Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Everybody hurts" by REM

Buot Chinda, a 21-year-old garment worker, recovers at Svay Rieng provincial hospital after she was shot in the chest during a protest at the Kaoway Sports factory, near Bavet town, yesterday. DEREK STOUT
Suong Sophorn after the cops’ beating [Photo: The Phnom Penh Post]
A woman crying as her home and community being fed to the bulldozer [Reuters]
A Cambodian child clutching her precious possessions [Google image]
A young girl cries out in pain after receiving a minor injury to her right hand at the Stung Meanchey Landfill in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
“We smile on the outside, but inside we are crying.”
              - The words from a Child Sex Trafficking survivor. []

 And finally: is this man weeping on the outside, but laughing on the inside?

Hun Sen weeping before the international media over the Diamond Bridge tragedy in November 2010.
His public outpouring of grief [and blaming the victims for having engineered their own deaths] would have ranked among the most comical events in recorded history had it occurred under more fortunate circumstances! [School of Vice]
Still, most good actors probably find the laughing parts easier [and more naturally spontaneous] to perform than the crying ones, particularly if one is the unchallenged warlord of one of the poorest and most mismanaged countries in the world - School of Vice.


Anonymous said...

ASEAN political and economic integration should be postponed untill it has a better presidency.

And on the other hand, Cambodia in not an independent country, any thing it does is under VN's dictates.ggainst

Anonymous said...

The fucken Vietcong leaders want the whole Indochina to be Federation that is fine by me! This is how the Vietcong Federation will be done!

First divide Vietnam into three countries! 1. North Vietnam 2. Champa (Central Vietnam) 3. Khmer Kampuchea Krom(Southern Vietnam)!
Second, all the people of Indochina have the freedom to pick and choose who is their president through Vote!

If the Vietcong resist to the following concepts and they can kiss their ass good-bye!

Anonymous said...

Great song and it match the tragedy of the photos,too bad our country did not have a democracy country .We had hire hope that one day our country delevope into a democracy.Just hold on,one day,will clean up this regime and into a new perspective.God BLess our country and our people.

Anonymous said...

I will has a lot pain and to crazy,fool,to deprees.A cause,Hun Sen,and Sok An....!!Da to manipulate all my blood khmers.Thaks you million for all these information is alway interesting for me.Because,Da i want to know a bout my country,my father and a goody the rest!!Beg,Your continuous your job same it's make me mad.But,Not nothing!!May,It's made me brain in the futur.I'm so hate,Sok An,Hun Sen useless,Dumb,motionless...!!My Skype address,Kolab-Sok,Thanks again for allinforme Sir!!Khmer like khm and love such..Bye and try,courrage please all khm!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why would ASEAN want an economic and political union with country or countries that has/have territorial ambitions on other member states countries? This will only felicitate those evil ambitions.

Anonymous said...

Now, it is time to make bombs in Vietnam and their Communist Vietnamese towns everywhere just like the Middle East. It is our Khmer revenge. Communist Vietnamese leaders and some Vietnamese people who follow evil Ho Chi Minh's footsteps are not living in peace forever.

Yes, all Khmer people (Chinese-Khmer, Cham-Khmer, etc), will be united and destroy every communist Yuon/Vietnamese asshole everywhere in Vietnamese and Vietnamese CPP assholes in Srok Khmer/Cambodia.

Keep dreaming, Communist Vietnamese leaders and cronies!

We can't not stand such the pains in Srok Khmer/Cambodia

Khmer black magics are coming its ways soon in the naked eyes of all the Communist Vietnamese cronies and some bad Vietnamese folks who are still following evil Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi's dirty games.

All Khmer people, please be patient and keep fighting for our sakes.

You never know.

Anonymous said...

We are going to take the revenges against the Communist Vietnamese leaders and CPP crooks in Cambodia who follow the evil and dead Ho Chi Minh everywhere. Those will never live in peace. The time will come soon.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen. You were faking when you cried. Stupid asshole Hun Sen never listened to his own Khmer people.

Anonymous said...

You gotta give the guy credit for crying so well in public.

Anonymous said...

Yeh crocodile tears!

Anonymous said...

Well, tghis ex Khmer Rouge knows how to stage cro tears too good, I give him 10/10 he should be a bollywood pornstar as well

Anonymous said...

