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Khmer Democrat, Phnom Penh
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Another example for students, labor unions and 13.8 million other Cambodians who have had enough of the repression, violence of blood-drenched rule of the former Khmer Rouge CPP.

Orange Revolution was a series of protests and political events that took place in Ukraine from late November 2004 to January 2005, in the immediate aftermath of the run-off vote of the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election which was claimed to be marred by massive corruption, voter intimidation and direct electoral fraud. Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, was the local point of the movement with thousands of protesters demonstrating daily. Nationwide, the democratic revolution was highlighted by a series of acts of civil disobedience, sit-ins, and general strikes organized by the opposition movement.

Under intense scrutiny by domestic and international observers, the second run-off was declared to be "fair and free". The final results showed a clear victory for opposition democracy leader Viktor Yushchenko, who received about 52 percent of the vote, compared to Yanukovych's 44 percent. Yushchenko was declared the official winner and with his inauguration on January 23, 2005 in Kiev, the Orange Revolution ended.

For more information, see Orange Revolution at Wikipedia, inter alia.




Anonymous said...

We need to conduct our Cambodian SAFFRON REVOLUTION before we slide into another BURMA.

Anonymous said...

Here are reasons why Chinese in Cambodia couldn't have settled in Cambodia prior to the "Angkor Khmer Empire Era"

China was once conquered by Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire 1206-1227. Then on the other hand, there was never any evidence of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Army ever invading the Khmer Empire. So if China was taken over by the Mongols during that time, what would Chinese be doing in Cambodia during the Khmer Empire?? King Jayavaraman VII reigned during the years 1181-1215, and Genghis Khan reigned during the years 1206-1227. Therfore, how is it possible for the Chinese to migrate to Cambodia, unless a later King granted the Chinese to seek refuge in the Khmer Empire to escape the Mongols. The Chinese is more of a minority in every country it migrates to except in their own country. This explains why there are Chinese ethnic minorities in the Phillipines, Malaysia, Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, in many other parts of the world and so on trying to spread their influence with their Chinese sword fighting movies and changing other countries history. Everywhere their people migrate to, they tend to think their ancestors been there since the countries ancient days especially if the country had an ancient glorious history. When in fact they had their own ancient turmoil with the mongols.

Anonymous said...

Cambodian people need to form one of this in Phnom Penh now

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

dont forget to look at the examples of the People's Power Revolutions (Edsa I & II Revolution) in the Philippines. The successes of the first Edsa Revolution relied mainly on religious and business forces. While most Cambodian are Buddhist, let us have a Saffron Revolution as 3:16 said, but don't forget also to learn from the failure of Burmese 777 saffron revolution as well.
Belows are principles and methods of active nonviolence developed by Gene Sharp (1973) which include:
1. methods of nonviolent protest and persuasion: formal statements, communication with a wider audience, group representations, symbolic public acts, pressures on individuals, drama and music, processions, honoring the dead, public assemblies, withdrawal and renunciation
2. methods of social noncooperation: ostracism of persons, noncooperation with social events, customs, and institutions, withdrawal from the social system
3. methods of economic noncooperation: economic boycotts: action by consumers, action by workers and producers, action by middlemen, action by owners and management, action by holders of financial resources, action by governments,
4. methods of economic noncooperation: symbolic strikes: agricultural strikes, strikes by special groups, ordinary industrial strikes, restricted strikes, multi-industry strikes, combination of strikes and economic closures
5. methods of political noncooperation: rejection of authority, citizens’ noncooperation with government, citizens’ alternatives to obedience, action by government personnel, domestic governmental action, international governmental action
6. methods of nonviolent intervention: psychological intervention, physical intervention, social intervention, economic intervention, political intervention.

Downfall dictator Xen & the CPP!

Anonymous said...

oh i meant Burmese 888 failed revolution.

Anonymous said...

Power to the People! The dictators are such whimps, like bullies who only know violence. Down with the dictators! Long live Sam Rainsy and the democrats! for the prosperity of Cambodians!

Anonymous said...

