Friday, October 11, 2013

Cambodia's Ruling Party Fills All Parliamentary Commissions (CPP and Cheam Yeap go to far and they will reap what they have sown)

 At one point, the angry Cheam Yeap said he hoped misfortune would befall the opposition politician.

When Sam Rainsy touches Cambodian soil, he provokes chaos,” he said. “I hope his plane crashes and he dies.
Source: RFA - 11 October 2013 
Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government moved Thursday to fill all parliamentary commissions with ruling party members as the opposition continued to boycott the legislature and stepped up calls for international intervention to resolve the country political crisis following disputed elections. 

The appointments to the nine commissions were made in a unanimous parliamentary vote by ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) lawmakers in the absence of any opposition members.

The government action to fill the powerful positions in the nine panels came two weeks after the CPP-controlled parliament reappointed Hun Sen prime minister and endorsed his cabinet.

The opposition Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) has boycotted parliament since it convened for the first time last month after July 28 elections. 
The CNRP refused to recognize the election victory of the CPP, which according to official results won 68 parliamentary seats to the CNRP’s 55, charging that the polls were tainted by fraud and other irregularities.

Thursday’s parliament meeting was not attended by Prime Minister Hun Sen, Cabinet Minister Sok An, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Hor Namhong, all of whom were in Brunei attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit. 

Khmer Rouge 
CNRP President Sam Rainsy, who is in Europe on a trip to drum up support for U.N. and foreign intervention in the dispute over election results, said that the new appointments, like the ones last month, were an echo of Cambodia’s totalitarian past under the communist Khmer Rouge regime. 

“The CPP is leading Cambodia in the same way as the communist style,” he told RFA’s Khmer Service.  

“There is only one party in the government and in the National Assembly, and that’s a sign of communism,” he said.  

Cheam Yeap, a senior CPP member and chair of the parliamentary Finance Commission, said the ruling party was acting according to the law in appointing commission members. 

He lambasted Sam Rainsy for calling for foreign intervention in Cambodia’s domestic affairs.

At one point, the angry Cheam Yeap said he hoped misfortune would befall the opposition politician.

When Sam Rainsy touches Cambodian soil, he provokes chaos,” he said. “I hope his plane crashes and he dies.” 

Cambodia could not be cowed by any pressure from the U.S. or European countries Sam Rainy is visiting, he said. 

There were other countries Cambodia could turn to if any of those countries tried to impose any sanctions, he said. 

Thumbprint campaign

The CNRP is waging a campaign to gather millions of thumbprints for a petition calling on the U.N. and other countries to strip Cambodia of its seat at the world body. 

The CNRP has also called for a U.N.-backed probe into the elections.

Sam Rainsy met this week in the U.K. and France with EU foreign affairs committee chair Elmar Brok and other politicians, and will travel to meet with EU lawmakers in Belgium before heading to New York and Washington.

Sam Rainsy said that during his meetings he had told officials that Hun Sen’s government and the CPP-controlled parliament were unconstitutional and that many of them supported the view. 

“They now are aware of … that the assembly and the government are illegal,” he said.
“Those officials look down on the illegal government.”


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Anonymous2:19 PM


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អាទណ្ឌិតប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រថោកជាងសត្វតិរិច្ឋានជាមយៀប អាចោរលក់ជាតិ លួចឆ័ន្ទៈរាស្រ្ត សមធ្វើមេដឹកនាំក្រុមពាលបាតសង្គម សូមព្រះដាក់ទណ្ឌកម្មឲ្យធ្លាក់នរកទាំងរស់

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Cheam yeap talk shorted and arrogant most of the time. Certaintly cpeepee do not want anyone to challenge them what ever they want to do. Now their time is up. Enough is enough for the general khmer population.

