Friday, September 28, 2012

Please sign the online petition to President Obama to Cancel his Visit to Cambodia If No Elections Reform


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President Barack Obama: 


Dear Mr. President,

The Cambodian community in America wishes to draw your attention to the democratic deficit that exists in our country of origin.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia, Professor Surya P. Subedi, in July recommended thorough reform of the electoral system to allow meaningful national elections to take place in July 2013. A key recommendation for the reform of the National Election Committee, which administers elections, to make it a neutral rather than a partisan organization, has been rejected by the Cambodian government.

You are due to visit Cambodia in November as the country holds the presidency of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2012.

We call on you to cancel this trip unless you receive binding assurances of electoral reform in line with the U.N. recommendations. This should include making it possible for Cambodians living abroad to exercise their voting rights, at least in the countries where Cambodia has diplomatic and/or consular representation.

If assurances of democratic elections cannot be obtained, please do not allow an autocratic government to present your visit as an endorsement by the U.S. of human rights abuses and manipulated elections leading to a distortion of the will of the people.

Professor Subedi wrote in July that "If the electoral process is unable to command the trust and confidence of the electorate, the very foundation of the Cambodian political and constitutional architecture embodied in the Paris Peace Agreements will be shaken and the country may run the risk of a return to violence."

Over the years America has given many Cambodians the chance to achieve a better life. While they have worked to do so, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has held uninterrupted power since 1985.

Please, Mr. President, use your good offices to allow our compatriots back home the opportunity for self-determination that we, as Americans, now take for granted.


Anonymous said...

When he campaigned for the first term, he warned tyrants and dictators aroud the world to take heed that they cannot escape justice and democartic reach. So, if he stayed silent about that tyrant whose country he is going to visit before the trip (US presidential election), you still have a choice and deide if the words were kept and honored, or those words were just hot air.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand, why Sochau is doing this petition, if Obama won't visit our Cambodia and who will benefit??? both side right?

I think if he can mutually visit then our opposition party will a lot benefits from his visit, like he could see in the real eyes in Bangkok lake and Borey Kila issues. Then he could use his methodological ways to solve it.


Anonymous said...

Very bad idea from the people did not know so well of the world politic.

The opposition only have the opportunity to get in touch or disscus with the US President, when the US President come to Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

នាងសុខហួរមើលមិនជ្រៅទៅមិនឆ្ងាយ វិលវល់តែក្បែរកន្ទុយចង្ក្រានឫខ្មែរលោកថាស្រីដែលចំកោងខ្លួនមុខកញ្ចក់ថាមានទេអញទេដែលធ្វើត្រូវថានោមមិនផុតកែងជើងផងមកប្រដៅគេ។
គំនិតល្អអាក្រក់វាជាអន្ទាក់នយោបាយរបស់ខ្មែរពាក់កណ្តាលដូចនាងនេះគឺគួរខំគៀងគរអ្នកនៅក្នុងស្រុកខ្មែរនោះវិញវាត្រូវជាង។ធើនយោបាយស្រុកខ្មែរតេទារស៊ីពេពីខ្មែរនោស្រុកបរទេស។នេះគឺពុតពូជចិនស៊ីបាយចាប់នឹងឈើឆ្កឹះ វាស្មានថា ខ្មែរ ភ្លើៗដល់ម្ល៉េះ???នាងមួយនេះវាចាក់ខ្សេរហូតហើយមិនដែលមានរបរការងារជាប់លាប់ទេកាលវានៅស្រុកអាមេរិកនោះហើយចង់មកអួតនៅស្រុកខ្មែរថាខ្លួនធើត្រូវណាស់។ឆ្លុះកញ្ចក់ធ្មេចឫនាងស្រី?

Anonymous said...

If America really stand for the Khmer then they must accept the terms and conditions from the oppositions and the NGOs who tiredly works to promote democracy.

America must help the Khmer people free from 33 years of suffering under the installed government of Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

អាមេរិកក៍គេពិចារណាដែរ តើប្រយោជន៍ប្រជាជនប្រទេសទាំង២រាប់លាននាក់ ឬត្រូវបំរើអ្នក២ បីនាក់ហ្នឹង? អាមេរិត្រូវគេប្រសិទ្ធិនាមថា បិតាប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ ចឹង គេច្បាស់ជាជ្រើសរើសយកមតិភាគច្រើនហើយ

Anonymous said...