For the revolution, we Khmer need a good opposition leader. But in the mean time. we don't have real one. Not all oversea's and Khmer in Cambodia like Mr. Sam Raingsy.

Anonymous said...

We have the perfect opposition leader in Sam Rainsy! That's why Hun Sen and Vietnam are so afraid of him, and do everything to cheat and keep him away from competing.

Anonymous said...


Where: Phnom Penh at Olympic Stadium
Who: Khmer around the globe
What: Power to the People
When: TBA
Food: Vendors around the stadium
Donation: N/A
Admission: FREE

for info: 1-800-CPP-ANTI

Anonymous said...

Let everyone from today onward do whatever we can to resist this communist CPP puppet regime. It's time we turn the table and give headaches to the oppressor through our non-violent resistance.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Cambodian people in Cambodia are supporting the government! The mass revolution now is not to over throw the current government but to support it instead.

The small minority, mostly Khmer immigrant oversea want to over throw the current government. So it is very interesting to see that majority of people power in Cambodia are against the minority people power of SRP.

Hey in the democracy the majority rules!

So if SRP want to have people power revolution, bring it on. If you can bring 100 people on the street, the CPP can master 1000 people, if you can bring 1000, the CPP will bring in 10000.

Anonymous said...

7:10 PM you haven't found a real khmer patriot or leader yet have you? Don't let anyone foul your brain okay? Sam raingsy is a real khmer hero. Hun Sen and his youn master are afraid of Sam Raingsy.
That's why they will do everything to prevent him from entering into politic. But never too late to join SRP in Cambodia or anywhere you live. We must start the movement to protest the government for social justice and free and fair election in 2012 and 2013.
Do yo know we are currently under youn controle in all khmer institutions? I mean youn doesn't need to be you speak viet language but one works proven to be benefited to the Viet. So think about it.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Beside, Lok Sam Rainsey can also speak French and English Fluently. The root in the stone is the best of all! For now and this is just a beginning. We all must to stand behind him, if we want change.

Sam Rainsey! Sam Rainsey! Sam Rainsey!

Anonymous said...


KhmerIsrael said...

9:37 is so correct of the definition: Democracy, majority rules! Or the mob rules! Another words--whatever the people want, whether good or evil.

Democracy is anti-life
Dictator is anti-life

America is known for being a Democracy country but its Constitution is being cast aside for the majority to rule, therefore disregard the rule of laws. Matter of fact, a judge can preside over the Constitution and rule in favor to he/her liking and not what the Constitution meant.

America was base on Republic=to rule by law base on the Constitution. Three branches of government was established for balance of power to stay the country on its course. But all that has been altered by Neo-Nazi ideology (liberals) politicians.

United Nations hates America governmental system. So they been introducing the 'worms' to eat way the Power that made America stood on for centuries. They been successful in their indoctrination of the generation that are willing to be their worker bees. The foundation (Constitution) of America is being destroy from within by these sneaky Communists. Our current President is a Communist himself.

This world system is set up for a world Dictator. I can bet my life on it. I understand the future by the truth that is in Scriptures. The World Affairs is oversee by the Sovereign God of Israel to bring man's rule and reign on earth to and End. Man, if left to his own doings would eventually destroy himself, because he is depraved.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Khmer Democrat from Phnom Penh? The person is brilliant in promoting the causes of democratic principles. I have never thought that out of Cambodia, there is such an individual at all. Recently, KI Media has been posting the writing of this author. I like reading it a lot. Keep expressing your ideas because at least I love reading them.

Anonymous said...


1) Muk = come
2) Hai = already
3) Ba = uncle

Fish said...


It is enlighten to read your message. I saw a few of your messages on this KI blog. I am very impress with your understanding. Can you email me please.

Anonymous said...

11:55, khmerisrael - you are twisted!!!!!!!!!

a Khmer Christian

Anonymous said...

Power on to the Khmer people.Khmer people must know your rights,use your rights against ah Hun Sen.Think it right,say the right things,do the right things,get it done the right things.Hun walks to the wrong steps,he gets blamed on him.He makes Khmer people so frustrated with his leadership.