Sunday, October 20, 2013

CPP gangsters make threats and force CNRP supporters to remove their thumbprints

RFA audio with one plain photo only [Youtube style}


Anonymous said...

This is the proof that CPP are thugs and liars. They are violating the people's basic rights.

Anonymous said...

មែនហើយ !!!...មែនទែនហើយ !!!
CPP + CNRP = ល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ
ល្បិចកិច្ចកល-ឆាកល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ

* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា លួចអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា បោកអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា ត្រូវគេបន្លំអាឆ្កែណាទេ!

គឺពួក​វា......ក្រុម​អាចោរ យួនតែមួយ !!!
-អាសែន ដូចអាស៊ី!
-អាខា ដូចអាសែន!
-អាសែន ដូចមីកាហួ!
-អាឆៃ ដូចអាសែន!
-អាយួន9:58 PM ដូចតែអាសែន!

អាក្តCPP ដូចតែ អាក្តCNRP!
អាក្តណា ដូចតែ អាក្តណា!

leo simon Kranhun Easan said...

Sourn SEREY Ratha used to talks to Som Ransey waiting to talk how to find the way stop him from vote time let the know going strike by the time or before voting time.Sam Ransey not show up he not listen any bodies younger than him.At Canada .