Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Growing Community in a New Promised Land

Wat Munisotaram viewed from above
Salute the flags of the US, Cambodia, and Buddhism

Reported by ខែ្មរវឌ្ឍនកម្ម

Minnesota, a land of ten thousands lakes and a home of the Mall of America ( the largest shopping mall in the nation) is also a promising land for a Cambodian Community in the US. About 10,000 Cambodian Americans settled in the state, the coldest place in winter but the most beautiful place in summer. Minnesota's size is slightly bigger than Cambodia (about 220,000 to 180,000 square km ), but it has population roughly about five millions as compared to Cambodia about 15 millions, which is one of the most spacious states for its small population. Such a natural endowment has contributed to a sustainable livelihood of the people in the state. A wast green land has provided people with many great activities during summer time: from camping, fishing, hunting, picnic, and  numerous activities that help people releasing their stress from urban life and work places. Also Minnesota is a leading state in agriculture as well as the high tech-industries; many US giant companies are originated here such as 3M, Delta Airline, Metronic, General Mill, BestBuy, and so on. These high-tech companies have provided a great employment opportunity for the people from different backgrounds. For Cambodian Community despite it's smaller than Spanish, Hmong, Somalia, India, and Vietnamese Communities, but its unique culture and adherence to Theravada Buddhism have made it more visible than the other minorities in the state.

A new stupa is being built

If we drive about 20 miles Southeast bound from the Twin Cities, we will see an architectural red roof of a temple appearing from green carpets of corn field; it is the Munisotaram Main Temple locating on a hilltop over 43 acres of land. A $1.5 million two-story temple (Preas Vihear) was built and completed in 2007, and now the two new construction projects of a Sakyamuni Stupa and a Muchilin Pond (sras srang) are on the way. According to a Board Member, Mr. Sithoeun Chem said, " these two projects will be completed in 2015 with about $1.5 million price tag." The Sakyamuni Stupa structurally designed to be a worthy place for holding and venerating the relics of Buddha donated from Sri Landka in 2009--it is a rare and blessing donation from a land of Buddha Dharma to any Buddhist temple in the world at the present time. The three level Stupa covers 3,600 square foot base and has a height of 100 feet. After the completion of these projects, Wat Munisotaram will become the largest Cambodian Wat in the US, where the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha can be truly contemplated and revered.

Prepared for Buddhist Monks' sermon

Offering ceremony
A young traditional dancer performed during the ceremony

 This great achievement depends on the leadership skill of board members of the Cambodian Buddhist Society of Minnesota chaired by Abott Moeng Sang and the participation and contribution from the whole Cambodian Community members in the state. The volunteer works and unity among the community members are very impressed, and they can show as a role model for other Cambodian Communities around the world. Wat Munisotaram is not only a place to serve religious purpose, but it is also a great cultural center, a symbol of Khmer identity, and a gathering place for the community events throughout the year--from New Year, Pchum Ben, summer festivals, and the other activities. During summer time, many American guests especially students from elementary schools through universities tour the Compound to learn and research about Khmer Culture and Theravada Buddhism. Wat Munisotaram also provides a Sunday school teaching Khmer, Pali, and Sanskrit Languages to the community members.

Minnesota, a wild winter state, is hardly to become a great place for Cambodian immigrants who originally came from the mild winter place of Cambodia where people enjoy their outdoor livings all year round that is not relevant in Minnesota.  Besides extremely cold in winter, there is nothing stops people from settling in such a gorgeous and healthy living place. The state economy, health care, welfare, education, employment, and environment are ranked among the top ten in the US; despite the great recession is not completely over yet, but Minnesota's unemployment rate never goes higher than 7 percent as compared to the nation's unemployment rate of 9 percent or higher during the 2008-2009 great recession. Currently, the state's unemployment rate is around 5 percent-- among the lowest rate in the nation. A better job opportunity in the state has attracted many immigrants around the world to find their new homes here, especially Cambodian immigrants who decided to settle in this state as sub-zero temperature is not an obstacle to their daily life.