What did you weep for Ah Khvang ?
May be you were kicked by Kachrook
last night because you attempted to rape her.
Do you need assistance ?
Go to Hanoi! Only your boss can help you.
In Cambodia, nobody likes you.
Cambodian women and children will throw rock and spoilded chiken egg
at you some day.
Your fate will be the same as Gaddafi fate.
When you laugh, the world laugh with you, but when you cry, you cry alone.

Anonymous said...

AH CHkae Kwak! You are not a good actor! The best actor is Ah Sihanouk!

Anonymous said...

Sihanouk missing China

Sihanouk best actor.

-Question, what was on this Idiot kings mind when he was acting??

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen regime has not put much thought into the well being of Cambodian people. Cambodian people are no less than commodity that can be disposal, trade, and bought!

Anonymous said...

The question of Cambodia's independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, respect of human right, genuine democracy and total democratization of all member states of ASEAN must take precedence ( go first ) before any economic and political union.

The chater of non interference in each other internal affairs of the ASEAN member states must be reformed so that mutual constructive criticism among member states must be possible.

Anonymous said...

This bad CPP regime did not do anything to help many young Khmer people to build the skills and go to schools and universities to get educations?

Only rich and young people only bought the degrees and diplomas to show off for nothing. These greedy riches did not build anything to develop and grow economy and improve the qualities of Khmer people lives. These greedy riches just enjoy the wealth, power, party animals and prostitutes. They are only 1% of evil rich power comparing to 99 % of people powers.

Khmer people of all races, please keep going and fight for our future of Khmer people, nation and children

No more Communist CPP, no more Communist Vietnamese evils from Hanoi

Anonymous said...

Why does the Phnom Penh regime (VN) so much rush to have political and economic union of ASEAN?
Is it because of the fact that they want to seal the annexation of Cambodia as a done deal?

Anonymous said...

Ah jumkourt Hun Xen lop lop leu keu -Yum Sa'ei? Ah Samrae sold Khmer land tov ah Yuon kantorb.

Anonymous said...

This man is crying because he has pity for the Khmers slaves outside the country suffering jobless,beging for survive.Unless they return back to Cambodia to replace the jobs occupied by the viets(toilet cleaners,cars repairs,construction of houses and flats etc...).Then no more YOUN in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

It is more complicated than that. Khmer people abroad know so well. Understand what you mean. You have be careful with who you are with. You make sure you know the history that tell it all about the enemies we trusted too much. You are believing in Vietnamese friends when it comes to a hard time. Learn to get to know enemies before you do the business with and who you want to fall in love. That depends on the situation and history between you and enemies.

Khmer have been so kind and have had no evil or dirty games, but just make think simple. Khmer people work very hard to make living and get better. Khmer used to help each others and invite friends who are enemies. The enemies are very smart and know how to do the business with until you lose and become weak. Why have the enemies betrayed and killed us to take money or something.

Khmer people did not know the deception and problems were coming to Khmer people when we trusted the friends or helped friends who are really enemies.

Later, there sabotages and backstabbing among Khmer people came from the enemies who know how to play the dirty games.

It has happened thousands of times in our Khmer histories.

As you know that, since Vietnam did not succeed to control Cambodia because the real Khmer Rouges forces (Pol Pot, Noun Chea, Khiev Samphan, Ieng Sari, etc.) knew the tricks and dirty secrets of the Vietnamese leaders. In the countryside or remote area of Cambodia, there were many secret Vietnamese agents there who could speak, read and write Khmer language so well were the real Killers including Khmer Vietminh (Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Sen, other Vietminh). Our question is, why was Hun Sen shot in one of his eyes and fled into Vietnam? Who did he fought with? Think about it.

Khmer Yeurng (part 1)

Anonymous said...

Khmer Rouges soldiers were so busy to fight against with the South and protect the land, sea, islands and invade South Vietnam to take Khmer Krom back?

Do you believe that Vietnamese leaders were frustrated and unsuccessfully to take Cambodia until it is too late for Vietnamese leaders who follow Hi Chi Minh to swallow Cambodia after Khmer Krom?

Pol Pol and his Khmer Rouges were still around and Cambodia was better off without completely Communist Vietnam control.

You should know that Vietnam has been facing the pressures of UN, International Communities and Sihanouk-China.

There were still Vietnamese puppets in Cambodia, but some of them were against Vietnam expansion to Cambodia after ousting Pol Pot. Did you see that Vietnamese take advantages of Khmer Vietminh armies and gullible Khmer people carried out hoes, sticks, rocks and so on to chase the Khmer Rouges of Pol Pot who fought against good Khmer Rouges soldiers instead in the blind eyes.

