Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why we abandoned Sihanouk - By Yem Sambaur


Yem Sambaur (1913-1989)


Anonymous said...

Hundred and hundred of camion(truck loads)of rice and dry fishes headed Veunsai Rattana Kiri Provine.
Some times the Cambodian customs have to get heart attack because of those Vietcong smuggling stuff the owner is Sihaknuk brother in-law,mother in-law perhaps Monique Viet-izy included HEY HEY HEY the king and the king wife have never suffer and miserable but our brothers sister are.
The Vietcong always very smart they gave the fake currency in returned to ruin our economy you all think the Royal Palace who got the fake currency? Our citizen who work hard to survive that got the burden hardship from Sihaknuk and his families.
Sihaknuk shall get out from Cambodian politic,he is the loser

Anonymous said...

His Excellence Yem Sambau was a very nice and easy going person.
He enjoyed playing volleyball most every afternoon at the Cercle Sportive Khmer.

Anonymous said...

Sihanouk and Monique are Khmer traitors.They were/are Khmer killers.
These twos are power hungers and want to keep monarchy forever.
Both of them are Vietnam's slaves.
They must be in court.
The world superpowers and Khmer
citizens are blind.

Jail them!Jail both of them.
Bring Sihanouk and Monique to the
world court in Hague.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he was the one who propose the build the first casino in Cambodia...Great person...No much different from the current corrupted officers in my country...

Anonymous said...

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Tom Tryon said...

10:01 PM
They are in court, Cambodian Royal Court, and they are King and Queen.

Her Father Mr. Izzy upon his duty expired in Cambodia he was ordered to leave during WWII. Before he left he prayed and asked God to bless his two young daughters and their mother his wife Peang Pomme. Ms Pomme Peang-Izzy struggled so hard to raise her children in spite of harassing and humiliating from her own people toward her and her children especially toward her youngest daughter.

They accused and blamed her youngest daughter for everything bad in Cambodia except a common cold.

The more she's accused of everything bad, the more troubles her accusers become.

Anonymous said...

Ah Sihanouk,
Ah sdach choy mray!
Ah sdach thork teap!
Ah sdach kbot cheat!
Ah sdach chom kout!
Ah sdach lob lob!
Ah sdach ploy boy!
Ah sdach gnorb krom kuntuy kben!
Ah sdach pear lear!
Ah sdach tonnaha krass!
Ah sdach samram!
Ah sdach leamork!
Ah sdach poul kdourch!
Slab tov ah sdach choy mray, khmer people don't want to see your face.