Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Press Conference: Steps taken to register the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP)

Press Conference: Leaders of the Cambodia National Rescue Party visit in the USA

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Anonymous said...

How to strengthen the newly formed "the Cambodia National Rescue Party"?

First of all, we must stick to the principal: the combination of the 2 parties.

The puppet government, through its master's Vietnam direction, will do whatever necessary to break the coalition.

One tactic is to raise one party and put down the other party, making the 2 parties members feeling uncomfortable with each other - thus mistrust each other.

One specific example:

Right now, the puppet government has speculated that Sam Rainsy is a criminal and is not eligible to be a member of the parliament. Therefore, Sam Rainsy won't be available to be a candidate for the Prime Minister.

To go forward strongly and successfully, the National Rescue Party must fight – do or die – this first obstacle by exhorting to the International community to put pressure on the puppet government to exonerate Sam Rainsy from the false accusation, and allow Sam Rainsy to go back to Cambodia to participate in this 2013 election.

It is imperative that Sam Rainsy must be present at the 2013 election.

Allowing the puppet government to win over this most important issue – denial Sam Rainsy to enter the country – the new coalition will lose to the puppet government’s successive steps, for example creating some problems to Kem Sokha and then accusing him of committing some kind of criminal acts and then Kem Sokha will have the same fate as Sam Rainsy or Mam Sonando.

Without these 2 leaders or one leader, the new party will not win the election and the morale of the people will be destroyed because of the new party’s incompetence.

The new coalition must understand that the morale of most of the Khmer people is very high after the 2 parties united. So, the new party must show of its competency and win this next election.

To win this next election, the National Rescue Party must take this right step: MAKE the puppet government to allow Sam Rainsy to get in or it will not participate this fake election.

This would be the right step and the morale of the people will not be weakened even if we did not win the election and we still have a strong cause to fight for what is right.

I’ve heard the new party said during the press conference that “if the government does not allow Sam Rainsy to get in, we will wait and see…”. This HALF measure is wrong and is vulnerable to the government’s next attack, which is destroying Kem Sokha.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

លោក​ Bun Thoeun (ប៊ុន ធឿន?)​

Please, formulate that same comment to the National Rescue Party or it will just evaporate....into thin air here on KI-Media!!!

You should know what KI-Media is by now!

Your friend

Anonymous said...

12:02 AM

Do you have the National Rescue Party's website?

Thank You for your suggestion.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

So you are commenting without even glancing at what kind of thread it is let alone reading it first?

Now you are funny, lok Bun Thoeun!

Look up there above those clips...and see if you can find the NRP site...take care!

Still your friend

Anonymous said...