Pol Pot, Noun Chea, Khiev Samphan, Ieng Sary, and other Khmer Rouges were very smart and not fooled by the Communist Vietnamese leaders's tricks. We Khmer people are very lucky because of them. We were almost gone in the Killing Fields without Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges comrades. Khmer people should know better that Hun Sen, Chea Sim and Heng Samrin are very dumb and stupid to used Vietnamese friends who are real enemies and killers in the Killing Fields. Khmer Krom people are rignt now crying for help. The world is watching. Don't let Vietnam Economy to be boomed. Khmer people around the world can find the way to slow down Vietnamese Economy right away or as soon as possible and don't this evil Vietnam dominated Cambodia.

Since, Vietnam/Hanoi leaders did not succeed to control Cambodia, but in the meantime, they used the strategies to control Cambodia economically by lifting embargoes and business trades with other countries. Did you see that there are Vietnamese working side by side with Vietnamese puppets like Hun Sen, Chea Sim, Heng Samrin and hidden Vietnamese faces like Hor Nam Hong, Sok An, Sok Kong, and other Vietnamese business crooks (you know who they are, billionaires) in Cambodia. If Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi do not succeed, there are the military forces they used, but they will violate the International laws of UN and International Communities. Keep an eye on the other strategies of Communist Vietnamese leaders are going to do. We will tell the world. Also, keep an eye on CPP Vietnamese members or crooks and spies (they speak, read and write Khmer so well such as Hor Nam Hong, Sok An, Sok Kong, and you name it) everywhere that they tried to break up Khmer unities at home and around the world.

Glad there Khmer people who live abroad worlds have raised the voices to be heard in the internationally to led the world know. Cambodia and Khmer Krom are very luck because of Khmer people living around the world.

Khmer Yeurng (part 2)

Anonymous said...

កម្ពុជា ជាស្រុកដឹកនាំដោយ មនុស្សព្រៃផុតលេខ

Anonymous said...

This is hanoi's democrazy in cambodia! " imagine ", when its change to communist?

it will be worst.

Anonymous said...

4:08 AM

That is your opinion, but thing can change drastically. Because:
1st) The evil Soviet who helped Yuon collapsed.
2nd) The historic enemy of Yuon is China rises (rich and powerful).
3rd) The US's economy is weak, so it needs to influence in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, today China is working in Laos while Yuon secretly control Laos. China gives Laos more than Yuon.

The facts, Yuon owed China so much and they have not yet paid off. China helped Yuon to defeated French and defeated US, and they paid China two islands already though they flipped around said NO, but China already took the islands.

Last only China & US are facing with each other. And the US cannot attack China when China takes over Vietnam. You will see.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

11:35 PM

You cannot kill Hun Sen through assassination, because his soul sold out to the Evils. But only one we can defeat him/evils is to be ultimate good by fasting/praying purifying ourselves before God, then Evils will leave Hun Sen and he will no longer have protections. Without protections Hun Sen and all the wicked men in Cambodia and Hanoi will be sent to hell for eternity.

Hun Sen built his compopund at Tropeang Kroleung, the place where so many souls reside and so many times people claimed to encountered with the apparitions. He feeds them and they protect him. Hun Sen has thousand of Psychics and he is practicing cult. You get to believe me.

Now it is a time of GOOD vs. Evils.

Anonymous said...

11:33 PM

Interesting post. Hopefully, China can help Cambodia and Laos get back our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity....

But peoples of Camodia and Laos must work hard too....

It's good that the Soviet empire collapsed.

Anonymous said...


Here is a powerful source people ought to know and learn the past, present and may be future. Mostly about Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thai.

Anonymous said...

Ah Kway Choy Marak Ngorp Touv Ah Roleuy !!

Anonymous said...

fuck ah kwak

Anonymous said...

