Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reclaim Angkor Wat back from a Vietnamese is the highest priority for Khmer people

Moi?, a Royal Cambodian Government's development partner or a strategic mole of Hanoi? Sok Kong, a Vietnamese national and owner of Sokimex company which commands a portfolio of business interests in Cambodia, most notably in the tourism sector including a stake in the Angkor Archeological Park, currently a multimillion dollars industry, hotel chains and the Bokor Resort. Other strategic economic interests of national importance such as telecommunication and the national airline are managed and owned by commercial affiliates of the Vietnamese government. All major Vietnamese business ventures are thought to be under ultimate control and direction of the Vietnamese government, including Mr Sok Kong's  and those of many of his compatriots who are enjoying business privileges throughout the Kingdom, particularly in timber, mining and rubber interests - School of Vice [image: google]

Bokor Mountain, once famed for its offering of pristine forest scenery and spectacular view is undergoing a process of rapid urbanisation that requires large swathes of hitherto forested mountainside lands to be cleared for new commercial development projects that pander to the demands for luxury and amusement needs of the wealthiest clientele drawn from anywhere - School of Vice [image credit: google]

Comment by Bun Thoeun
A big chunk of Cambodia's economy is presently controlled by Vietnam.

Vietnam needs to keep Khmer people very poor so that they are preoccupied with their "stomach's problems" only.

While most of the Khmer people are fighting for survival - finding foods to eat - Vietnam keeps executing smoothly its strategic plan by pushing its citizens into Cambodia – making the Vietnamese the majority in Cambodia in the foreseeable future.

One way to fight this neo-colonialist Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen is to claim Angkor Wat back from a Vietnamese first. This is the most obvious element of Vietnam’s dominance in Cambodia.

- Angkor Wat should provide a massive motivation for Khmer people to stand up against this evil Vietnam and Hun Sen.

- The vast majority of Khmer people will unwaveringly support our claim of Angkor.

- Angkor Wat belongs to Cambodia and Khmer people.

- Who has the right to give away or lease Angkor Wat to a Vietnamese? It is unimaginable to see a traitorous person – Hun Sen – putting the Khmer Soul Angkor Wat under a Vietnamese’s control.

- I know everybody wants to live, but shouldn’t we live with dignity? Our passivity [pacific nature] must have its limit.

- We should not allow this puppet government to go on compounding its mistakes, which have destroyed most of Khmer natural resources and Cambodia’s territorial integrity.

- By staying quiet when a Khmer traitor – Hun Sen - has allowed a Vietnamese to control Angkor Wat, just imagine how the Vietnamese people must be feeling towards Khmer people? Are we smart or stupid?

When we do something, we got to draw specific steps that we should take successively to reach our goal; not trying one step and then quit.

Claiming Angkor Wat back is the most righteous cause, we must keep pounding on it until we get it back.

Whoever resists our claim of Angkor Wat will spontaneously and automatically become Khmer traitor. No doubt about it.

Rescuing Cambodia by accomplishing this task of saving Angkor Wat first, and the momentum of liberating Cambodia from evil Vietnam will build solidly from there…

-Bun Thoeun


Anonymous said...

For a couple months we were there on this Bor Kor mountain. The design of the hotel is 100% Vietnam style like in Hanoi and in saigon, not Khmer or international style at all. My wife said to me, oh God, it's Vietnam city on Cambodian beautiful maintain and they manipulated the French design house to be Vietnam style all, such manipulation will never allow in the west countries, just only in Khmer kingdom, Why?????. Please God bless Khmer's soul

Anonymous said...

Don't blame other, because the Khmer themselves did not or don't want to invest in their own country.
They did nothing for the development of Cambodia. They want to get everythig free or most of the time they blame about this and that.
It sound they dream a lot and still live in the pass and know nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Campouchea currently rules by Youn speak khmer fluently .they don't care about the laws.

Anonymous said...

Who was the best Khmer man in Kampuchea?

Answer: Gen. Marshal Lon Nol.

Anonymous said...

To get the best result, me must aim the right target, and getting Angkor Wat back to Khmer people is SO right.
99.9999% of Khmer people are so furious about Angkor Wat is under Sok Kong.

Anonymous said...

The airlines is under foreigners control (Vietnam's control), it means this country has no soul any more.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you to the point,Hun sen sons and daughters should invest to create jobs for khmers but they stole more from khmers instead to help yuons.

khmer ក្នុងស្រុក said...

