Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Koh Pich Bridge: The day after (Photos from AFP, Reuters)


Kulen Monorom said...

Your Royal Highness Samdech Ta,

Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen,

Thank you for your both kindness and understanding.

What we need is prevention method, not to let this type of accident happen again in future.

It also make me very worry to see so much alcohol allowed to enter or produced in our beloved Kingdom of Cambodia? What about “ YA BA “ from Thailand? Can Samdech Ta and Samdech Hun Sen stop all sort of drugs coming to Cambodia? The accident may not related to drugs and alcohol but just some thing that I could not sleep peacefully from now to the future in the name sake of Khmer citizen.

May almighty God Jesus Christ accept all the victim souls into heaven too.

My condolences to all the victim's family.


Kulen Monorom
(The rice farmer's son)

Anonymous said...

why the cops sprinkling water onto the stampede which is the eklectricity wire can easily kill people. Are the cops received any instruction of killing people and is a plan of someone to do so?????

Anonymous said...

Innocent people especially the youth wanted to join happily during the national festival, but the plan to kill them arose from someone who has ready organised for the illiterated and silly cops to conduct. This is the illiterated government.

Anonymous said...

Why do I see these same silly comments in every blog???? Must be easy on your brain to just copy and paste, right? No need to use your brain cells.

Anonymous said...

No More Koh Pich. It becomes Koh Moranak.

Anonymous said...

អាឆ្កែកញ្ជះយួនបីក្បាល ហ៊ុន សែន, ហេងសំ រិន, ជាស៊ីម
បើគ្មានសមត្តភាពទេ ល្មមចុះចេញទុកឱ្យ លោកសម រង្ស៊ី

Anonymous said...

I fell so sad to all the people who dies in the bridge.

Hell bridge (not Bridge Pich ) is hell
should detroy this bridge then make a new one...

CCP. phnom penh

Anonymous said...

10:43pm you are right Kith Meng
built Koh MORONAK .