1:04 PM, you want the U.S. President Obama to shake hands with the bloody and criminal leaders (Hun Sen, Sok An, Bun Rany, etc) who have been currently secretly supervised and provided by evil Yuon/Vietnamese controllers/Masters in Hanoi.

Do you understand that? Do you want the U.S. President Obama feel embarrassed to meet the Yuon/Vietnamese CPP criminals and Yuon Slave Hun Sen.

Anonymous said...

Mu Sochua orders Obama,"We call on you to cancel this trip unless you receive binding assurances of electoral reform in line with the U.N. recommendations. This should include making it possible for Cambodians living abroad to exercise their voting rights, at least in the countries where Cambodia has diplomatic and/or consular representation."

She has nerve to tell the US President what to do,or else!

Who is she you and what has she done for President Obama or US lately?

She again said,"Over the years America has given many Cambodians the chance to achieve a better life. While they have worked to do so, Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has held uninterrupted power since 1985."

Idiotic dream,does she not know any better that US has a record of working with dictators for instance Egypt,Indonesia,Pakistan, and Singapore etc...

Dream on Ms 2013 Nobel prize winner!

Let's us all hope President will do the right thing in the sake of poor cambodians.

Had she lost her marbles not knowing that Khmer Rouge via Sihanouk was supported by the US and Cambodia was bombed to hell by the US in the 70's. Or she wasn't there then but busying fleeing Cambodia and busying running around in San Francisco Chinatown.

What has she smoked,surely I like to try some to?

US knows all about Hun Sen and co. And may be that's why the President wants to visit and face Hun Sen directly. Hasn't she thought about that?

Anonymous said...

We better discuss the political situation and not talking about the private life of other person.
I also don't like the politic of the CCP but I did not attack the private life of the CPP or memeber of the Cambodian governement.

Anonymous said...

6:19 PM, are you a Dumb Yuon/Vietnamese spy to break up Khmer/Cambodian unity? The more you post the negative comments, more you and other Dumb Yuon/Vietnamese dog eaters will be labelled and called everywhere around the world as Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters who want Cambodia/Srok Khmer so bad by killing innocent Khmer people. You and your dumb Yuon Dog eaters will be well known around the world.

If anyone on here posts comments against the opposition parties leaders (SRP, HRP, KPPM, other opposition parties), that means you are Dumb Yuon dog eaters of CPP (Dumb Yuon/Vietnamese tools) to cheat and lie the international communities and foreigners around the worlds including Dumb Yuon dog eater who called all Khmer people Dumb.

No more Khmer to call their own Khmer Dumb, only Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters have done in order to break up and weaken Khmer/Cambodian Unity and Society by creating the chaotic situations or confusion and making Khmer people fight their own Khmer people.

Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters, please go away and focus your own Yuon/Vietnamese nation (thief nation as killers) and take your hands out of Cambodia/Srok Khmer. Stop claiming the land, sea, islands that your Dumb Youn Dog Eating masters stole from Khmer people. Stop being too aggressive to make your Dumb Yuon/Vietnamese country to be disgustedly famous as Fake Vietnam country. Your Dumb Yuon Dog Eating masters like evil Ho Chi Minh, Dumb Yuon Masters in Hanoi are land thieves and killers. Got it, Dumb Yuon Dog Eater! Enough is enough. Stop bragging.

Anonymous said...

DEAR 7:29pm,

Do you really believe Yuons are dumb? Please try again.

For the record,Yuon did not steal Khmerland. Your Kings and colonial rulers signed treaties and ceded authority to Yuon when Yuons won wars.

It took Yuon lesser than 300 years to annexed Champa and Khmer land.

Then in 1978 it took Yuon lesser than 2 weeks to get to Phnom Penh and by the end of March 1979 the whole Cambodia was under Yuon occupation. Where were you, Excellency then?

Learn to swallow your pride and be civilized in discussion,OK?

