Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cambodia UNITED NATIONS' Seat Must Be Vacant - By Khmer American Alliance for Democracy!!!

Dear fellow compatriots:

Attached please find letter that Khmer American Alliance for Democracy has made to the United Nations' Secretary General requesting to vacant Cambodia United Nations' Seat. The request to vacant Cambodia's Seat at the United Nations has also been made and sent to President Barack Obama of the United States of America and other sources as well.  
We need to be together to bring success for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE challenging for an end to the illegitimate government of Mr. Hun Sen. The fate of Mr. Hun Sen and his unconstitutional royal government are absolutely depended on the will of the people. Togetherness, standing up for your rights, and speaking out for yourselves are keys to future success for this historical challenge.   
Khmer American Alliance for Democracy will do what we can in support the will of the people through the democratic means to end the dictatorial rule of Mr. Hun Sen and bring him to justice. 

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy. 


PresidentKhmer American Alliance for Democracy


Anonymous said...


Vietnamese Coffee Shop in Cambodia
by Freedom
July 18, 2009

Nowadays there are many Vietnamese Coffee Shops in Cambodia when Cambodian people seem never drink it before. During the Vietnamese immigrants move to live in Cambodia, it seems Cambodian people are going to be lack job, lose job and have no more chance like before.

When you drive around the Toul Tompong, Kirirom, Olympec and other places in Phnom Penh location, you will see more and more the Vietnamese Coffee Shops with many Vietnamese immigrations.

Vietnamese young girl with her short skirt which is attracted Cambodian people including the students who never like drinking Coffee before here.

A young girl is from South Vietnam. She can not speak Cambodian language including counting Cambodian money, but she could live and run a shop to attract many Cambodian people to drink everyday.
A Vietnamese young girl whom run the Coffee Shop near Human Resources University said, "I do not know how many people come perday, but i have income 500 000 Riel/day."

You could see, she just runs a small Coffee Shop, but she and her family could earn more money. In accordance her incoming, 500 000 Riel is equal around 120$. It is just aday. So how she can earn per month, and year?

I have presented in this Vietnamese Coffee Shop one hour. I see the most of coffee drinking are Cambodian people whom are attracted by her short skirt and white skin.

It is so hard when Vietnamese Coffee Shops increasing from day to day, and Cambodian people still have no job, but they must spend time for coffee drinking and to see Vietnamese young girls.

Anonymous said...

We, Cambodian Americans, support the demand letter to the U.N.'s Secretary General and Mr. President
of United States Barrack Obama. We also would like to ask Mr. Ban Kim Moon do us a favor for not ignoring our demand letter because of you are a closed friend with Hun Sen. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

ទោះជាពួកអាអស់ឯងខំប្រឹងស្រែក ធ្វើមហាតបាតុកម្ម ឬ មហាតបាតុកម្មសូត្រធម៌,,,,, មហាតបាតុកម្មស្មូត្រ, មហាតបាតុកម្មភាវនា, មហាតបាតុកម្មសមាធិ, លុតជង្គុង ក្រាបទូល
ក្រោមល្អងធូលីព្រះបាទ, ប្តឹងទៅតុលាការ ឬ ចង់ប្តឹងទៅអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិជាមួយស្នាមមេដៃ ឲ្យបែកមេឃ រញ្ជួយផែនដីទៀត
ក៍ផែនដីនេះមិនទាន់ដល់វេនពួកអាអស់ឯងដែរ នៅមានឯកឧត្ដមបណ្ឌិត
ហ៊ុន ម៉ាណែត ហ៊ុន ម៉ានិត ទៀត ។ល។ និង។ល។
ផែនដីនេះមិនអាចមាន ព្រះអាទិត្យពីររះលើផែនដីតែមួយបានឡើយ។
ចេះច្បាប់បោះឆ្នោតទេ? ចេះគណិតសាស្ដ្រទេ? ៥០+១ = ១២៣/២=៦១.៥+១=៦២.៥
លេខចេញយ៉ាងច្បាស់ចាញ់ហើយ មិនព្រមចាញ់ទៀត
ត្រូវចាំណា សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ មិនមែនជាមនុស្សលោកទេ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទ ហ៊ុន ទៀន ចាប់ជាតិ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទធម្មិក សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិទេព សមេ្តចជាទេវតារស់មកសង្គ្រោះប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា និងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាឱ្យ សម្បូរសប្បាយ រង់រឿង និងសុខក្សេមក្សាន្ដ!!!

សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...។
ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!

បរាជ័យ! ពួកអាខ្មែរក្បត់ជាតិរត់ចោលស្រុក!

បរាជ័យពួកអាសត្វឆ្កែបរទេស (!!)

បរាជ័យពួកអាកាកសំណល់បាតសង្គម (!!)


ហ្ការី អ៊ឹង
សមាគមខ្មែរឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា និងជា
បេក្ខជន ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា

Anonymous said...

good luck convincing the world to quit cambodia's UN membership. the UN actually wants more membership to join them, not the other way around!

Anonymous said...

I love that phrase because it was from my favorite president...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Peaceful demonstration and solution will not work and deal with HUN XEN. HUN XEN has committed too many crimes in Cambodia, so he decides to stay on the power forever.

Anonymous said...

they forgot to mention that the Hun Sen Gov't step all over the UN for example: Hun SEn belittled, chastised, ignored, and kicked many UN reps in Cambodia, blah, blah...
and what is the building in the logo opposite Angkor wat?

Anonymous said...

Khmer people keep going backward, while other keep moving forward. Such as Thai and Viet are getting richer every day, while khmer keep getting poorer. And it's Hun Sen fault right?

Anonymous said...

សូមបារមីវត្ថុសក្តិសិទ្ធទាំងអស់ក្នុងលោកមេត្តាដាក់ទំនាយ ពួកអាចោរក្បត់ជាតិលួចឆ្នោតប្លន់ឆន្ទះរាស្ត្រទាំងមេទាំងកូនដូចជាអាអឹុុំមសួស្តីអាទេពនីថា ះាឈាងវុនអាជាមយៀប អាផៃសុីផាន អាហ្គា រីអឹងនិងក្រុមគ្រួសាររបស់ពួកវា អោយរន្ទះបាញ់ងាប់តៃហោង ក្រឡាប់ឡានងាប់យា៉ងវេទនា ធ្លាក់នរកអវិចីទាំងពូជរបស់វាទៅហោង។