Monday, November 19, 2012

I Dare You!

19 November 2012
By Heng Soy

Dear Readers,

“For those who speak ill, mocking and swearing to Theary Seng [are] ought to be a shame of themselves.
Theary may not be a perfect being but she has guts to confront the cowards government and you all the pathetic bloggers who are just like leeches in any society.
Despite intimidation with violence or anonymously criticize her, she doesn't back down, and that shows her courage with enormous strength. Do you "leeches" here who keep writing with slur comments on Theary's works know what leeches are used for?
Only to suck puss and infected blood from wounds after surgery.
Leeches are commonly living in the swam, dirty water and useless to other nature around them. They are parasites that live to be annoyed by others beings. It's very clear that you are the pests for this blogger and using every pathetic opportunity to pollute and confuse readers.
Readers of this blog are not stupid like you, they have the ability to understand, analyze and follow on every event. Your tactic to confuse readers here won't work. Your actions are the same as the government's which in turn causing many terrible effects at a very high cost than you all could ever imagine.

Yeay Tep”

I am really shocked by the wild and vile attacks against Theary Seng in the comment section following the video of police violence against her to confiscate the dart boards she displayed along Quay Sisowath on 18 November 2012. One reader, a man – I presume, went on to claim that “តែង្វៀងសេង ធារី វិញ POLICE, ទាហាន, PM អាឆ្កែហ៊ុន សែន មករារាំងដែរ, តែធ្វើលេងៗ មានវ៉ែ.. មិនមាន ចាប់ទ្បើយ!” (But, for “Nguyen” [derogatory] Seng Theary, the cops, the soldiers, the military police who serve the dog Hun Xen, they did come and prevent also, but it was like a game, they beat up … but they did not arrest! –sic!–). I am not sure if this man or mouse realized the enormity of his claim, to be satisfied, seeing the beating by the cops was not enough for him, let alone a scuffle or a confiscation of simple posters, there must be more than that, is he expecting blood to flow, somebody being shot, horde of people being arrested and taken away, just like the days of the Khmer Rouge regime when family members were being taken away for re-education and never to be seen again? Oh, by the way, reading the comment, I also presumed that he was the one who commented – prior to watching the video of the violence – that no cops would come and disturb this exhibit. Ironical, isn’t it?

Not only was Theary Seng accused of serving the Vietnamese interest (cf. the Nguyen name used for her above), a man went on to say that she is also serving the interest of China (“Don't you see she's a PolPot's offspring who wants the US out and Chen in?”). If indeed this is case, I can assure that Cambodia is in very great shape: quite simply, where can you find a Mata Hari who can deal with both Vietnam and China at the same time? Shouldn’t we worship such Mata Hari if one were to exist? As for being a Pol Pot offspring, that reader should find out more about Theary Seng before spewing out foam of misconceptions: based on the very little I read about her, her father was an army officer of the Lon Nol regime who was killed by the Khmer Rouge when they came to power. If anything, that alone should make her a Lon Nol offspring, shouldn’t it? But, of course, I can’t guarantee the answer of the confused reader, after all, both Lon Nol and Pol Pot contain the letter “O” (as in O! Good grief!) in the middle and they can be so easily confused, isn’t it?

However, they both agreed that Theary Seng was out there to humiliate President Obama, and the US in particular. One reader wrote: មីសេង ធារីស្រីយួនយៀកកុង, មីរមិលគុណ USA នេះ, កំពុងវ៉ែក្បាល OBAMA ហើយតើ!!!!! Sic! (Mee [derogatory for women] Seng Theary, the ungrateful to the USA, you are beating on Obama’s head, aren’t you? Sic!), while the other reader claimed that [Theary Seng] wants the US out [of Cambodia]. One reader was able to clearly express his mind: “During the visit of the president Obama in Cambodia, she ought to promote about the democracy in Cambodia in revealing about the corruption, the land grabbing, and the criminal act that Hun Sen regime has done to Khmer people. In contrast, she plays her dart game in order to serve Vietnamese atrocity behind the Khmer Rouge. This is shown that Séng Theary is a Vietnamese element to swallow Cambodia. All Khmer must think deeply about her role in Khmer politics.” After reading this comment, I started to have doubt about democracy as viewed by the reader above. To me, democracy is when one is allowed to speak freely one’s mind, is it not? If one can speak freely about one’s mind, then why can’t Theary Seng express her opinion in her own way? Can anybody help me resolve this dilemma? Can’t this reader have the decency to define “democracy” for me?

