Sunday, October 13, 2013

CNRP fundraising ceremony for flooding victims goes on and on...

CNRP fundraising ceremony for flooding victims, right now. CNRP members in Rhode Island have been working so hard. This is a back to back fundraising ceremony, since this morning. And of course, I'm not there tonight. I returned home since the first one ended. I'm allergic to loud music. More fun listening to the Vessandara Jataka at home :)


Anonymous said...

I would like to Samdach Decho Hun Sen aka Dr. Hun Sen another 5 more years to improve Cambodian living condition in the past 3 decades and so forth. You Khmer do not jump to conclusion without recognition of his political chapter so he will combed all Khmer citizens out of Phnom Penh to make more modernize like the rest of the world. Even I made $10 a day paddling around the city for 365 days a year while beating extreme heat without resisting like others. I have no complain neither or I ended up in Prey Sar II somewhere far away land in the desert of Cambodia.

Ta Cyclo

Anonymous said...

* ពួកអាផ្កាប់មុខ CNRP គេគោរពនិងលើកដំកើង
លិទ្ធក្ត អាចោរសម រង្សី !