Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to produce ACTIVE BYSTANDERS in Cambodia to destroy CONTINUUM OF DESTRUCTIO​N: Conversations with Dr. Ervin Staub

How to produce ACTIVE BYSTANDERS in Cambodia to destroy CONTINUUM OF DESTRUCTIO​N


Anonymous said...

To all Khmer people
Khmer every where are going to stand up at the same time and kick Hun Sen regime on March 18 for the sake of our country, liberate our people from tyrant. We must take part together on that date, March 18, to struggle for a change in Cambodia, we must joint hands and hands, shoulders and shoulders including monks, people and the people from all walk of life. Now we set the date March 18 to topple Hun Sen regime. Please, stand up together in Phnom Penh on that date.

March 18, 10:00 AM
At Sounpracheathipatey

Anonymous said...

Theary, write a report and send it to your donors or tell your diary but don't bother everyone else like a hundred of times with this event.

Anonymous said...

its shocking that Theary keeps posting her photo diaries written in the 'I' form but with the logo of civicus rather than her name.

If civicus is not an institution but identical with Theary or considered by her like her private property, then the donors of civicus better check the accounts and accountability mechanisms.

Anonymous said...

I always appreciated KI-Media for successfully walking the line between freedom of expression on one hand and preventing obscene comments on the other.

That you have just taken the liberty to remove my opinion that I have just taken considerable time to articulate has disappointed me tremendously.

Anonymous said...

its obvious that the author of this lacks the capacity to understand what he or she is writing about

Anonymous said...

agreed, the author is trying to look intelligent by associating him or herself with a scholar like Staub and real thinkers like Arendt.

But he or she fails so badly to comprehend both, its pathetic. Like linking the NGO law to Hitler's anti-Jewish legislation. I don't like the NGO law but this comparison is very inadequate.

"we—the local and international donor community". The author appears to think that he or she is "the local and international donor community" whatever this might be.

Anonymous said...

When you hit the tag button “Theary Seng” at the bottom of this article, what you get is pages and pages of posts, most of them having a photo of Theary’s pretty face attached to them, many of them look like adds for cosmetic products often in private and opulent settings.

Which button do I have to click to see photos of all the regular Khmer women heroin mothers who live in the Khmer village and struggle to feed and educate their Khmer children and work their little piece of Khmer land until it is robbed from them, struggling to create a functional family and livelihood in a totally dysfunctional environment? Which button to listen to their voices and to know their thoughts? There are millions of them and I don’t know any of their names.

Same for all the regular Cambodian victims and those activists who speak out without the effortless enjoyment of a foreign citizenship and a law school career to fall back on? I don’t mind if they are less articulate than Theary.

Is Theary’s private life really sensitive information about Cambodia that it should be posted on KI-Media? If so, how come that there is not nearly as much about/from almost anyone of the KI-Media’s choice of Khmer heroes? I think it is for good reason that there is almost nothing about their private lives on KI Media. So why is Theary’s private life seemingly taking place mostly in foreign locations, considered sensitive information about Cambodia?

What is the purpose of posting photos of Theary that look as if they are promoting cosmetic products? I think it is demeaning not just of Khmer but any woman, as if men should only listen to pretty women or those who have applied sufficient amounts of make-up or as if you cannot get them with the strength of your argument than they might be persuaded by your sex-appeal?

If you were a politician, I would understand that you want everyone to vote for you, even people too stupid to understand your argument but who might find your face pretty enough to vote for you. But if you want your words to count, I suggest that you stop your self-promotion and showing off your undeserved privileges. Theary, for me its never become clear what you stand for, except yourself.

Anonymous said...

CIVICUS as an institution is as empty as Theary Seng is as person.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the donor countries did not see the extremism of comparing the Nazi's 'yellow badge' campaign with the Cambodian NGO laws.

This is not to say that CPP and the vietcongs are not controlling Cambodian people and resources like they privately own them, but to point out how some NGO (i.e. CIVICUS) can be so far away from relevant point and reality.

Anonymous said...

just read the title of this post and you know its garbage