Again and again, the theme of Theary Seng’s scheme to serve either Vietnamese interest is coming up and the reason behind that idea is very simple: she only displayed pictures of Khmer Rouge leaders involved in the atrocious killing of nearly 2 million Cambodians. Granted that she displayed the picture of Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon as part of her exhibit, this display is taboo because we may hurt the US’ feelings, but her main fault was her refusal to show Ho Chi Minh’s picture as well. For the record, I am surprised nobody hit on her for not displaying former King Sihanouk at all. I am not here to defend Theary Seng’s omission in displaying the portraits of Uncle Ho and his nephew Sihanouk, but, from the very little I know, Theary Seng’s action followed her irritation with the work at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal, and as such, only a limited number of former KR leaders were brought in to face justice and they were the ones shown on her dartboards. It’s a fact that she expanded her portrait to collection to include Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, but I seriously doubt she will find a print shop in Phnom Penh that will be willing to print the portrait of Uncle Ho and Nephew Sihanouk on a dartboard. But, I could be wrong, if any readers can find one in Phnom Penh, please let me know, for I am willing to shell out the cost of printing these portraits myself, please don’t be shy now!

I am also flabbergasted by the sexual innuendos used against both Theary Seng and Yeay Tep. Words like “whore”, “self promoter”, “sick in the head” are flying all over the place. But, more viciously is this comment by a mouse named “Passer By” who stated: “When was the last time you were given a toy you can play with except yourself huh? This holds true for Yeay Tep also, ok?” I find this comment very debasing and sexist for its author, for one thing, the man has no respect for women whatsoever and I can’t even begin to imagine how he treats his mother, grandmother, let alone his wife and daughters should they have dissenting opinion from his. Shame on you, Mr. Mouse, I really feel sorry for your poor Mother!

Another reader went to warn: “It makes me feel like either she is close to KI or she own this blog. (sic!)” As I mentioned several times in the past, we at KI-Media, would be delighted to see her becoming part of our team members, but unfortunately, that is not the case, but we tried.

As I read through the mount of filth and some very rare gems, I couldn’t agree more with some of the readers: if you have a genius idea to confront this autocratic regime, why don’t you come down in Phnom Penh, today (Monday) and Tuesday, to show us what you can do to solve Cambodia’s problem and to get the attention of world leaders who are visiting Phnom Penh. Residents of Boeung Kak Lake, Borei Keila, Pochentong, Prey Lang would welcome you with open hands. Please come over instead of hiding behind your computer screen and criticizing, we want to see your action. Tep Vanny from Boeung Kak Lake stated that she is running out of ideas on how to hold a protest, please DO come to teach her a lesson or two. She is waiting for her savior to show up, but so far I have not seen any of you, Great Men (or is it Great Mice?), showing up yet. Tep Vanny and her neighbors have been the sole recipient of the brunt of the beating and jailing. There were no men, where are you?  

I dare you to come over!

I, Heng Soy, am the sole responsible of this opinion.


Heng Soy


Anonymous said...

Those who accuse Theary Seng of serving the Yuon interests should look at themselves in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Ah socheata, can you tell about youn behind the khmer rouge. Ah Youn ah hypocrite. If you are good do not delete people comment.

Anonymous said...

One defendless woman dare to stand up for her right in Dictatorship Hun Sen regime.

That is very Brave woman! What happen to all khmer men with short dick! Coward khmer men!

Anonymous said...

