scores among 80,000 other candidates in the country for this year.

Among the 80,000 students who take the final high school exam this year, Ms. Tor Kim Sy was the student with the highest score in the country.

18-year-old Kim Sy studied at the 10 Makara high school in Siem Reap city, Siem Reap province. The reasons this A-student was able to achieve her impressive scores was her dedication to study, her able teachers and her family pushing her.

In order to achieve her success, Kim Sy spent 10 hours a day to study. She indicated that she spent most of her time studying and had little spare time for entertainment.

She spent 7 extra hours per day to attend extra lessons on top of the 4 hours she spent each day at school. There were 5 topics which she took additional lessons on: 2 hours of math which she took lessons from 2 different teachers, 2 hours of chemistry which she took with 2 different teachers as well, 1 hour of physics, 1 hour of Khmer language, and 1 hour of professional training. In summary, she spent 11 hours per day studying. In addition to the topics above, she also spent a lot of time memorizing lessons in history, geography, earth science and morality, etc… as well.

She explained that the reason she took extra classes was because the number of hours provided by the state high school are simply not sufficient enough for her to obtain the necessary skills to pass her exam.

Kim Sy was born in Siem Reap city, she is the fourth child in a family with 6 children. Her family lives in a row house near the old market (Phsar Chas), in Mondul 1 village, Svay Dangkum commune, Siem Reap city. She completed her elementary schooling at Stung Thmei Elementary school then she continued her study at Angkor Junior high school. Her parents run a currency exchange business near Phsar Chas, Siem Reap city. Unlike other parents who pushed their children to help them in their businesses, Kim Sy’s parents did not follow this path.

Tor Hong, Kim Sy’s father, explained that the reason he encouraged his children to study like this was because, in the past, he asked his eldest daughter to end her schooling to help him with his business. Later on, he regretted very much this decision because she did not have proper education that would provide her with a decent living in the future, all that she can do now is being a small merchant in the market.

Tor Hong said that it was mistake not to let his daughter complete her education. He said that only education is the true wealth that his children can carry on with their life.

Kim Sy said that, sometimes, her parents are very busy with work, but they never wanted her to stop studying and come to help them: “… at this point in life, there is no point in trying to be greedy for money, we must thrive with education. If successful in education, in the future, we will have a bright future.”

Following the announcement of the exam results, Kim Sy received the topmost score in math and for this reason, she immediately received a scholarship from a German university to study there.

Sok Touch, the principal of the Khemarak high school, indicated that through his contact with the German university, Kim Sy will be able to pursue undergraduate and graduate math studies in Germany.

Sok Touch said: “She can choose a university in Cambodia, but as we know, people who have the opportunity and good development, we should let them look at another world, an outside world, so that they can use their [overseas] education to develop our country. We help people who have the ability to grow, we must open our heart wide to allow the opportunity for the younger generation…”

Besides studying, Kim Sy indicated that she also knows English and French well also. Her knowledge of the Thai language is also useful.

Kim Sy indicated that, following her completion of her graduate studies overseas, she will return back to share her education for the younger generations and, in the future, she wants to become a professor at a university in Cambodia.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation girl.

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Anonymous said...

One advise for you, sweet heart - don't get involved in politics. Focuss on your study and build a successful professional career and strong family in life. If you have some times left, spend it wisely doing volunteer work for your communities.

Anonymous said...


Is she related to Mr. Tor Kim Sean,my Physic Teacher in the 70's,also from Siem Reap?

KhmerIsrael said...

I'm impress. Better brain then mine when I was younger.

Anonymous said...

Keep on working, girl, very hard. You will not need to return to srok khmer after graduation. The more educated the people are, the faster the dictators will go.

This is another way of looking at politcs, for those who advise her not to involve in politics. What is not political, really ?

Anonymous said...

Just be yorself period!

Thyda & Thina said...

Good role model for young student in future to follow.

Anonymous said...

This is a one person role model. For those who have not embrace education for their children, this is a 101 lesson for you. Education is a key to unlock your poverty... not steal, not corruption, not cheat etc... It is the only way for a meaningful life and bright future ahead... My thumb up for you Sy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for your success in school. If you can switch major from mathematic, go with medicine. That profession is much better and you can help your people from getting sick. Plus, if you happen to live in other part of the world, you can make a good living. Go for PhD or MD as you can.

I have several relatives in the US where they graduated top in their high school. Now they become medical doctors.

So good luck for your schooling in Germany.

Anonymous said...

kim sy, you have a lot of potential. i hope you will stay in school until you finish whatever studies you persue or dream of. best of luck in your endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Learn as much as you can from the West.It's their democracy that make their countries grand.Don't serve the CPP ,when you return ,who are so eager to cede your land to yuon.If you fail to do that ,your education will be worthless.

Anonymous said...

11:36 AM

political opportunist. Can't say a damn thing without spurting out your political agenda, can you?

Anonymous said...

Education is the key to success!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of you, Kimsy. Our country cannot be developed quickly without kind of person like you. Your parents must be very proud of you. I hope all young guy will follow your role of model. Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Tor Kim Sy

I am so proud of you with your succes and I hopefully that you are will become a very very good new generation for our Khmer country.

Besst and regard

Oum Sara

Khmer Sweden

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on passing...

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I heard some students complained that they did very good in their exam but were not passed because they did not have money to pay for it.

Have anybody heard the same thing as I did?

Anonymous said...

Where can I sent this 500$ for her scholorship??

support high leaning