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Congratulation Minnesota!
Ki-Media site now so mess, no up date and organized. There are many people to post but no one take care the site. I opt more in Khmerization since 90% post the same and it looks more organized and up to date.

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Minnesota slightly BIGGER than Cambodia. It's 2 hrs. horizontal 4 hrs. diagonal that it.

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One thing to recon with is that the Muslims have succeeded in getting the entire world to change their way of life after the 9-11. Don't you all agree? So here I am, Jendhamuni!!!

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Hey,Wisconsin state has a surplus budget, how about Me Knot Sota?

I rather be living in Cambodia right now, than anywhere in the US. The US is cooked! Obama got them all fooled!

New World Disorder Madness

Kalonh Chuck said...

No, you have been fooled altogether, period(.)

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If you are a young generation I can understand you Chuck.

Remember son, when Pol Pot came to PP, people didn't know what to think and until they were at the mercy of the power that be.

I hope I been fooled as you stated. But I'm trying to put out warnings to all readers that things are not as they appear to be in this world of politics. Especially in the United States of America and the United Nations.

America must be brought down by the New World Disorder Crowd. And Obama is their puppet in the white house.

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Well, I hate to not disagree with you 5:12 AM; but until I see your big name out there on every page of the media across the globe, I just have to live with what I know and have - fair enough, 5:12 AM?

Kal Chuck

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THE LAND IS BIG 200 M X 1000 M


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how much for that aerial photo of yours alone, 5:52 AM?

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Ugly New World Disorder Madness is going nuts as indicated by its name.

Chuck is a real star!

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Kal Chuck,

It's out there, you just know where to look. Most of the major Media outlets are own by the Power that be.

There is a Conspiracy!

For a start, here is the financial situation in America:

US national debt
16,822,182,658,413 - rising

Household Debt
16,060,946,652,- rising

Mortgage Debt
13,367,006,196, rising

Consumer Debt
2,680,400,509, rising

Credit Card Debt
813,327,690, rising

Debt Per Capita

Debt Per Taxpayer

Are we a free nation or slave?

You have to understand what the Federal Reserve is not to understand why America is enslaved by monetary debts that they had created for its citizens.

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This was purposely designed by the New World Order.

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He who has control of the Money Rule this world. It's me, it's not Hun Sen, or President Obama.

New World Disorder Madness

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Yeah, the LIE is more Real than the Truth. If it weren't so this world would have been a better place.

New World Disorder Madness

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Give up while you are still behind [The other side of the coin of Murphy's laws]...

Have a good life!!!

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re: this world would have been a better place...

Better compared to what, 6:34AM?

You've just trashed the world, and then you are comparing to that same world?

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6:19 AM,

Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

Kal Chuck,

P.s don't want to show up my face too much too often as opposed to 'anonymous signed as K.C' Thanks.

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Okay 'Kayla' aka 'School of Vice',

Why do you keep deleting those comments you don't like? What are you up to?

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So happy because Kalonh Chuck is under attack too ;)

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Thank you School of Vice for posting Munisotaram. I was there this afternoon for "Bon Phka Samaky" raising funds for flood victims in Cambodia.

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Look at my pic, I just say 'cheese'...lolz!!!

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I miss you, Kalohn Chuck. where have you been? LOL! Look at me, I smile too :))))

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keep building temple for ghost while Cambodia dying in terrible flooding and starving for food. listen old pple, u won't go to heaven or live longer becuz u have built a temple, u will die when your time come and no guaranty u will go to heaven like a monk always lie about.

School of Vice said...

Dear Sir/Madam @ 10:11 AM

Thank you for sharing your comment.

I am happy to learn someone like yourself is helping to raise money for the flood victims in Cambodia.

Thank you for your kindness, time and effort.

Kalonh Chuck said...

Hey Jen,
I missed you too. Both of you guys better drop that 'Mr. Kalonh Chuck' thing okay, please? Thx. Take care.

P.s. I love your smile than I do mine!

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more than***


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It appears that Khmers are fighting Khmers until Khmers no longer exist. Viet who are opportunists just wait for an opportunity to take over Cambodia without the need to sacrifice even a single man to fight.