The Member of Parliament was create by all khmer people to protected the vietnamese and foreign's interest only. So wake up khmer, don't be an idiot any longer or you will no longer on the map. I'm and my family are ready any time, just waiting for the brave one who can lead not can run just like Sam Rainsy.
To me, Ranarith still can do some damage to the current government event he is so dump with women.
Let us give him one more chance to lead us, cuz lots of
khmer still believe in him more then Rainsy & Sokha.

Anonymous said...

Only way to win the country back is to overthrown the current government and arrest all the crook traitor. But current government will not give up easy for you. We have tried everything peaceful protest,NGO,Human Right and UN nothing is working. Someone within must start the civil war.

Anonymous said...

If the new govt takes bribes srok Khmer will be corrupts all over again and worse than the previous one that what we don't want.

Anonymous said...

Around Hun Sen ,there are many yuon speaking khmer ;Yim chhay ly ,chuon praseth , general two stars Dieng sarun and some more , Hun Sun and others members of CPP scare those yuon never do any thing opposite them. Poor khmer people ,poor Cambodia cuontry. That yuon , they protect the illegal yuon immigrants in srok khmer .

Anonymous said...

We will be a great vietnam soon ,we already control laos and Cambodia .In cambodia we already put ours agents every where ,even in the government of CPP . In 1979 we work hard we sent ours suicides commando to phnom penh to catch Samdach Sihanouk before we push Pol Pot to the forest ,because we want Samdach stay with us and support us , but in that time the secret agents of China in phnom penh catch ours commandos and destroyed them . But now every thing is in ours hand .China is a tiger just wake up from sickness and use to loss a battle in our north vietnam ,China just take economic from Cambodia ,but we are vietnam ,we take the land .

Anonymous said...

Youn race is parasites it could cause you a cancer disease Man!5:46am even youn pussy is dirty Man!!!!

Chinese know Youn better Cpp youn's gangs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all most of you so called 100 % Khmer have to develop yourself, otherwise it will be too late for your dream to have real Khmer born or descents to run some big businesses in our country Cambodia.
Please wake up and don't expect that much from other, not from Hun Sen and also from Sam Rainsy, because these people or so called politicians will not do something, what you longtime dreamed.
Most of politicians on this planet have the same political views, how to lie, how survive on this modern world and how to overcome the law.
Both did not respect the law of the country. They just blamed each other for their own advantages.
Don’t be sure, that Sam Rainsy is better or more patriotic than Hun Sen. They have the same horizon of power. Wrong or right are just your own opinion.
Stop talking about democracy and corruption. The same stories repeated again and again since 1970, 1975 and so on.
Before you talk about democracy, you first have to understand the roll of a citizen. Not all oversea Khmer with dual citizenship went to vote in their country where they now live. This behavior show exactly, that they did not really know the word "democracy."

Anonymous said...

Vietcong parasite sucking on Khmer's blood....

All Khmer must know and work to cure ourselves from this evil disease...

Anonymous said...

3:31 AM & 8:15 AM,

Are you both brainless animals or what? Stop fooling to yourself, Vietcong agents.

You both try to show Khmer peoples that you're against Ah Hun Shit, but the truth behind it is blaming on S. Rainsy isn't it?

Why don't you prove it before start blaming on S. Rainsy,does he's a traitor to Cambodian people, does he ceded land to Vietnam like CPP shit or you just assume, accuse and manipulate like Ah Hun Shit? Stop being stupid!

You both must be communist Vietcong agent working in Cambodia.

Democracy? Cambodia will never enjoy it, if a parasites communist Vietcong like both of you keep sucking Cambodians brain everyday.

khmer ក្នុងស្រុក said...

9:05 AM

I'm 3:31 AM and I understand your frustration brother,
but the only we can get Hun Sen out are more chance
with Ranarith while he is the son of the late king and
still have some popular with the people. I praise Sam
Rainsy, but Ranarith have more chance even if he is
a play boys.

Anonymous said...

to 9:53 AM,

You're a thief of humanity, do you know? or you are so proud of it?

More Chinese friends told me that Vietnam debts China $ 152 billions by 1975, have you pay some to them back now? The chinese people want this money back.

During the attack on Vietnam China, said this was just an exercise for the Chinese army only and people all around the world know this and Hanoi was not its goal.


Anonymous said...

Start mounting a mass demonstration to get back Angkor Wat is the sure and positive way to get support from all Khmers and the international community. The demonstration will grow exponentially if that idiot Hun Sen dares to crack down on the people.

Does the Eiffel tower control by a foreigner?

We got to start our emancipation by using Angkor Wat as the foundation to free ourselves from this SICKENING Vietnam.

