Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Hun Sen is part fulfilling his own prophecy that only he could defeat himself

Analysis by Anonymous 

The toppling of another notorious dictator who had outlived his sell-by date - School of Vice

‘Even with cheating, Hun Sen could only see the decline of the momentum of his party, the CPP. When he finally falls, it will be a head smash with no support at all.’

Prime Minister Hun Sen had made some mistakes in the earlier pre-election speech that has not resonated well among Cambodians. First he blamed late former King Norodom Sihanouk for giving the land and the islands to Vietnam. Many older- generation voters who still love the Ex-king do not agree with the Prime Minister and has expressed dismay towards the Prime Minister’s statement. Even the former Khmer Rouge commanders, who are still in charge of some portions of the military, are getting disenchanted with the Prime Minster. People in uniforms - police and military - began to think that Prime Minster Hun Sen is giving too much sway to the Vietnamese by attacking the Ex-king, who is already dead and is no longer in a position to defend himself against the charge. They know that during the Khmer Rouge Regime the [said] territory was under their direct control.

The Prime Minister also criticized Sinn Sisamouth for writing a few anti-Sihanouk songs during the Cambodian Civil War. What the prime minister was trying to tell the public is that not only was he [Sisamouth] attacking the Ex-King, but the famous singer was also attacking him. Again, many older generation voters, who still love Sinn Sisamouth, now begin to think twice about voting for the Prime Minister. Cambodian people understand that during the civil war both sides had created songs pointing a finger at each other as the bad guy. Nowadays, no one would care to sing those songs any more. It’s history. There’s no need for the Prime Minister to bring them up just to try to score a few points. He’s certainly poking at old wounds.

To make matters worse, he threatened that if he did not win the election, there will be another civil war. Again, this statement did not resonate well among the military and police. They think the Prime Minister is out of his mind. Many of these officers have allowed or have turned their blind eyes towards the Opposition moving deeper inside CPP territory. Some of these officers even take off their uniforms to march alongside the opposing party. The people in uniforms have viewed Vietnamese taking advantage of Cambodia and exploiting Cambodia through the Prime Minister’s open arms policy towards Vietnam. This election is marking the beginning of an end to Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Having thus made so many mistakes in his speech at this time of pre-election, he has then decided to remain silent and has allowed instead the media (TV and radio stations) to conduct the campaign for him. Again, it’s a big mistake. A boat without a captain is doomed.

What the Prime Minister needs to do now is to talk about the future, not the past. He should appear to voters, especially young voters, to tell them what he would like to accomplish in the next five years and how he would fix the problems of the people who had been evicted from their homes, instead of viewing them as his enemies. He needs to approach them as friends and, as prime minister of all Cambodians whether or not they agree with him.

And last but not least, the Prime Minister needs to stop giving too much endowment to the Vietnamese and put restrictions on the Vietnamese migrants. These actions would gain more support from those in uniforms. This election is not about how many roads and how many bridges get built. It’s about the future, the new beginning, the fresh start. If Prime Minister Hun Sen fails to realize these issues, his party would only get weaker and weaker. Even with cheating, he could only see the decline of the momentum of his party, the CPP. When he finally falls, it will be a head smash with no support at all.


Anonymous said...

CPP is a Vietnamese party pretending to be Khmer's. The sooner it falls apart, the better for Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

What he did what he got, he played before he should pay now so Hun Sen and his party should be disappeared from the Cambodia soil
or from the earth very soon otherwise, the suffer of the Cambodians never end.

Anonymous said...

Hun sen speaks like little kids on the playground only the dumb likes to sit there and listen to his lecture.Just watch and listen to his re-acted to his critics like opposition/sourn sereyrotha while back.Hun sen knew only how to attacks and threatening his opponents.Hun sen will not respects with anyone opinion,but Hanoi his boss.

Attacks,attacks,attacks attacks attacks. and name calling that what Hun sen did best in his political arena and political's life.He talks like a thug,re-acts to his critics like a thug with threatening attach with violent afterward.His boss-Hanoi appreciated his re-action to his critics/his own people with threatening or violent.Siam on the other hand laugh at him and asks why Cambodia has a laughable Prime minister who talks like children.


Anonymous said...

You got a point there, Prahok!


Anonymous said...

