Friday, April 29, 2011

Thailand-Cambodia conflict to be discussed at ASEAN summit

April 29, 2011

Indonesia's Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said on Thursday that the border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia would be discussed at the upcoming ASEAN Summit slated on May 7-8 in Jakarta.

"The conflict would be discussed at the ASEAN Summit on bilateral or trilateral basis," Natalegawa said after meeting with his Thai counterpart Kasit Piromya at his office.

As the rotating chair of ASEAN this year, Indonesia has proposed dialogue to end the the border conflict between Thailand and Cambodia. Both countries have agreed to settle the border dispute through diplomatic means involving ASEAN role.

Indonesia will deploy its observers on the disputed border to supervise the implementation of ceasefire agreement between the two countries.


Anonymous said...

The only solution is for Thailand to back off- stop grabing Cambodia's land!!!

Anonymous said...

That is the best solution for both side, not only with Thai but with the Vietnam too.
Because Hun Sen has given more Khmer land to Vietnam but Thai has a little, that is the fact in order to keep the Thai face with Vietnam.

The Great Khmer Empire said...

What is the overall military purpose or goals of Thailand? Siems have attempted many invasions and failed everytimes. In my book because I like sport, that's 0 for 17 so far. You have to wonder what are they thinking. Everytimes they tried to invade, our brave soldiers repelled them. They even stoop so low as to accuse our Khmer soldiers of using women and children as human shield which is completely fabricated and a total lie. What an oxymoran due to the fact that Siem themselves never care about civilizn anyway. They've killed inocent Khmers crossing the border to look for food over 10 in the past year alone. Siems' bogus rhetoric has accentuated their lack of common sense and human moral and ethical values.

God speed with our brave Khmer soldiers.

The Great Khmer Empire

Anonymous said...

There's a dark cloud approaching Thailand. It is call ELECTION. Some groups in Thailand are terrified of this approaching storm.

The PADs, and monarchy/military are terrified of Thaksin's return, thus the deadly shoot-out with Cambodia to turn attention away from domestic mess.

This is a classic Thais military tactic in an attempt to unite a divided society. The PADs even now want the election put off for another four years.

Have you noticed Thai officials struggled to speak with one voice in dealing with this conflict??

Abhisit and Kasit say one thing, and the cavalier Prayuth override them both. There is no leadership inside Thailand despite all outward appearance.

Of course we all know poor Cambodia is being used to resolve Thailand's political madness. Also, the casualty of this conflict are the ethnic Khmer in Surin, Sisaket, and Buriram.

Abhisit's government, but more so the Thai military and monarchy are getting very desperate to find a legitimate way to cancel Election

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HI, Read this:

Natalegawa also said Thailand welcomes the deployment of an Indonesian observer team to the disputed area.

This idea was first agreed upon in an emergency meeting of ASEAN's Foreign Ministers in February, also in Jakarta. The observers have not been deployed, after Thailand later stated their presence was not needed.

"I just want to reassure that Thailand will work very earnestly and in a very serious manner with Indonesia in the role of Indonesia as a great facilitator," the Thai foreign minister said.

Now you know about Abhisit'trick, and Thai military's agressors.

So open you eyes !

Siem will not stop invading Cambodia.. Get missile and torpidos from North Korea to defend Cambodia

Anonymous said...

Thai news:

Three Thai villagers based in Surin's Phanom Dong Rak district have been arrested for allegedly providing target coordinates for Cambodia's rocket attacks as well as food and supplies to Cambodian soldiers.

Sanat Phimkao, a former village head, has been released due to insufficient evidence but as of last night, Khamphan Wongsa and Sermsuk Phochaile were still being detained by police for further questioning.

The arrests came after the military received information allegedly indicating they had shopped for supplies and food and delivered them to Cambodian soldiers.

The military was also suspicious because rockets from BM21 multiple launchers were landing frequently in Nong Khan Na village. Police found in their mobile phones a large number of numbers with area codes in Cambodia.

From reader:

Dear beloved Khmer SURIN,

We highly salute your noble action at this important moment for taking part in defending our Khmer Empire land.

We die for our country not for our ennemy.

May load buddha bess all Khmers around the world, especially our soldiers at the frontline.

Anonymous said...

This is the first test for ASEAN.

clues: VietCong violation of Cambodia severeignty. Vietcong illegally entering Cambodia. VietCong involvement in land grabbing in cambodia. VietCong illegal treaties with CAmbodia...

Khmer don't want to be enemies with Thai people.

Anonymous said...

Hay 9:28 PM

Thai allowed B-52 flew from its base, O Tapoa, to dropped tons of BOM in Cambodia. Do you remember ?

How many Cambodians were killed and suffered until today ?

You are right that Khmers don't want to be ennemies with Thai prople, but Abhisit and his clan army want to be ennemies with any Khmer people and government who don't give up land to them.

Wake up boy. You better to kiss Khmer Surin's ass who sacrifice to provide information to our Khmer soldiers at the frontline.

Anonymous said...

Dont blame the the illegal VC acrossing into Cambodia...blame the leader and the high official, city mayor for letting them in the country. They said it not they problem not theirs responsibilty.

Anonymous said...

Kon Khmer

Thanks to the CCP government of Hun Sen for weakening the country infrastructure. Stealing the money suppose to help built and help the defend the country. Watch them run when the country going to a full war.

Anonymous said...

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