There are times and again not evryone agreed with you or anybody else in regards to Cambodia politics. Personally,I had no issue of who did what and how for self but when comes to the interests of Cambodia,I expressed what I saw and believed what best for Cambodia later generations to get the truth but needed not to be uncivilized like you.

What do you think if Yuons are dumb why are sreaming here at your fellows? Did you forget to take pills this time?

Mu Sochua is a mature woman with enough intellects to stand for her ideas.She certainly does not need you to be her defender in berating her critics.

Chill ong nho, and chew your heart out if you really can't express yourself without violent words.

Sad !come to think of it,you are dangerous to fellow Khmers no lesser than Nuon Chea.

Anonymous said...

stop fooling around

Anonymous said...

8:01 PM, yes, Yuon is Dumb to kill people and you are one of them as a Dumb Yuon. Nuon Chea told the truth about Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters among the Khmer Rouges during the Killing Fields.

Yes, Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters are so dumb and stupid to enter Cambodia illegally and did evil things. That is why they are so dumb and worse than animals.

Khmer is now reunited and you are a Dumb Yuon dog eater to try the best to confuse, but too late to play the trick. Your Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters in Hanoi will be bombed and destroyed by China immediately.

Anonymous said...

8:01 PM, you need to stop bragging around to praise Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters, OK? If you are Khmer, then you should not mention good things about your Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters. So, stop pretending, Dumb You Dog Eater.

You tried to be smart to be a Dumb Yuon yourself. The Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters!

You are the one who need to be civilized if you are smart enough to make peace with Khmer and need to stop fooling around and bragging too much about Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters.

Anonymous said...

dump ass, dump ass why in the world would you want to stop president obama from going to cambodia? You think that these two monkeys ah sokha and ah rainsy better than hun sen? dump dump dump. Hun sen been there for yearss all his people are better now, if ah sokha and rainsy be the leaders of cambodia look around them all broke ass people they will sale all the nation interest to who ever want them.

Anonymous said...

This CPP dog calling others "dump". But can't even spell properly. This is what happens when you has the CPP dogs learning learning. They are always going to be at the bottom of the chain

Anonymous said...

Why are you all so naive for? Khmer leaders are being controlled by both viets and Chinese and Hun Sen is under their spelt. We need to help our leader to turn around and try not to trust no one, accept try to work with our own khmer fellow citizens only e.g. Chea Sim, Han Surin and Hun Sen are actually Viets plus Lou Ming Kien and a number of others are Chinese!. can't you see Cambodia is not independent, it is being controlled by other nations pretending to be Khmers but they are not. They are basically working for the benefit of their interests, that is Viets and Chinese. Wake up brothers and sisters, we need international community to help us get out of their control ASAP. Once the US told the king you have no choice, you either be with us or with the VC and the king said 'neutral' but he did not get it, the word ''no choice", sadly he listened to the Viets' manipulation saying 'if you are with the US, you will no long be king but I can do that for you',. So, the king decided to be part of the VC but only help to destroy his own people for him. You see if he listened to the US, he would still be king, just like the Thai king and the VC could have been gone, lost the war against the South. You see, in the end the king was a traitor and still continue to be one as long as he shall live. So, what do we do? we must tell the international community that we are not part of the king evils, we are innocent khmers and victims of political scandal. We want our freedom and freewill to act and live with dignity just like every other nations do. So, wake up everyone!

Anonymous said...

Obama will visit Cambodia. Hun Sen will win the 2013 election, and will win many more elections there after. Hun Sen will rule Cambodia for many decades to come. After Huns Sen, other CPP members will take his place and rule Cambodia for centuries to come. It is the LAW mandated by Vietnam, nothing can change that. Long LIVE Vietnam-Cambodia friendship.

Anonymous said...

Once the world knows the true colour of the CPP and Viets, that is it!, the international force will come in and will destroy the culture of impunity, nothing is impossible, it is a matter of time. In life, 'the truth will always be the truth', Gandhi or 'you can run but you can not hide'. Time will tell and time will catch up with him. So, just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

6:06 AM
Good point of view.

Anonymous said...

8:15 AM

Thlang Kdor Nass Ah Kantorb Euy!!

Beth PrarHong Morth Touv!!

