Sunday, December 30, 2012

២០១២ ជាឆ្នាំដ៏ខ្មៅងងិតសំរាប់អ្នកក្រ ដោយ ធីតា ឈូករ័ត្ន


Anonymous said...

Freedom and justice are not free.
We got to pay for them.

Furthermore, Cambodia's problem is more complex than just freedom and justice. We are on the verge of losing Cambodia completely to this sickening asshole Vietnam.

Stand up to protect your right because the international community wants to see your own effort first.

Anonymous said...

3:18, You are absolutely right. We must rise up together in a mass demonstration and demand this fucking government out of power. This is the only way out.
The world is watching closely and will jump in if necessary.
We must educate our people to stand up now. 2013 will bring hope to Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

The truth is all your khmer lotus revolution leaders and Sam Rainsy don't dare to die try to reclaim your shit Angkor Watt from us Vietnamese but they are using innocent khmers like you to die for them to be rich.

Wait and See if you don't believe Uncle Ho that they just another opportunistic people.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ho said "Where are your Lotus Revolution leaders and Sam Rainsy? They are hidding and just waiting for another opportunity to be rich by using you people to suffer for them...hahaha"

You only dare to deleted comments that is all you can do best! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yuon is the babarian shit dog !

Anonymous said...

Be our dogs! be our dogs like your hero Dr Lao Mong Hay, Prince Norodom Ranaridth, Nhiek Bun Chay...and so on. You will be reward from Uncle Ho.

You know Nhiek Bun Chay on his knees bagged for Hun Sen mercy at Hun Sen house. Ask your ex general Nhiek Bun Chay, he will be tell you the truth how he was on his knee bag Hun Sen just to be our dog...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Where are your Lotus Revolution leaders and Sam Rainsy? Are they still hidding at the very safe places with Champage waiting for the opportunity and send you innocent people to suffer for them to be rich?

Uncle Ho tell you that they won't dare to die for protecting any of you innocent people, they are just using you people as tool for them to have opportunity to be rich in goverment.

Wait and see if they dare to die for you people.

Anonymous said...

Your pussy smell dog caca, keep it for the babarian like you a kantop, the babarian and keep it for hun sen and cpp. Khmer people doesn't want it, it smell too much caca

Anonymous said...

Good to see these people suffer until the end of their lives. their opposition leaders don't care about them either. So sad they can't depend on their fugitive leaders to help them with anything. What can they do now? maybe join Youn and eat dog meat, so they can survive and be smart like CPP. i wished all the stupid Khmer opposition followers would bring all their families and friends to stage an up rising them-self instead of having those brainless innocent people die for them. I bet they would last at least about 2 mins before they would be gang rape or headless.

Anonymous said...

Keep teasing, Dumb Yuon Dog Eaters. We just drop many notes or flyers saying there are many Vietnamese dog eaters in the U.S., especially, New Orlean, San Jose, CA, San Francisco, Los Angles, Las Vegas, etc. Also flyers are saying Vietnamese used Khmer Rouges as the scapegoats because the Vietnamese secret agents hiding in Khmer Rouges uniforms during the Killing Fields, killing millions of innocent and higher educated Khmer people and Khmer intellectuals. At the present, there is a slow and secret Killing Fields under the Vietnamese/Yuon CPP (Cambodian People Party) that is a Communist Vietnamese/Hanoi tool because current intelligent Khmer people with higher educations have currently killed by the secret Vietnamese agents provided by Vietnamese-Hanoi hiding in Khmer Military uniforms, Khmer police Uniforms, Khmer people cloths (you can see the Vietnamese CPP officials like Sok An, Sok Kong, Hor Nam Hong, Yeay Phu, Var Kim Hong, etc. Both Yuon/Vietnamese CPP, illegal Vietnamese migrants, Vientamese-Hanoi folks have been controlling Hun Sen and Cambodian operations until today like a second Killing Fields that is happening now.

We will drop and advertise the situation in the major cities in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany or cities around the world to let them know the Vietnamese/Yuon folks are causing troubles and creating a lot of troubles among Cambodian/Khmer people inside and outside of Cambodia. Yeas, both Communist Vietnamese leaders and Communist Vietnamese/Yuon people (thieves and illegal businesses owners who have been doing dirty businesses around the world.)

We will tell Chinese leaders that there are many secret Vietnamese/Yuon business folks who pretend to be Cambodian/Khmer speaking, writing and reading Khmer languages. Chinese leaders and business did not know about hidden Vietnamese/Yuon faces in Cambodia doing business trades with China and controlling Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen. We also will tell all American and European people about the evil Vietnamese dog eaters are hiding among Cambodian society and created dirty and secret plans in the modern second Killing Fields until today after the first Killing Fields under the secret Vietnamese dirty plans that American, China and European people do not know.

We put the flyers everywhere at Vietnamese stores and restaurants in the U.S. cities about the Yuon/Vietnamese Rouges who used Khmer Rouges as the scapegoats because they Controlled or toppled Pot Pot during the Killing Fields from 1975 to 1979. Now, Vietnamese secret masters in Hanoi and in Cambodia are currently controlling Hun Sen and his CPP government as their puppets to slowly kill only higher educated Cambodian people as you have seen today, Cambodian/Khmer journalists, doctors, teachers, reporters, writers, environmentalists, activists, students, land owners, farmers, and beyond just like Killing Fields in 21st century. Vietnamese killers/masters in Hanoi and in Phnom Penh have been forcing and borrowing the hands of the uneducated Khmer in CPP regime to kill Cambodian/Khmer intellectuals and higher educators who are against their illegal Vietnamese/Hanoi operations in Cambodia to please and make wealth for Hun Sen, Hanoi masters and corrupted Yuon CPP government.

The world needs to know the facts about Vietnamese leaders and people who are behind all the problems in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

To yuon people living in Cambodia :
Cambodia was the land of the Khmer and it will be, forever! You are living illegally on our land and you etablished your law in our territory! As Khmer and your neighbor, we ask you to leave our motherland and not to follow the orders of your government because you're headed for a non measurable disaster! You will be liable for any spillover between our two peoples. We ask for nothing more than you have to leave Cambodia and to live in peace as neighbors and have a bilateral relationship with mutual respect. We are not racists but Cambodia is the Khmer land and you are ​ invader​ of our country !

Since Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1978 you had killed many khmer people behind khmer rouge and now you still kill khmer people in our country. Your arrogance and your barbarian act on khmer people will be served ! we will crawl you to international justice for crime against humanity. Your hand is bloody of Khmer people !