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អាក្រពើ ជាម យៀម​ ដាក់ទំនាយគេ ប្រយ័ត្នចំខ្លួនឯង ព្រោះថាបក្សពួករបស់ខ្លួនជាអ្នកប្រព្រឹត្តអំពើ
ពុករលួយ លក់ជាតិ លក់ព្រៃឈើ ប្រយត្នថ្ងៃណាមួយធម្មជាតិទារយកវិញ ប្រយ័ត្នស្លាប់ដោយរន្ទះ
បាញ់ដូចអា ហុក ឡង់ឌីទៅរកខ្មោចមិនឃើញ។

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Ah Yeap is a stupid idiot, and ah Voun is ah mofo thug running the show in the parliament for ah main puppet clown. All made possible by ah vietcongs.

Anonymous said...

A CHEAM YEAP is a Vietcong slave and Vietcong dog, A CHEAM YEAP his mother is Vietnam eating dog, his family was poor now he is a millionaire, his son in law A LEE CHONG building a new Cambodian parliament house selling a lot of timber to Vietnam and took a lot of Cambodian people money, from this result A CHEAM YEAP is doing whatever Vietcong wanted and also A CHEAM YEAP is worried too much is HUH XEN lost power, he and his family must return Cambodian people money back to Cambodian

Anonymous said...

Of cause, Cheam Yeap is a Vietnamese, so all he wants is the annexation of Cambodia by Vietnam. And Sam Rainsy stands in the Vietnamese way to annex Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia must reintroduce capital punishmnent when CNRP runs the country, so un-redeemable Khmer traitors etc... can be hanged like in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

ឣាចៀមយៀប ហ្ឣែងខឹង នឹងសមរង្សី ដោយ


តើពួកហ្ឣែងដឹងទេ ថារាស្ត្របន់ឱ្យ

ពួកហ្ឣែងមួយថ្ងៃៗ ងាប់ប៉ុន្មានដង ?

Anonymous said...

cpp sworn to protect Cambodia from enemy but YOUN can do anything to Cambodia cpp never said and eventually cpp put cnrp as enemy and want all cnrp leader to die. Why CPP please to all YOUN and protect them and hate cnrp and want all the khmer to die??? they not protect the country but they 're hate all khmer want to protect the country.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

all khmer people target where his family live and torture them all. for ah chem yap kill him slowly find out where his family home at.

Anonymous said...

i told you, your boycotting tactic in cambodia doesn't work there. cambodia sees it like absent, if you absent, you can get demerit or worse.

try to absent often from your work or from school, you can get reprimanded or worse, fired. i think it's the same concept here in cambodia.

Anonymous said...

beaware cpp try do anything to kill cncp leader.i believe government are responsible for anything that happen to leader of cnrp life.

Anonymous said...

Ah Cheam Yeab ! Ah sat derachhan ! Ur words too cheap! Becoz u wished ill to people! But The God can be a witness ! Later on , u will be sentenced by all Khmer people like Saddam and Gaddafy !!! U fucking idiot Cheam Yeab !!! Go to Hell soon ah Yuon Brain-washed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cnrp have too much freedom already. they have their freedom of speech, so does the cpp.

Anonymous said...

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សូមឲ្យពួកវាត្រូវបណ្ដាសានេះហោងចុះ ឱម្មសិទ្ធីស្វាហាយ:

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Anonymous said...

When you give importance to others, they think you respectful!
Although some are confused by thinking, that treating others bad for upgrading oneself better pride; instead the very person downgrade oneself, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Mr Dr law &the former history's professor Khmer to do everything for benefit of Yuon, but Sam Rangsy to do everything to protect our country.The kid 10 year old ,now they know everything better than Dr /professor's
dog's Yuon!. When he die if keep Khmer as like him. Our country being loose in the future. Why we can't remove them to the heel with the Chinese guy said when Syhanuse die Cambodia will safe but that guy said wrong because before he die he had built up one guy is Hun Sen that very bad than him.but youn so prove Hun Sen doing good betterthan Syhanuse . That Vietnamese said