សេចក្ដីអាក្រក់ឬអំពើបាប ដែលបុគ្គលណាមួយបាន
សាងប្រព្រឹត្ត វានឹងសងតបវិញនៅថ្ងៃណាមួយជាមិន

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bad Karma for Hun Sen will come to him sooner or later, this is the law of nature, no one can get away from it.

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen will be PM for another five years more.He is very intelligent and clever unlike Arab leaders who have shrimp's brain.
You will see CPP will gains the majority in AN.

Anonymous said...

សម​ រ​ង្ស៊ី​ ៖​ ខ្ញុំ​គាំទ្រ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​ចំពោះ​ជំហរ​​ដ៏​ត្រឹមត្រូវ​ក្នុង​ការ​ការពារ​បូរណភាព​ទឹកដី​ - See more at:

Anonymous said...

11:44pm! u r an idiot!! Dumb Ass!!!
Yuon F*cking behind that an Idiot!!
He did just for his Power and Licking his F*cking Viet Yuon boss ass, everyone knew that don't F*cking u get it អាល្ងង់អាឆ្កួត!!!!

Anonymous said...

Youn trick toward Khmer:

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen No more Hun for you and your mean his name is Hun=share every company in Cambodia he has a share. So No More Share for him and his Vietnam master.No More

Anonymous said...

Hun share w/Yuon? yeah right, share w/ Yuon alright!.....Hun share Bunrany/w Lee Duc Tho? O'my lord that's kindda sick!....Don't you think so.....!?????

I want my share w/Somheang 2!...

Anonymous said...


But Hanoi won't afford and give up to loose Cambodia, then Lao from its grip of Colonization very easy.
How far Hanoi had processed its so called Vietnamese Indochina Federation following to fulfill Ho Chi Minh's dream.

Be aware of another Hanoi-Hun Sen's trap in this coming election.

Mr. Um Hak had his ligical analysis posted earlier. Did Khmer oppositionhad read it yet ?


Anonymous said...

Khmer people won't have another 3rd opportunity to save Cambodia from Vietnamese Indochina Federation.

If Khmers are trying to compromise with Hanoi-Hun Sen again, and not finish them off, Khmer people won't have another chance.

Only a short time will tell us !

Anonymous said...

Dear compatriots,
I am a khmer/American born in Cambodia in 1944. I appeal to all Khmer, young and old, all military units, navy, marine, air force, to support CNRP. It is the sake of our nation. We must unite to rally behind CNCP to defeat CPP. To defeat CPP is to save Cambodia, to support your family, to support poor people, to support workers, to support peasants, to support all khmer regardless of their title or age.
Work hard , days and night, to rally behind the CNRP telling everyone, your family, your friends, polices, soldiers….. To VOTE FOR CNRP. TOGETHER, WE CAN SAVE AND BUILD OUR COUNTRY!
I don’t have a right to vote, but I have courage and determination in my mind behind CNRP.

Khmer love Khmer

Anonymous said...

This second opportunity is given by the whole world again.

If Khmers are not clever enough to understand Hanoi-HUn Sen, Khmers won't have another chance.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Though I am hopeful the CRNP has gain more and more support NCE & CPP will cheat it way through to win this election and cheat the real and honest voters who wanted change in policies and the thw country ran for the last 28 years.

Anonymous said...

លើកនេះទោះបីអាហ្គារី អ៊ឹងគាស់ខ្មោចយាយតា ម៉ែឪវាទៅជួយសម្តាចម៍អាជោរមហាbanditក៏ជួយមិនឈ្នះដែរ!

Anonymous said...

This time, even if CPP win, they will still be a loser, why? well, history has shown that, this party had won every time because of 'cheating'. So, what are going to do about it? well, look at Lance Armstrong, once they found out that he was a cheater, they made him pay for what he had done e.g pay back millions -billions of dollars in the name of productivity and as well as to return all of his gold metals etc.

Another example like, Tunisia, Afga, Iraq (Sadam Hunsien), Syria (Asad) , Libyia ( Gaddhafi) Egype,...etc. They have to make him pay because of 'justice has to be done on earth and it is in heaven' or 'Karma', because god is right and just, as 'everything is only a test of time' e,g how good are you? how loyal are you to yourself, your country and nation?

God hates injustice, he hate 'thieves, traitor and killers' and CPP Hun sen is all of the above and so as his bosses like the VC and the Chinese crooks. In the end, the truth will always be the truth and the truth shall set us free, as khmers did not kill khmers, it was from the work of the outsiders like these crooks alone. So for now, you can run but you can't hide, because god, you and I know aboutm what you crooks did to us khmers.