អាខ្វាក់ហ៊ុន សែន ឈ្មោះដើមវាហ៊ុន ណាល់ ។
ឪវាឈ្មោះ ហ៊ុន នៀង ជាមេចោរលួចគោនៅស្រុកក្រូច
ឆ្មារ ខេត្តកំពង់ចាម ម៉ែវាឈ្មោះ ឌី ប៉ុក
ជាអ្នកលក់នំអាកោរ។ អាខ្វាក់ហ៊ុន សែន ឈ្មោះដើម
វា គឺ អាហ៊ុន ណាល់ ជាចោរដូចឪវាដែរ។
មែកត្របែកខ្វាក់ភ្នែកម្ខាង ហើយឆ្នាំ៧០រត់ចូល
ចូលព្រៃម៉ាគី ធ្វើជាខ្មែរក្រហម។
ជំនាន់ខ្មែរក្រហម គណៈភូមិ គណៈឃុំ និង
គណៈតំបន់មួយចំនួនជាចោរ ឬ មេចោរលួចគោ ឬ ក្របី។
ដល់មកបានធ្វើនាយករដ្ធមន្ត្រី កើតជាមេចោរលក់
ជាតិ លួចជាតិ។ឪអាខ្វាក់ហ៊ុន សែន ជាមេចោរ អាខ្វាក់ហ៊ុន
សែនជាមេចោរ អស់ទាំងមុខមន្រ្តីក៏ជាចោរដូច អាខ្វាក់
ហ៊ុន សែន ដែរ។

Anonymous said...

អាខ្វាក់ហ៊ុន សែន ពិតជាអាកំពូជចោរ ថោកទាប មែន, ប្រជាពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរ មិនសរសើរ អាកំទេចមនុស្ស,
អាបាតសង្គម, អាដំបៅមហារីកសង្គម, អាកញ្ជះយួន បែបហ្នឹងទេ!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Read more details at blogspot below.

Anonymous said...

2013 is the year that Cambodia must be liberated from Vietnamese grip by their puppet government in Phnom Penh. If not, we Khmers can kiss Cambodia farewell.
So be prepared.

Anonymous said...

6:25 AM Kiss Cambodia farewell? Cambodia is already gone 32 years ago.

Dont forget Vietnamese occupied the country for 10 years after the invasion, after that, it was just bloody coup orchestrated by Hun Sen and CPP to stay in power even after loosing 2 elections, yet managed to stay in power because of the Vietnamese. Since then, Hun Sen has been BEND OVER many times by his Vietnamese friends by allowing illegal and legal immigrants, hospitals, schools, road, bridges.

Cambodia is already gone, sold. Nothing we Khmer can do but cry and scream.

Anonymous said...

Install a United Nations Government in Cambodia if democracy in Cambodia fails to produce a fair election result in 2013.

And put Cambodia effectively under the United Nations' protectorate.

Anonymous said...

9:23 AM Fair and free election will means Hun Sen will loose his 4000 bodyguards.

Fair and free election will mean Hun Sen cannot use national budget to save his skin and his CPP skins.

Fair and Free Election means everyone inside Cambodia can speak up freely against officials who abused their positions and power.

Fair and free election means, Sam Rainsy, the leader of Opposition Party are allowed to freely performed his duty without punishment from the ruling government and are Equal in authority and powers as the ruling government.

Fair and free election means, CPP cannot use violence and force eviction to privatized lands or allowed national heritage land to be sold to CPP officials.

Will Cambodia see free and fair election? Is that to much to ask for a democratic country?

Anonymous said...

Fuck Ah Jongrain Hun Sen, the most dumbest idiot in the world by criminalizing and killing its own Khmer people to serve his Yuon/Viet bosses and Yuon wife. Is your Kdor satisfy, Ah Jongrai? This idiot should be shot to death because misleading Cambodian more than 32 years to serve his evil Yuon/Vietnamese and against his opposition with your stinky mouth. You should die long time ago by Khmer people's hands. We Khmer people thought we trusted you because how sweet you talked and your evil Viet/Yuon bosses told you what to to. Were you smart, Ah Jongrai Khmer traitor?

We praise Pol Pot better than you because Pol Pot is smarter than you?

Your wealth and power will not existed. Your son will be killed or murdered by Yuon/Viet hands.

You are Plee Pleu!!! Look at Khmer kids, women, children and men are dying for your shit, Ah Jongrai, Asshole!

We are so fed up!!!

There will be a Khmer power coming from more than 28 millions of Khmer peoples, Khmer Krom, Khmer Leu and Khmer Kandal destroying you and your family and crooks if you dare and your Vietnamese bosses will regret. Khmer will die to fight to destroy if they want it to, but you are lucky that Khmer people stayed calm and peaces.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is the most disastrous, evil, criminal, dumbest, blindest, foolish bastard in the world that is what Communist Vietnamese bosses selected him to be the Fake Cambodian PM to serve the dirty, evil and bloody Yuon/Vietnamese bosses.

