Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Khmer Post Radio Broadcast trial in Cambodia


Fellow Compatriots,

My name is Sovannara Meach, President and CEO of Khmer Post Media Center. It is my honor to announce that KPR (Khmer Post Radio) will be transmitting its first broadcast to Cambodia for testing beginning the 15th of March throughout the month.

KPR can be tuned in @:
Frequency: 9960 kHz in the 31 meter band (AM, NOT FM)
Duration: 1 hourTime: 7:00- 8:00PM local Cambodia time.
Number of Broadcasts: 365= 1year

You can also listen to KPR at www.thekhmerpostradio.com

On our behalf, I would like to invite you to listen and leave feedback in order to enhance our services and knowledge. In addition, I would like to encourage you to share this info with friends and relatives in Cambodia and abroad.

KPR’s goal is to bring forth truth for Real Democracy and Human Rights to Cambodia .

Best Regards,

Sovannara Meach
President of KPMC/KPR


Anonymous said...

Since that radio started broadcasting online, I only listened to it twice . I don't like their services . I like World Khmer Radio and RFA .

Anonymous said...

Mr Sovannara Meach,
You are very superb and a role model to all media of Cambodia. Cambodian meadia should dare to say what is truely happening in Cambodia.

Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

All Khmers and true friends of Khmers should have full access to true information and news.
Khmers could make their own rational decision based on the facts and true information.

Good job Khmer Post Radio, Good job Mr. Meach Sovannara. We need more and more such Khmers to step up and take action for Khmers.

Best Luck to you and all Khmers!

Anonymous said...

This is the only radio station that I came to truly like and listen more than any radio about the news from Cambodia so far. I like it and support it with all my heart.

More Khmer people should listen and learn more about the truth fact about Cambodia transparent news.

I enjoy listen and learned it everyday, thank you mr Meach Sovannara. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sovannara Meach,

I support you and your staffs 100%.

Khmer Prey Nor Kor

Anonymous said...

Sovannara Meach is son of a gun. This person has no ethic, dignity, or shame.

Anonymous said...

youre a son of a bitch.

Youre a person that has no ethic, dignity, or shame to your fellowmen who is being extorted, corrupted and sold to other nations.

youre stupid.

Anonymous said...

Until today after many year of observing Many Cambodian in politic and in the media, I found that Mr Meach Sovannara is the first person of 2010 for People with high integrity, Neutral and reliable.
I have also take this opportunity to salue for the past person such as.
1-Mr Som Va,
2-Mr Trinh Vanh
3-Mr Sirik Matak
4-Mr Doc Rasy
5-Mr In Tam
6-Mr Sam ransy
7-Mr Son Chhay
8-Mrs Mu Soc Hua
9-Mr Mam Sonando
10-Mr Ou Virak
11-Mr Lao Mong Hay
12-Mr Rong Chhun
Many more

Areak Prey

Anonymous said...

Khmer Post received more than a million dollars from USA to broadcast his radio from Thailand.

Anonymous said...

Khmer Post Newspaper and Radio are owned by the CPP Party and Sovannara Meach is a spy for the CPP Party. He's a member of the CPP Party and works for the CPP Party. He receives his funding for the newspaper and radio program from the CPP Party.

He just pretens to be with the opposition parties only to get information for Hun Sen. Please don't be fool by his charm and politness.