Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cambodian communists who are running Cambodia today

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Anonymous said...

To all police and military:
Under CPP government your salary will be reduce and will be no better future for you and your children.

Under CNRP your salary will be increase and will be better future for you and your children. All those money come from CPP corruptions.

Today majority of Cambodian people are living under poverty line.
Dictator Hun Sen must go, stay in power for 28 years is too long and too corruptions.

Cambodian people need new government new idea new technology and the real democracy, real human right.

The truth is CNRP is the winner this election not CPP.

I am urging all police and military please stands up joint with protesters on this coming Saturday September 7 to remove Dictator Hun Sen out from government.

Anonymous said...


CEO: Dr. Hun Xen

President of Operation: Dr. Chea Xim

President of Controller: Dr. Heng Xamrin

Treasurer: CPP teamster

Anonymous said...

Since I was born until today! I never known anyone have brain like Hun Sen.
Destroy his own people (Cambodians) sale his own Country, murder his own mother.

Anonymous said...

All of those people were graduated from Vietnam, Vietnam trained them how to kill Cambodian people, how to cheat Cambodian people and how to betray own people serving Vietnamese interest, they were injected Vietnamese drug to forget their own country and agreed to let Vietnam take Cambodian land offer Vietnamese refugees to live in Cambodian legally if they did not listen and follow Vietnam they would have a bad luck like Mr Chan SEE,

Anonymous said...

Deal All Cambodian solders and Polices,

If you have seen HUN SEN and his supporters family how they live like me, you will be disappointed. All HUN SEN kids and his closed Supporters have been living and studying in overseas, they also bought a nice house in Australia and USA, they have billion dollars for their kids so their kids have plenty money to live, what about your kids and family, believe me if you want to know how they live I can show you, so you must give up and do not listen HUN SEN, he needs you now but if HE does not need you he will not give you enough money to survive, you all must stand up to change the leader for your future and your kids future now otherwise you all will be too late to change the leader and your family will be suffer for the rest of your life,,,

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen will deserve what he had done to the Khmer people.

Anonymous said...

All Senior CPP members were former Khmer Viet Minh AND Viet Congs before they become Khmer Rouge between 1975-1978 as follow:

From Khmer Viet Minh to Khmer Rouge between 1975-1878:

1. Heng Samrin.

2. Chea Sim.

3.So Phim.

4. Ros Nhim.

5. Ni Saraan.

6. Norn Sourn.

7. Kea Meas.

9. And many more.

Those arrested and killed by Pol Pot were.

1. Kea Meas.

2. Ni Sarann.

3. Norn Sourn.

4. Ros Nhim.

Except So Phim killed himself in 1978.

Heng Sam adn Chea Sim ran to Srok yuon before 1978.

Anonymous said...

Correction from 5:26 AM,

From Khmer Viet Minh to Khmer Rouge cadres between 1975-1978:

Anonymous said...

Angkar between 1975-1979.

Heng Samrin and Chea Sim and many other were part of AngKar between 1975-1979.

Anonymous said...

The Title should be:

Cambodian communists who are ruining Cambodia today by their super specialization in bs.

Anonymous said...

why khmer people continuo to be living under control of slave youn,if today we know the real story of khmer and youn.
stand up now together, do not wait for die without against youn invahiser.