Also Close your Ass hole too!! Ah Khteuy !!

Anonymous said...

ពលរដ្ឋអាមេរិកលែងត្រូវការ អូបាម៉ា ទៀតហើយ!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dumb Yuon Dog eater @2:12 PM (Khmer in Sydney CBD), you are Dumb Yuon Dog Eater, but you are not Khmer. Stop pretending, evil Yuon creature. You are so proud of your Dumb Yuon Dog Eating monsters in Hanoi to use Dumb Yuon Dog Eating slave Hun Sen who has been currently and secretly provided, supervised and installed as a Power tool to kill, beat and hurt Khmer people and allowed him to give lands, islands, sea, mekong delta to your Dumb Yuon/Vietnamese Dog Eating masters in Hanoi and allow illegal Dumb Yuon Dog Eating settlers in Cambodia, Island, Mekong Delta, Tonle Sap lake, etc.

So, what the fuck are you thinking, Communist Dumb Yuon Dog Eater pretends to be Khmer in Sydney CBD? Are you trying to break up Khmer/Cambodian unit.

Have you stolen the property from innocent Khmer people and worked with Dumb Yuon Dog Eating CPP officials like Men Sam On, Sok Kong, Var Kim Hong, and so on to rob and grab lands and properties from Khmer owners to make profit and live more comfortable in Sydney CBD, Dumb Yuon Dog Eating gook?

You will be tracked and reported to Australian Government and deport you back to Hanoi including other Dumb Yuon Dog Eating gooks in Sydney CBD pretending to be Khmer. You, Dumb Yuon Dog Eating gook, have tried to destroy Khmer/Cambodian folks reputation there and around the world. You are the most dumb and hypocrite Dumb Yuon Dog Eating gook in the world.

So, stop pretending to be Khmer in Sydney CBD, trying to ruin the image of Khmer/Cambodian people at home and abroad.

Khmer Yeurng.

Anonymous said...

There are many very bad Yuon/Vietnamese bloggers on Ki-Media and Khmerization. Those dirty and hypocrite evil Yuon/Vietnamese bloggers on here are worried about losing ground and face. Yes, Yuon/Vietnamese folks are stupid to do bad things from the first places. That is why they deserved to be hated and be disgusted in this world. Yuon/Vietnamese (Yuon-Cambodian born) bloggers in Long Beach, CA are unbelievable and evil because they support CPP (Yuon/Vietnamese Masters' dirty plans to gain the Khmer territory for themselves) and they like to show off their dirty wealth and stupid businesses. American people will find out about how bad and dirty Yuon/Vietnamese refugees and folks in the U.S. including around the world.

Anonymous said...


Was the Koh Pich Bridge incident accidental or planned?

The autocratic regimes in the world are so afraid of the mass gathering because it will give them trouble, which they cannot contain.

Every year in Cambodia, during the water festival - Bonn Om Touk – millions of people were gathering to see the racing boats. That made the puppet government and its master Vietnam thought that what will happen if those people use that gathering and turn against them?

To disrupt that annual gathering, they might have created that disastrous event in Koh Pich. The absence of the water festival in the following year might underscore this assumption – the Koh Pich Bridge’s incident was planned.

Therefore, Khmer people must wait and see for this year. If there is no water festival in Cambodia, it is positive that the deadly event in Koh Pich was premeditated. The international community, the CNRP, and Khmer people must find the mastermind who created that horrible event. They killed people to scare them from gathering, and that is a giant crime.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Cambodian can't work together and always inherited a feeling to defeat one another to achieve dominancy and/or legitimacy and supremacy. We are our own enemy. We are our own worst enemy. We eat our own kind in order to advance ahead of our own people. We have zero courses of actions in place to co-habit and co-existence in this small land call Kingdom of Cambodia.

We are leaders of our people. We owe them our best line of efforts and unity of efforts. We are ignoramus that place staff coordination, integration, cooperation, coordination, and civilization in blaze of a sword or smoke of a gun.

We do know that Cambodian People Party is party of the communism and elite people of Cambodia that ruled with iron fist. But we also knew that not all member of the CCP are communist and elite people of Cambodia that ruled with iron fist. They are our relative, cousin, uncle, and aunt. They are in this system in order to survive the terrible pain of poverty and corruption.

