Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Agreement on a Comprehensive Political Settlement of the Cambodia Conflict (Paris Peace Agreements, 1991)

Annex 5:
Principles for a New Constitution for Cambodia
1.  The constitution will be the supreme law of the land. It may be amended only by a designated process involving legislative approval, popular referendum, or both.
2.  Cambodia's tragic recent history requires special measures to assure protection of human rights. Therefore, the constitution will contain a declaration of fundamental rights, including the rights to life, personal liberty, security, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, assembly and association including political parties and trade unions, due process and equality before the law, protection from arbitrary deprivation of property or deprivation of private property without just compensation, and freedom from racial, ethnic, religious or sexual discrimination. It will prohibit the retroactive application of criminal law. The declaration will be consistent with the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other relevant international instruments. Aggrieved individuals will be entitled to have the courts adjudicate and enforce these rights.
3.  The constitution will declare Cambodia's status as a sovereign, independent and neutral State, and the national unity of Cambodian people.
4.  The constitution will state that Cambodia will follow a system of liberal democracy, on the basis of pluralism. It will provide for periodic and genuine elections. It will provide for the right to vote and to be elected by universal and equal suffrage. It will provide for voting by secret ballot, with a requirement that electoral procedures provide a full and fair opportunity to organize and participate in the electoral process.
5.  An independent judiciary will be established, empowered to enforce the rights provided under the constitution.
6.  The constitution will be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the members of the constituent assembly.


Anonymous said...

It is more likely the signitured countries of the Paris Accord will answer to Cambodian flight for democracy. So, I suggest the Cambodian people and the CNRP to continue their pepition yearly to their embassis until they take action to pressure Hun Sen gov't to respect human rights and democracy. Hun Sen is an old dog with many ingorant dogs followers, so it is going to take a while to change the old dog to learn a new strick.

Anonymous said...

M.OU VIRAK, do not take people for shots. We know very well that you have sold 100% to Hun Sen. Hun Sen bringing immigrants Yuons home. Hun Sen gave the islands Koh Trol to Khmer Yuon Hanoi. The Khmer the external OR VIRAK all know is one of the dogs Hun Sen and Hanoi. YOU are a traitor to the entire Khmer Nation.

We have the right to protest in a democratic country and please you will not say Hun Sen must stop killing the Khmer people. HUn Sen must stop stealing the elections.

Version Française

M.OU VIRAK, il ne faut pas prendre des gens pour des contres. On sait très bien que tu es vendu à 100% à Hun Sen et faire venir des immigrants Yuons chez nous. HUN SEN a donné des iles Koh Trol Khmèr aux Yuons Hanoi. Les Khèmes à l'extérieurs savent tous que OU VIRAK est un des chiens de HUN SEN et Hanoi. TU es un des traîtres de la nation Khmère toute entière.

On a le droit de manifester dans un pays démocratie et pouquoi tu ne vas pas dire à Hun Sen: Il faut arrêter de tuer le peuple Khmer. Il faut arreter de voler des élections etc...

Anonymous said...

paris accord is not law, be flexible, don't deviate from that principle!

Anonymous said...

No Need to remember Parish Peace Accord, as long as HUN XEn still alive Cambodian will not have peace, stability, democracy, justice, freedom and prosperity.

I bet my life as long as HUN XEN still alive, Cambodian will be disappeared from the world map one day, waiting another 5 years there will be 10 Vietnamese refugees living in Cambodian land and they will have enough to set their own party and stand to be new Prim Minister this is their secrete plan how to swallow Cambodia ?.

Anonymous said...

To overthrow Dictatorship leader from the poweer, peaceful solution will not work, dirty bomb, nuclear bomb, Arab spring are the best way and quick way to resolve it.

Anonymous said...

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