Nothing is more wrong than the traitor Hun Sen who has given up Khmer soul Angkor to a Vietnamese. Wake up Khmer people. Whatever you do, you will never avoid death. So, dying to make our motherland live is our morale obligation.

With this one mistake alone - Angkor Wat - Hun Sen must be hanged, not counting all others big mistakes such as defying the Paris accord, ratifying the Koh Tral as Vietnam's island, etc...

Anonymous said...

Please look this video what China said to Vietnam:

Anonymous said...

9:48 AM,

My bad brother for blaming you as Vietcong agent.

As we already know, it doesn't matter who we're praising for, but the reality is, they both never gonna win this CPP crook through elections.

Why I said so, because if you look back to 1993 UN sponsor election, my uncle was with Ranarith party, he couldn't sleep at night because he against those illegal voters.
And who know how many people like him got killed. Now with all the Vietcong agents everywhere in Cambodia, the chances are more slim.

But don't get me wrong, because I alway wish and praise for any Cambodian hero even Hun Sen, if he can reverses his brain from being Vietcong puppet to a democratic govt just Lon Nol. "God bless Cambodia."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Don't blame other, because the Khmer themselves did not or don't want to invest in their own country.
They did nothing for the development of Cambodia. They want to get everything free or most of the time they blame about this and that.
It sound they dream a lot and still live in the pass and know nothing else.

1:35 AM

= Fuck you Vietshit slave! The fucken Vietshit stole Angkor Wat from Khmer to make money and you called that investment? ahhahah

How about the Vietshit stole Khmer Kampuchea Krom from Khmer and you called that investment too and how about Koh Tral?

Hey! Not such a bad idea after all and how about I go take over your house and turn it into brothel to make money and I called it investment! Am I smart? You damn right I am smart as hell!

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck-up Ah chhkout communist Vietcong barbarian Pi Anh(Pi Ach) @ 10:38 AM
You're nothing but a brainless Mexican Chihuahua barking nonstop!

Watch your ASS Ah communist Vietcong barbarian homeless animal.
Or else sooner or later not only your ASS disappear, even your father Ah Hun Shit will disappear too.

You communist Vietcong barbarian should know there's alway curses for blaming on innocent Cambodian peoples. So watch your ASS!

Anonymous said...

Just look back into Khmer history and tell me what the Vietnamese have in term of natural resources? The Vietnamese have nothing and all were stolen from Khmer people from Kampuchea Krom, Koh Tral, and now Angkor Wat.

Why praise the Vietnamese who are thieves for stealing from Khmer people? It is the nature of the Vietnamese to steal, to exploit, and to oppression those people who are different from them.

Stop blaming the Khmer people who are the victim of the Vietnamese naked aggression and this is the reason why Khmer people will never stop fighting the Vietnamese naked aggression!

Anonymous said...

10:53 AM,

Khmer oversea don't need your shit nor your animal idea at all.

Don't worry about child support, as long as your mom doesn't ask for child support from your father, Khmer oversea can live in peace and don't have to worry about sending more money to your stupid mother.

Asteroid is looking for you, Ah chhkout Pi Anh and all the communist Vietcongs barbarian.
"Long live to S. Rainsy!

Anonymous said...

Thank God I don't live in Cambodia, which I have to deal with this brainless animal like Ah chhkout Pi Anh @ 11:20 AM everyday.

The one who is headless is you Ah chhkout Pi Anh, just wait and see. Why, because criminal like you never last. You're just a barking dog anyway.

Anonymous said...

To 11:20AM

What investment from Vietshit are you talking about? You Vietshit have not stolen enough already from Khmer people and you Vietshit want to invest in Cambodia? ahahah

How about take your Vietshit investment somewhere else? Your fucken Vietshit investment only make Khmer people poorer and poorer!

Anonymous said...

Its just a war of words wasted all the time between the dumb and the not so dumb but nothing is helping srok Khmer nor help poor Khmers people at all,why don't you all did what Chhun Yasith had done to Cpp Hun cen regime maybe you get a chance to liberate your country from yuon yiekcong once and for all,or at least you try like Mr Chhun Yasith and his friends did,Mr Chhun Yasith tried and fail but at least he did.Talking is cheap and useless act now don't waste any more time because the longer to wait the harder to kick yuon yiekcong agents out of our land.Remember Champa was first,Kampuchea Krom was second Laos was third all these mention above are completely submissions to Hanoi controlled,Cambodia will be next but thanks God that we still have nationalism to fight to exposes most of yuons'tactic to swallow Cambodia without bloodshed by putting its moles (secret agents) to grow with Cpp stay on the top of foodschain in every sectors of country economy.Please do not put off any longer time is not on our side help liberate out country and people from the barbaric communist Cpp Yuon's dogs.Thank you.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kmenhwatt @ 11:57 AM,

So what the results of Chhun Yasit got? It's easier said than done.