So here is my two cents:

This non-sense idea to stop the President of United States of America from visiting Cambodia is unpatriotic and does not represent the best interest of all Cambodian people. Let’s encourage the President of United States to visit Cambodia in order to feel the hemisphere, environment, and first hand understand the struggle of our poor people. It will benefit all Cambodian regardless of political affiliations and infiltration.

Additionally, this is strategic importance that project confident, maturity, and of Cambodian political influence in SE Asia.

Cooperation is better to make the President’s visit productive and synergistic than trying to using kinetic energy to stop the something that unparalleled in our modern history.



Anonymous said...

The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.

Anonymous said...

Disgrace Mu Sochua’s problem all along, is that she is trying to be a politician. She's not, never has been and quite obviously, never will be. She should have just been herself, provide alternative policy and show Khmer people what a great alternative MP opposition she would be. Instead, her foray into being a politician has been a disaster. She comes across as pretending to be something she's not.

While the nation is facing complex economic, social and environmental issues disgrace Mu Sochua tries to promote her political stunt, aimed to get media attention. If this wasn’t such a clear demonstration of her selfish pursuit of personal ambition it would be laughable. There is no doubt that Mu Sochua has no real regard for the best interest of the nation. She is driven solely by a desire to become a “Champion of women or a new Aung San Suu Kyi” by any means available to her, even if that has the potential to destabilize the country. Even worse she is appealing to Khmer-Americans to sign the so called online petition to President Obama to cancel his visit to Cambodia.

People of integrity admit their faults, make amends and are judged fairly...Disgrace Mu Sochua is lacking in integrity and common sense and tries to change Cambodia into her own world.

Khmer in Sydney CBD

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they don't use the children on the front on the front line for their political movement.
Just some memories of the former children soldiers of the Khmer Rouge.

Anonymous said...

មូលហេតុដែល មួ សុខហួ មិនចង់អោយ Obama មកvisit Cambodia ពីព្រោះដឹងថាObama មិនជួយធ្វើអន្តរាគមន៍រឿងបោះឆ្នោតឆ្នាំ២០១៣។ បើគ្មានការបោះឆ្នោតទេនោះ ពលរដ្ឋនឹងងើបឡើងបៈបោរទូទាំងប្រទេស កាលណារបបអាហ៊ុន សែនរលាយ ពេលនោះក៏ត្រូវបាត់ មួ សុខហួដែរ,សែននិងសុខហួវាដៀតែខ្នូច អញ្ជឹងហើយបានជា សុខហួ ចង់អោយតែមានការបោះឆ្នោតបង្រ្គប់កិច្ចប៉ុណ្ណោះ។
ដូច្នេះការដែលសុខហួ មិនចង់អោយObamaមកស្រុកខ្មែរនេះគឺយើងឃើញច្បាស់ក្រឡែត។

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are khmer sydney. so, fuck off, don't try to pretend when you are not. You are member of a CPP dogs. You love to rob and steal from our khmer national resources in order for your CPP clan continues to do evil. Everyone in this world knows that your clan is like Gaddhafi and is waiting to be hang, very soon. So, piss off bloodsuckers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ki talk the same story since decade without any action.... so boring to see this blog with the same story... youn-cpp come on update your brain it s 21st century... talk something new,,,,

Anonymous said...

To 6:19 PM
You certainly can voice your own opinions, but you don't need to use unwarranted SARCASM: " Dream on Ms 2013 Nobel prize winner ".
MP Mu Sochua is Master's degree holder from Berkeley, and a potent Khmer nationalist.
She tirelessly devotes her life to the saving and rescuing of our country.
The least you could do is to show some restrains, if not respect.

Anonymous said...

To Khmer in Sydney,

You, yourself are a disgrace to your own countrymen.
MP Mu Sochua is a Master's degree holder from Berkeley, and a brilliant Khmer nationalist. She tirelessly devotes her life to the saving and rescuing of our country.
Khmers need national UNITY now than ever.
For you or any other Khmers to try to derail the ideas and movement of rescuing our country from Yuon's yoke is a treason.