You were good at lying, deceiving and manipulation. But nevertheless, everything comes with time, time to ly and time to speak truth and now, it is time for truth that VC, Chinese and the CPP traitor crooks are behind the khmer killing field and then, they went on blaming victims who killed victims, how nice! but guess what? their spirits have lived in us and with us khmers ready to expose you evils people and let the whole world know about this very issue.

Therefore, no need to continue to kill our khmer krom monks or our khmer nationalists no more, because enough is enough!. We khmers will not let you evil people do this to us any more. Our youth are very much aware of all of your evil tricks and tactics already. So, stop your evilness toward us khmers ok, just leave us khmers alone to rule our country with our way of life, because it is right and just (with the rule of law), just like you want your country and nation to be, that is, to be good. So, are we! we want the same, to have our own state sovereignty and to have our own state democracy, to have the right to live with dignity and pride, too, OK!.

Anonymous said...

Both sides of you are retarded !
You guys think Sam Rainsy gonna kick out the yuon ???
Still I hate a Kwan muy khak..

So there will be anarchy... Hun or Sy..

These 2 bastards.. think of their pockets first.. and never listen to anyone...

Poor to people whom support Sy...
And Poor to people whom support Sen.

Both case... nothing better !

Good luck to all Khmer people... every parties !
Sy = rebellion and Sen Anakin...

Let`s hope that someone will rise up.. like star war 4 : A New Hope...

Just don`t trust both of them...
So there`s no easy way out !

Anonymous said...

what? are you another vc new creation or what? history has shown that, VC and Chinese crooks created Pol Pot to fight against Lon Nol and then, created Chea Sim, Heng Sarin and Hun Sen to fight against Pol Pot and then, created a nation full of corruption against Hun (the three monkeys) without them knowing it and then, begun to influx their people to swallow srok khmer including taking the whole Koh Tral instead returning our Prey Nokor (saigon) as promised to Kingta once the war is over.

And now, trying to create you to fight against both Sen and Sy, when are you idiot going to wake up and say enough is enough, huh?, it is time for you to have eyes to see and ears to hear ok or are you just another scumbag from your old dirty tricks but guess what? it won't work no more ok! so piss off if you don't want to join with our new party CNRP, we don't need you nor your bushit comments ok, so piss off, ah youn create to fight khmers, di chet di

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen and other CPP leaders know very well that Vietnam has encroached on Cambodian territory, especially Heng Samrin whose part of village was taken. Before, I was extremely concern that Cambodia would gradually and quietly lose its land to Vietnam as apparently few people spoke out in public. However, since the election campaign, I have felt relieved as tens thousands of our citizens including women and youth have participated actively in patriotic movement such as political discussion in small group as well as in meeting/workshop and in particular in CNRP campaign. This is an excellent sign of political awareness and nationalism. Hopefully Cambodia will survive in its current territory forever. Long live Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think CPP will retain its current seats in the Parliament as from one mandate to another, Hun Sen government could not:
- improve the judiciary system - in addition, the government keeps using it as an efficient tool to silence opposition leaders and NGOs that advocate human rights;
- tackle widespread and systematic corruption;
- reduce the number of land disputes evolving with poor people;
- crackdown on illegal logging, smuggling and other crimes related to natural resources management;
- promote human rights including freedom of expression: the government replies negatively to the UN’s, EU’s and democratic countries’ statements. This reaction has strong impact on bilateral/multilateral good relationship, in particular their aid to Cambodia;
- increase a minimum salary/wage for civil servants/workers so that they can survive decently;
- stop the flow of illegal Vietnamese migrants and
- avoid the territory loss: Vietnam will gain more land through the new village exchange policy.
The above-mentioned issues will become worst, if the CPP wins the upcoming election.
As a result, the CNRP (No 7) is able to attract more and more activists and sympathizers in the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

Being too selfish, CPP leaders think of their own families members. It is a big political and strategic mistake. They forget that Cambodian youth intend to show their full ability and be ready to take responsibility as leader in one day, NOT only as entourage of the current leaders’ children. Therefore CNRP is able to attract plenty of young activists.

Anonymous said...

