Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Commas Save Lives. Same principle at work with the written Khmer.

"យើងនឹងឈ្នះ ហើយយើងនឹងផ្តល់អនាគតរបស់ប្រទេសជាតិយើងជូនប្រជារាស្រ្តយើងវិញ។"

«យើង នឹងឈ្នះ, ហើយ យើង នឹងផ្តល់អនាគត របស់ ប្រទេសជាតិយើង ជូនប្រជារាស្រ្តយើងវិញ។»

«យើង នឹងឈ្នះហើយ! យើង នឹងផ្តល់អនាគត របស់ ប្រទេសជាតិយើង ជូនប្រជារាស្រ្តយើងវិញ។»

The Cambodian EDUCATIONAL system NEEDS A COMPLETE OVERHAUL! Our history has been so fragmented with no documentary continuity (and/or limited passing on of stories from parents to children) that is why no one knows of punctuation.

Moreover, we need to do away with the KNEE-JERK DEFENSIVE REACTION without first thinking through what it is that we are saying.

For this runs contrary to what CRITICAL THINKING is all about.

We need to remember that our society learns by ROTE MEMORIZATION, which is just the repeating of statements. And if the statement is nonsense, than the nonsense is repeated over and over and over and over again, that everyone thinks it must be great wisdom! 


Anonymous said...

តឹសយើង ទៅ ស៊ីយាយ!!!!
Translation - let's eat Granny!

យាយ តឹសយើង ទៅ ស៊ីបាយ!!!
Translation - let's eat, Granny!

See that my lovely Theary,

I do not need a comma in there at all. You just have to know to speak Khmer just like 'School of Vice', that's all!!!

Love Ya

P.s. Don't even dream about googling it!

Anonymous said...

Tuz tov gnam yeay!?what? Let's eat grandma?

Anonymous said...

Mok Pi'sa bai lork yeay...No needs comma.


Anonymous said...


You don't even know the Khmer language well, and yet you want to change it .
How dare you ?

If you keep diverting the nation's problems at hand with petty stuff like " your commas ", you may put a wedge among Khmers.

The problems at hand are how best to stop and destroy Viet annexation of our country.

Anonymous said...

Theary Seng, stop patronizing us and stop speaking in our name. We know how to speak our language and respect our gods.

Son of Farmer said...

Forgive me for personally or publicly sick and tire of her, Theary Seng!

If she have academically and religiously earned a Master Degree of Khmer language in Buddhist university, I would highly respectful of her grammatical changing of Khmer writing style, but unashamedly and arrogantly speaking, she had never been in any traditional Khmer schools, even in elementary school, how can she be masterfully knew to much about the errors of Khmer grammar?

Does Khmer language is so damned easy to learn how to write masterfully, even you have never academically been attended any traditional school?
If so, why do we have elementary, middle, high school, university, and Buddhist university, in order to masterfully complete learning of Khmer language?

If I am unreasonably, unashamedly, or arrogantly attempting to be a master of universal languages, I will repeatedly write letters to convince Chinese people to change the way of her writing style into the American writing style, because The American writing style has comma, period, read from left to right, and more?...

I am totally or highly an uneducated man!

Anonymous said...

Theary needs to be very careful in her statements and criticism of the Cambodian language. Personally I have learnt this language all my life and not by rote memorization per se and have not found any problems with it.

Every language under the sky has a flaw. One can find many illogical ways of writing or using words in any language under the sky. Language does change or evolve through time and communication among people who use it, but you don't change the way a language is used based on your understanding of another language.

The uniqueness of a language is its beauty which serves to portray the identity of the people who use it. If we speak Cambodian using the same sentence structures and grammar as the Americans speak English, then we are not speaking Cambodian, are we?

Theary needs to be reminded that not every Cambodian learn a subject by rote memorization; there are many Cambodians who have possessed the ability to think logically whether they have gone to institutions of higher learning or not! Many Cambodians can think critically just as well as Theary or even better.

For now and for God's sake, leave Cambodian language alone. There are many more pressing issues facing Cambodian people. When we, Cambodians are free, prosperous and have become fat with nothing much to do then we will think of our language and see if it needs a little tune-up!

Pissed Off

Anonymous said...


...ability to think logically and critically...

Pissed Off