Theray Seng is A Brave defendless woman, khmer nation need of these kind of women to free Cambodia from Dictator Hun Sen regime.

a Man with Small and short penis like PhD Dr Lao Mong Hay drag khmers even down fall and sell more Cambodia to Vietnam. and teach khmers to fear of Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

General Lon Nol was cheating America such as fake number of ghost soldiers eg. on the list to America General Lon Nol put 100 000 soldiers and need salary for them from American tax payers and American gave in excess to general Lon Nol but in real number of soldiers have only 10 000 real soldiers. 90 000 soldiers salaries were go in to General Lon Nol pockets with his top few officers.

Lon Nol betrayal America and also betray his own soldiers and put their lives in danger that is why 85% of the soldiers were killed because of General Lon Nol management cheating skills.

American military aid, 50% of the American miliatry aid were sold to Khmer Rough that is why the real soldiers were lack of foods and weapons to fight, they end up died injusticely by General Lon Nol.

General Lon Nol's children and all his grandchildren are living on the suffer and khmers blood money.

His soldiers as well as millions of khmer death demand justice now!

Anonymous said...

Did mi Séng Theary dare to tell the truth about ah Youn behind the Khmer rouge at the Khmer rouge trail? Can ah Ki media tell Youn behind the Khmer rouge. Ki media offer the condolence to ah Sihanouk, Ki media suppose to know that ah Sihanouk play Youn game through mi Youn Monique. Ah Hun sen become Samdach Decho because ah Sihanouk named him. You are all Youn gang play the trick to swallow Cambodia. Mi Séng Theary went people at boeung kak are only today after the critics from several people. Before, she never cared about land grabbing.

Anonymous said...

Please,again, clarify what specifically Ms. Seng's dart game is supposed to achieve?

One cannot help, but wonder if she was such courageous hero, why she was not already had some serious harassment done to her like the ladies from Beung Kak lake and Broma village? She would not dare to do anything remotely like being really critical of the regime. Also, it is possible that her courage seems to appear larger when she is surrounded by her foreign friends. Your rationale that a picture of Mao,Ho,or the leader of then USSR who shared the responsibility in the Cambodian tragedy, is really tragic! The least she could do was to print their names and posted them on the board. But, just like us the great mice, she also knows well what level of courage she could display; which makes the whole conversation so conniving and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

You are lieing and hypocrite when you use the name of yeay tep as name. Liar is not part of human quality. The same as ah youn gang, cheating, spying, are all cheap trash.

If you are good do not delete the comment.


Anonymous said...

This is how we Khmer have screwed up big time.

Yes, Communism came from the yuon in the 40s, 50s, 60s, earlier 70s. But when the Khmer Rouge won power in 1975, it was the Khmer Rouge like Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, Kheav Samphan, Nuon Chea, Ta Mok, down to the real Khmer at villag levels who killed thir own people through revenge, hatred of classes, personal vendetta.

Communists in one country always tried to help other communist movements in other countries, but each were nationalistic in their own right. I am saying there was no yuon interference but the mass killings were done by our own Khmer people during Pol pot regime. Pol Pot killed to his last breadth, and still some exstremists are so blind to see the truth.

During Pol Pot, not many Yuons could survive, they were basically killed off. I saw in my own eyes, they were truckedd off to their deaths. I am talking about the ones who stayed behind after the initial send off back to Vietnam by the KR in earlier 1975.

Anonymous said...

Khmer men can't defend Koh Tral and try to convent Khmers to forget about Koh Tral, sea, lands like PhD Dr Lao Mong Hay.

Theary Seng dare to stand for her right without fear of death that is the soirite of Angkor watt Era people! Not coward like PhD Dr Lao Mong Hay and some khmer men out there betray their khmer khmer heros blood and Khmer nation.

Anonymous said...

8:42 AM, wrong again, big time!!!

Anonymous said...

8:44 AM,

Let's hope and pray that Ms Seng could create some new game for poetic justice about Koh Tral. Perhaps, she has had thoughts and care about these issues all along, but kept them secret to herself to never express them publicly.

Anonymous said...

Many even suggested that Tuol Sleng was created by the yuons.

Koh Pich tragedy was the work of the yuons.

Anonymous said...

Take the yuon paranoia out, and explain what the dart game was to achieve?

