Thursday, October 31, 2013


Eliminate Slavery
As human beings, we have an inalienable right to freedom and self-determination, yet nearly 30 million people throughout the world are currently trapped by modern slavery.


Anonymous said...

លោកហ្ការី អ៊ឹង,
យោបល់ខំ្ញុ ៖ យកល្អសូមមេត្តាឈប់ឃោសនាខ្លួនឯងទៀតទៅ !!
ខ្មែរនៅឡងប៊ីច គេកំពុងតែរង់ចាំរកកន្លែងសំរាប់ធ្វេីបាតុកម្ម !! បេី
បានបេីកស្ថានកុងស៊ុលឆាប់ពេលណា កាន់តែប្រសេីរពេលនោះ !!
គិតទៅ... ការងារចាំបា៉វបាយគេសីុនេះ មានមនុស្សចង់ធ្វេីដែរឬ ??
លី ឌៀប

Anonymous said...


With this Yuon slave CPP party, the only way to win is to stay with what is right.

You made one big mistake before the election by participating the election without the NEC’s overhaul first.

Before the election and after Sam Rainsys return, I suggested to the CNRP to switch from campaigning to making the demonstration until the election day to reform the NEC. By making the nationwide demonstration until the election day, the people could not cast their vote, thus the Yuon slave CPP party could not proclaim itself as the winner. At that time, the CPP, under domestic and international pressure, would have NO choice but to accept the NEC’s reform. And with the new NEC, the CNRP would have been officially the winner today.

That was the CNRP’s past mistake and my solution that I have offered to the CNRP was 100% right.

Now, after the election.
What must the CNRP do to claim the victory?

Khmer people have warned the CNRP not to negotiate with the crook CPP because they don’t want the CNRP to have the same fate as the FUNCINPEC.

But the CNRP opted to negotiate with the CPP asking for the President of Assembly post for balance of power ( ???) while the 2 parties tried to investigate the election’s irregularities.

By asking for the President of the Assembly position, the CNRP sent the wrong signal to CPP and Khmer people were perplexed by such demand.

My own opinion: the CNRP should keep thing simple by focusing only on the formation of the investigation committee.

Why does the CNRP need the President of the National Assembly ? How long would the independent committee take to find the problems with the election’s fraud ? Simply stupid.

The CPP has capitalized the CNRP’s mistake by successfully diverting the people’s attention on something else beside the investigation, frustrating the CNRP’s supporters.

To go forward, in order to succeed, the CNRP must drop all the precondition crabs and pinpoint to only one subject to negotiate: the formation of an independent committee to investigate the fraudulent election. That’s it. Courteous but firm.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

all works must be abide by the labor law and all works must get paid. no more slavery like in the old days!