គណបក្សយួន(គណបក្សប្រជាជន)អោយនយួនលួចប្លន់និងលេបទឹកដីឯង សំលាប់ជាតិសាសន៍ឯង?

Anonymous said...

Always be aware, don't trust outsiders no more. Especially, Hun and his clan, who is working for the benefit of the outsiders like VC and Chinese, their mafia group. We have to watch out in every move they make, in every corner. We khmers have to stand by each other no matter what, why? because no one can ever hurt us again unless we let them, OK. So, 'united we stand and divided we fall or one chopstick can be broken but with a whole bunch, you can't', Chinese proverbs.

From here, may god almighty
1) bless us and be with all of us always.

2)show us your way, the way of the world to come, so we can live forever and ever

3)enlighten all of us to see the truth, for the truth will set us free

4)rescue all of us khmers from this mafia group of the cpp

5)bless this CNRP to win this coming election, and please be with Sam Rainsy at all times. May his mind, speech and doing come from god almighty above alone, Amen!

6)help us khmers to get all of our properties back like, Khmer krom and koh Tral

7)help us to win against all odds,

Because 'with god almighty, nothing is impossible', we pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!

Please tell our people to pray to our true god, our living god above not the god made of stone nor made of men.

Because e.g if you ring the right numbers, you will get help but if you ring the wrong numbers, no one can help you, simple as that.

Again to Khmers love khmers! Cheyo, Cheyo, Cheyo

3 million souls are very happy to see khmers love khmers and so, to the 3 million souls now and forever! Amen 'lest we forget'

happy with tear drops

Anonymous said...

8:58 AM

For you to equate Mr. Sam Rainsy to Dictator & Traitor Hun Sen is erroneous and stupid.

You said " Let's hope that someone will rise up...."
Who? You ?
By the time " that someone " rises up, it will be too late, Yuon already annex YOUR country !!!

For now, we Khmers must support Mr. Sam Rainsy and CNRP, before it's too late.

Should Mr. Sam Rainsy later betray his ideals and his political platform, we can vote him out the next five years.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your contributions, all Khmers who live abroad. Your political and financial supports for CNRP is very important at this point. I hope that one day you will come and visit our motherland, and you will be grad to see again our Cambodian brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Khmer love Khmer.


Anonymous said...

fortunately, cambodia is not iraq, for your information, really! the thing about how we hate anyone who wants to cling on to power or who continue to stay run in election, etc, of course, people will take advantage of the lack of law to govern that from happening. this kind of clinging on to power existed in cambodia as long as anyone can remember. if people want to really help change that sort of abuse, call it whatever you want, cambodian people should look into producing more capable people in leadership and also have terms limit law. otherwise, this kind of abuse will go on and on generation after generation until some smart, wise leaders can change once and for all. people will always look for loophole, if the law allows it, you know. that's exactly what is happening in cambodia as we see it. of course, we all want changes in gov't, most other countries see new leaders every 4 or 5 years that's because they have sound law to govern that. the way it is in cambodia, one has to ask question: does cambodia have law to govern election? and what is the law for the potential candidates? with law, you can say that it is illegal, etc. anyway, i defend no one, it is just my opinion here. i think in order to prevent this sort of abuse, cambodia should first create law to govern election, then if not enough, reform its judicial system from top to bottom to be independent from gov't like in the check and balance system. yes, i think it is better to use the justice department for that so-called check and balance system because using a leader for check and balance is too emotional and feeling is involved. the law will is not emotional. so, go with the rule of law instead.

Anonymous said...

if you want to make a difference for cambodia, leaders should amend the law so history doesn't repeat itself. people in cambodia deserve better, nobody has to go through suffering again. generation after generation, leaders don't even think about the future of the country, they only think about their own immediate power and the continuity of that in their family or interest. cambodian people should wake up and tell the leaders to change course so the next generation should not have to go through this clinging on to power through force again. how about play it by the rule of law for change. i think that's part of the change we talk about here, not just change in leaders, but change in perception, change in the way we do things in cambodia, and change in the way leaders are chosen as well. stop hurting cambodia. let's make it happen in cambodia once and for all so all can enjoy good life and happiness in cambodia. enough of the suffering already! pol pot era was the culmination of all that injustice already, so why not start new. leaders need to make the difference in cambodia. it's time to amend the law for the good of cambodia, really! i don't care who wins, just do it, you know! wake up!