If you're just little kid can you go against the much taller guy? Why didn't you start than maybe somebody will follow you.

It's not a game, this is human sacrifices. I know it's for your country but you have to play smart.

The best way is all Khmer peoples need to rise up against this Vietcong puppet govt just like in Syria, that's only chance, and nobody can blame on any party. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...

Ah Pi Anh supposed to lick Ah Ho Chi Minh's Asshole in hell.

Who let this dog Pi Anh out from hell?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how Ah Transgender Pi Anh looks like?

I just imagine he must look like Hyena.

Anonymous said...

To liberate Cambodia, we must expose Ah Hun Sen's treasons, and we will escort him to hell.

Anonymous said...

Ah Hun Sen,

I want to ask you (Ah Kbot Cheat), where did Ah Yuon Sok Kong get the money from?
Can you answer this question Ah Leu Keu Kwack Hun Sen?

Anonymous said...

The comment of 1:35 AM:

"Don't blame other, because the Khmer themselves did not or don't want to invest in their own country.
They did nothing for the development of Cambodia. They want to get everythig free or most of the time they blame about this and that.
It sound they dream a lot and still live in the pass and know nothing else."


Anonymous said...

3:19 PM & 3:28 PM,

Your Vietnamese dog eating nation is just like Yugoslavia.

Your Vietnamese shitting nation will be dead and not exist anymore. Vietnam will be dead like Yugoslavia.

Stop wasting your time to worship your evil Ho Chi Minh who is a Satan on the planet.

You and your Vietnamese dog eaters wasted too much time to invest in Cambodia for nothing. Everything your Vietnamese dog eating investors invest in Cambodia will be gone to the hands of Khmer owners.

Thanks for your wishful thinking like your Satan Ho Chi Minh.

Anonymous said...

The development in Cambodia since 1993 after this puppet Hun Sen received international aids has been benefited only the Vietnamese people and Vietnam.

Look at Khmer people’s suffering everywhere when the development reaches their place.
This crazy development has transformed slowly and smoothly Cambodia to be a province of Vietnam.

Wake up Ah Lngit Lngoung (classe de 4eme ) stupid Hun Sen. Your (Hun Sen) knowledge is good for taking care the buffalos, not for Prime Minister.

Lmorm Choss Heuy Ah Lngi Lngeu Hun Sen!! Khmer people are so ashamed to see you as Prime Minister. You are super dumb.

Anonymous said...

The Vietcong government was smart enough to invest or stole from Cambodia so that their people can live on pension..But for Ah Hun Vietcong slave government force the Khmer people to live on nothing beside making them homeless and landless.

Bravo you fucken stupid Vietcong slave!

Anonymous said...

Each patriot has a different and own idea but the same goal. Sum up, only get rid of Ah Hun Sen and his gang who are Yuon slave completely in order to liberate
and change our mother land.

Otherwise, the Cambodians could not do anything because Ah Hun Sen and his gang are Youn cheapest slave. He has no right to make any decision. He just obey and take order from his boss for leading his country only.

Thus, Yuon has ordered him in every single thing as investment issue, for example. Yuon do not allow any other nation to make the investments in Cambodia besides the communist nations and the Cambodian, in or out country, who is Yuon's link, agent or is willing to obey their order and comply with their particular interest policy, ect...

Look at all investors in Cambodia in present time who they are the most ? everybody can see except "Puok Ah KWAK" can't see
the thruth. Or because they are the Yuon cheapest salve's dogs ? ; they have to bark for their foods
for each day ? That's a poor dog.

Anonymous said...

11:51 PM

I don't think Ah Changrai Yor PI is Khmer. Ah Choy Marai Niss is Yuon 100%

Anonymous said...

12:11 AM
.....Khmer oversea please stop being jealous of Samdach Hun Sen simply because you can't get to lick Youn's pussy like Samdach Hun Sen does, just hope some days you'll get to.

Ah Pi Anh,

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Only the stupids and ignorants supports Hun Sen CPP party. Understand what this POLITICAL PARTY TAKES OUR COUNTRY TO....THEN YOU KNOW THIS PARTY IS NOT FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR NATION FUTURE.