This bastard took the revenges against his own people and Khmer Rouges who are patriotic.

Penn Sovan was very smart, that is why he was not PM for Cambodia.

From 1979, Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi have been looking for the dumb Khmer leader like this idiot Hun Sen. Vietnamese bosses created the fears in Khmer people that without Vietnamese Help, the Khmer Rouges will come back to create a second Killing Fields. That was how the Communist Vietnamese leaders and dumb Hun Sen had won Khmer people's hearts and souls until Vietnamese leaders, CPP Yuon officials (created) and stupid Hun Sen betrayed Khmer people until today. The world is watching now and China is watching over evil Vietnamese bastards in Hanoi.

How smart and evil the Vietnamese leaders are! However, the Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi plus Ho Chi Minh are still extremely evil and cruel people in the world.

It is unbelievable, how evil, hypocrite and sick the Vietnamese leaders and their Yuon/Vietnamese inner circles are today. They will go to the hell. Vietnamese leaders, CPP Yuon officials and cronies are more dangerous than Hun Sen because they will kill Khmer people in the next many years to come. Just like Champa in central Vietnam. Khmer people in Kampuchea Krom are suffering right now because of the cruelty and violence of Communist Vietnamese in Kampuchea Krom (Southern Vietnam).

Khmer people, please wake up. Don't listen how sweet Yuon/Vietnamese leaders and cronies are or don't be deceived by Vietnamese or CPP Yuon officials when they want to be your friends forever and fall in love and get married with them. The Vietnamese leaders, cronies and folks are very dangerous to Khmer people. Also,they are very prejudice. Yes, Vietnamese folks always play the role to be very sweet and friendly to Khmer/Cambodian people in front of gullible Khmer people and Khmer kids.

Vietnamese leaders and some folks (cronies, crooks,comrades) created their how problem.

It is almost like the story about Jewish who killed Jesus Christ as a symbol of people around the regions and a son of GOD.

That is why Jewish people did not live in peace and sadly, there are the discrimination again Jewish people or Hitler killed Jewish people in Germany.

We don't let this happened to Khmer people who are peaceful, but they were suffered by the manslaughter of Vietnamese leaders and cronies. Millions of Khmer people were Killing Fields in the secret plan of Communist Vietcong/Yuon leaders and folks in Hanoi and huge numbers of the secret Vietnamese agents were hiding behind the Khmer Rouges in the Killing Fields. That was why millions of Khmer people were killed by those secret Vietnamese agents in the remote countryside of Cambodia by following secret Angkar Leur/Cap Tren in Hanoi.

So, Vietnamese people will never live in peace just like Jewish people in the United States and Middle East. That is why.

You will never know that China is still going to bang Yuon/Vietnam because of Yuon/Vietnamese hypocrisy and dirt mind.

Anonymous said...

1:25 PM. I agree with you. But can we stop blaming the Youn? Lets start blaming the CPP and take down the tiger before taking down the dragon.

Are we Khmer cowards as Hun Sen said.

Anonymous said...

3:05 PM,

You are right, but we have to watch out and think very smart and be educated. Watch out on the Vietnamese/Yuon behind out back when we are fighting against or taking down CPP. There might be some of Khmer bloods in CPP that we are going to make war with.

Just let you remember that Vietnam created a group of Khmer men like K5 just like blogger mentioned. The Vietnam send the groups of brainwashed Khmer men to Cambodia to fight with Khmer in Cambodia. So, just want to be careful and don't let this happen.

If some of Khmer Yeung are very upset with you and us as Khmer people, we want to scream or make the voice to be heard, that Khmer people should not fight with your own Khmer because the enemies and neighbors are watching and looking for our weakness. Khmer people have to unite (Samaki Snear, Kralanh Snear and Jouy Snear Koum Euy Khei Meurl Ngeary)

As you have seen that Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges fight with Khmer men fro K5 or Khmer Vietminh in the Southern Vietnam to get the Kampuchea Krom back. Actually, Khmer fight with Khmer (i.e. Heng Samrin, Hun Sen, Chea Sim, and other Khmer Vietminh vs Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouges plus Vietnamese secret agents (Hanoi) or secret Angkar Leur/Cap Tren behind the Khmer Rouges who killed millions of innocent Khmer people in the Killing Fields.

Thank you for your support.