Anonymous said...

Respect law and order bitch.Do not dart at Henry Kissinger bith.

Anonymous said...

Hey Super bitch !
if you care enough about Cambodia ,just go to the border between youn and khmer and do your protest there.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line we MUST support all Khmer inside who stand up and fight for Human Rights in Cambodia. Don't listen and pay attention to the people who support a dictatorship HUN SEN. Hun Sen'll get his number one of these day. Theary Seng had done a great job and I'm very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Great job Theary Seng! keep up the good work! of course Hun Sen will pay for people to discourage her spirite. Don't you need to pay attention to those negative about your work! Keep up the good work! you will win at the end.

Anonymous said...

Theary Seng is much much better than some PhD like Dr Lao Mong Hay!

Theary Seng teache Khmers to stand up for their right!

But PhD like Dr Lao Mong Hay teaches khmers to be coward and fear of Vuetnam!

You see the difference People!

Anonymous said...


Mike is somewhere on 104th Street behind these people.

My last $.12 cent

Anonymous said...

Congradulation Heng Soy (S.M) for your outburst to take this forum as the boxing ring for your sister.

I suggest that KI should change it slogan to suit tyour tast.

Anonymous said...

Mi kaduoy saoy SENG THEARY,
You can dart anybody you want ,but not to our former President NIXON and former secretary of state Henry Kissinger .You got that whore ?.Your country , under Sihanouk , allowed Vietcong safe heaven inside and then launch their attack on our forces in the South, don't you know about that Bitch.Don't you think we have the right to bomb back ?.Moreover, if you want to dart those khmer rouge leaders , why did you omit Sdach kbot cheat Sihanouk ? .

Anonymous said...

We just need to tick Heng Soy off a little more often... That's all...lols!!!

Anonymous said...

she did the right things and at the right time and on the hot topic why don't you applaud her she did honor to usa evil act victim are you Khmer aren't you? . mike

Anonymous said...

No question about Theary Seng Courage in front of Police Brutality indeed her dart game that including American Politics that excluded Ho Cho Minh, Sihanouk, Mao Tse Tong (the big supplier to Communist against U.S war in Vietnam) when at this time we need Obama to deal with crucial Human Right abuse, Political Prisoner, Free and fair elcetion, allow Sam Ramsy to participate in Cambodia election.
Theary was always came up with contreversy outcry in the Past few years ago such as she said Thank you to Vietnam as a liberator...Sic, please ask the real Mrs.Yiey Teang, Author of politic forum who was sent by youn to Peking to learn how to infiltrate to Khmer Society in order to swallow Cambodia to Ho chi Minh dream of Indochinese federation (Khmer, Lao, Youn)
Now a dart game to humiliate Obama which are including Kissenger, Nixon that were not right at this time, applaud Woman Heroes like: Mrs. Tep Vanny, Mp Mu suchua actions now in the front pages attention of Cambodia now...
Please Mr. Heng Soy (S.M) do not spoil to fame your sister in KI too much, it will be bcakfire among your real supporters...
Theasy Seng even though she's U.S attorney but her experiences in Khmer Politic past and present she needs to learn more..

K.R Survival

Anonymous said...

Being helped by U.S tax payers in the past, your Mom on welfare assistance and you were granted scholarship, Pell Grant, Financial Aid to assist you to earn law degree, now a tax payers like you and I seeing youn Or U.S as a prime enemy to destroy Khmers let me know ??? at least a little mercy to U.S that is not a real imperialism compare to Youn.
You can not fight Enemy in two Front.....Youn is the prime target for our Khmer compatriots worldwide...

Anonymous said...

To show the world what you are seeing on the video clip on how Hun Sen treat her in Banana kingdom!

Keep the good jobs Ms Theary Seang! You are so brave woman and khmer Angkor need people like you!

Khmer nation need you Ms Theary Seang! at the end you are the winner!

Why don't these khmer men dare to take Koh Tral back from Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

11:44 AM

because they have small and short penis like smart PhD Dr Lao Mong Hay.

