Friday, June 01, 2012

គុកនយោបាយ ដោយ ប៊ុណ្ណចន្ទ ម៉ុល - Political Prisoner by Bun Chan Mol

Dear Readers,

Please find below a copy of Lok Bun Chanmol's book "គុកនយោបាយ - Political Prisoner" which provides an account of his life during Cambodia's struggle for independence from France. In this memoir, Lok Bun Chanmol also provided a glimpse at the Poulo Condor (គុក កោះត្រឡាច) jail set up by colonial France to imprison those who demand for independence in French Indochina. Another famous prisoner in this jail is Ven. Hem Chiev, a Cambodian monk who was defrocked by the French for leading peaceful protest against French occupation. Ven. Hem Chiev died of forced labor at the Poulo Condor jail and his remain was only brought back to Phnom Penh in the 70s.

The situation in Cambodia during that period is very reminiscent of today's Cambodia where only one monk, Ven. Loun Sovath, dares to stand with those who were unfairly evicted from their homes. Furthermore, those who dare protest against the current CPP regime are summarily sent to jail in a tribunal charade. Almost 60 years after achieving independence, Cambodia is returning back to a tyrannical regime just like our ancestors suffered under the French colonial regime. This time around, the tyrants are the CPP and their leaders.

Enjoy, read, learn and remember!

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The Poulo Condor jail:


Anonymous said...

where is this place? is it in France, Vietnam, or in Cambodia? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

This place called Koh Tralach,in French called Poulo Condor jail;In Vietnamese I did not know.

This Island is China sea,South
Vietnam before that belonged to
Cambodia(1949);now it belonged to

French colonial was over,now Khmer
is under Vietnamese colonial and
under ah Hun Sen Vietnam puppet.

Anonymous said...

thank you.