Dr Lao Mong Hay teaches Khmers to be fear of Vietnam, fear to stand for your right, fear to reclaim Koh Tral, Fear to express that Koh Tral is belong to Khmer people, he teaches Khmers to avoid reality and acept fantacy like his dream of Lexus car from his economic develpment planes for Vietnam to be rich and Khmers to be poorer.

Unlike Smart PhD Dr Lao Monh Hay, Ms Theary Seang teaches khmers to stand for their right and what is right!

That are the difference between defendless woman and super lexus fancy PhD Dr Lao Mong Hay.

Anonymous said...

11:50 AM

No, you’re wrong. She was busy playing darts instead of teaching Khmer people to stand up for their right and what is right.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand what kind of game Theary Seng is playing right now!At this time she should lead the protesters to ask for what Khmers people wanted not for what Miss Theary Seng interested! watch out Khmer!

Anonymous said...

11:44 AM,

khmer penises can never compare with what she carries in her designer bag, you fucked head!

Anonymous said...

whoever the heck you are using the same style of words as you have criticizing others of using that doesn't make you a better person. Your article alone is oppression of freedom of speech of others. You should be shameful of yourself sir, you as pathetic as others or even worst if I may add. Yes, you have the power to write an article bashing others that taking their time to express their free speech, but yet, you came out and directly attacking them in a very unprofessional matter. You are one sick and pathetic person.

Anonymous said...

Theary Seng is ridiculous and those Cambodian victims don't know anything about the Khmer Rouges, but they are trying to get what they lost to CPP clans and crooks.

Theary Seng needs to back off and needs to do something that Cambodia people across the country have been losing their land property and farm land under the illegal land grabs and eviction.

Yes, Cambodia is like a ship is sinking in the ocean. The Vietnamese communist bastards and bitches are illegal migrants in Cambodia and they are encroaching into Cambodia territory a little piece by piece. Cambodian people are living in fear and scare because CPP government led the Vietnamese dog Hun Sen.

Those people who put SOS during the President Obama's visit try to save their land, nation, sea, forest, farming land, natural resources from the illegal private firms from Communist Vietnam that Cambodian people can not trust including Chinese private firms.

Cambodian people are helpless since SRP and HRP leaders are powerless because they don't get enough supports from the international communities and UN. Yes, the hidden Vietnamese agents are behind current CPP regime just because they have big military.

So, you, Theary Seng, are stupid and dumb from doing many things at the same time.

Millions of Cambodian people and opposition parties are trying to save the Cambodian country. That is why the SOS from the USA president Obama is very important.

Anonymous said...

សេង ធារី :..(មានពេលបាយហាង)
-ខ្លួនឡាំប៉ាគ្មានសេរីភាព ក្នុងការលេងល្បែងកូនក្មេង

ពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរ : (គ្មានអាហារហូបចុក)
-គ្មានសេរីភាពក្នុងការតស៊ូប្រជាមតិ ទាមទារ
ដីធ្លី,ផ្ទៈសម្បែងដែល អាយួនហ៊ុន សែននិង
ដែលបានវាយធ្វើបាបរឹបអូសឆក់ប្លន់ ប្រមូលទ្រព្យសម្បត្តិខ្មែរ,
ពលរដ្ឋខ្មែរ :
ក្មេង គប់ព្រួញឆ្កួតៗ-ឡប់ៗ មិនគ្រប់ទឹក....

-រឿងល្បែងគប់ព្រួញនេះបើសេង ធារី ខ្លួនពិតជាខ្មែរ...មានភាពក្លាហាន ពិត​ប្រាកដគួរណាស់តែត្រូវមានរូប
នៅភ្នំពេញសព្វថ្ងៃនេះដែល ECCCកំពុងត្រូវការ មានដូចជា:
-អាយួនខ្មៅ ........ហ៊ុន សែន
-អាយួនខ្មៅ ........ជា ស៊ីម
-អាយួនខ្មៅ.........ហេង សំរិន
-អាយួន............ហោ ណាំហុង
-អាខ្មោចយួន........ហូ ជីមិញ