Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eccc the Clown puts on his final performance

Seen and heard on Ms. Theary C. Seng's Facebook accounts: 

Eccc the Clown is putting on his final performance, so I am attending the circus this morning.


Anonymous said...

the lesson in the court is to make leaders who are responsible under their watch to be held accountalble and punishable under the rule of law! no more jungle law like under the primitive KR regime will be tolerated in cambodia or the world, for that matter! this ruling is not only good for cambodia, but for the world as well. we all can learn from his tragic history!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

None of the KHMER ROUGE Leaders like POL POT , IENG SARY, KHIEU SAMPHAN , TA MOK , NUON CHEA especially SIHNAOUK point their BLOODY fingers at YUON yet .

A Survivor of our Own KHMER KILLING FIELDS

Son of Farmer said...

My beloved 9:29AM!

Perhaps, you don't have much free times patiently listening to Pol Pot, Ieng Sary, and Khiev Samphan, (not Ta Mok or Xihanouk}, they three were repeatedly not saying they were not completely responsible for million deaths of innocent Khmers. Somehow, they have unresasonably or reasonably convinced Khmer people that Youn and Youn-Khmer Rouge were the one who killed them... unfortunately most of us, perhaps including Ms Sreng, don't give a damn!

Did you know that Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Xen, and Pen Savann were already working for Youn before the invasion of Cambodia?

Did you know that Youn had intentionally tried to fail assassinating Pol Pot twice?

Did you know that Youn invading us not two weeks or two months?

Anonymous said...

No one is above the the laws..

Anonymous said...

All Khmer for the democracy must also be firm along with the leaders, in order for overcoming the aggression of the today unfair society, that's formed organized by the lawlessness colonized government!

Stimulated ourselves, as we all Khmer!
Stay firm!
Stand firm!
Stick with our goal!
Start with our present and future plan!
Stage by stage performing, the new constitutional disposal move nearer!
Strike by strike for our achievement!

Anonymous said...

ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!

Anonymous said...

To My Dear Beloved Son Of Farmer 10:07 AM,
Firstly, Please accept my appreciation for your kind response to my above comment.

I would love to answer your questions as following ;

Did you know that Heng Samrin, Chea Sim, Hun Xen, and Pen Savann were already working for Youn before the invasion of Cambodia?

These above Figure Heads you have mentioned were under SAMAK MITH SO PHIM and prior to their escape to SROK YUON they had been hunted by KER PAUK and TA MOK , under POL POT 's order.

Please take my words seriously My Beloved Son Of Farmer!
I am NOT PRO YUON nor HENG SAMRIN , CHEA SIM , HUN SEN or PENN SAVANN ! and I understand exactly what these above figure heads currently ruling SROK KHMER !

Here is your second question ;
Did you know that Youn had intentionally tried to fail assassinating Pol Pot twice?

Please show me the documents , it is written by PHILLIP SHORT, NATE THAYERS, WILLIAM SHOWCROSS, BEN KERNIEN or DAVID CHANDLER ? and when did happen ? via CHHIET SER, NAY SARANN, VORN VETH or KOY THUON ? or HOU NIM ?

Here is your last question,
Did you know that Youn invading us not two weeks or two months?

Yes , YUON did invade SORK KHMER more than two weeks and two months !

Please talk about the main events started from the victory of the KHMER ROUGE and SIHANOUK April 17Th, 1975, to January 7Th, 1979,

I was there in SROK KHMER , Were you there with me in SROK KHMER ?

Now I am asking you back
Who forcibly ordered the KHMER ROUGE to empty the cities and towns after the collapse of the Khmer Republic ?

What about the plans eliminating religious institutes , educational systems, banking ? who was master minding and in charged of TUOL SLENG ?

In the September , 1975, SIHANOUK flew back to SROK KHMER what did SIHANOUK think of PHNOM PENH became a ghost town?

In the early 1976, SAMAK MITH IENG SARY traveled to Western and Eastern European Countries to gather all the KHMER Residents and Students to come and rebuild our War Torn SROK KHMER and thousands of these KHMER believed in IENG SARY 's lures and ruses then flew back home and what happened to them after landing in SROK KHMER ?

Did SAMAK IENG SRAY and CHAU SENG speak YUON or KHMER Languages to these KHMER People abroad ?

in Mid 1976 , SAMAK MITH IENG SARY and SIHANOUK flew to attend the U.N. Meeting in New York , did SIHANOUK and SAMAK MITH IENG SARY filed any complaint about the infiltration of the YUON within their DEMOCRAT OF KAMPUCHEA or answering the questions at the International Press Conference regarding the killings, torturing, starving , forced laboring oppression under their KHMER ROUGE Regime ?
SIHANOUK, once said to the Press Conference in French language ,
DEMOCRATE DE KAMPCHEA ( The KHMER ROUGE Regime ) TRES REASONABLE ! ( VERY REASONABLE in torturing , killing , starving and forced laboring their own KHMER people ?)

My dear Beloved Son Of Farmer ,
I could not tell how old were you under POL POT in 1975 to 1979,
Nowadays, please let me tell you the KHMER Victims surviving the Genocidal Regime they completely changed their point of views after they became or involved with politics even their family members and the loved ones lost their innocent lives to the KHMER ROUGE Regime which we all witnessed together undeniably .
end of part 1

Anonymous said...

part 2
Son Of Farmer , if you follow the KHMER ROUGE Court Trial , the process is just for lives of the people in 1975-1979.

Asking you back to your above questions ,
Who allowed YUON VIETCONG to SROK KHMER in the 60's ?
Who allied militarily with YUON VIETCONG fighting against the Khmer Republic in 1970 ?

Please allow me honestly pray for the great losses our own Khmer People including your families and my families who were executed under KHMER ROUGE Regime.
As for me , the LOSSES of our KHMER People are still somewhere INJUSTICES just only the DENIALS of SIHANOUK, POL POT , IENG SARY , KHIEU SAMPHAN , NUON CHEA etc,...

My last question to you my Dear Beloved Son of Farmer and to our KHMER victims of the Killing Fields
IF POL POT REGIME happen to rebirth ? would you ALL live under the KHMER ROUGE Regime again ?

With my old and beat up Both knees on the ground I would love to pray for the great losses of our KHMER lives, souls and spirits who were being executed by the KHMER ROUGE without having a word to tell the WIDE WORLD why they deserve the executions and tortures?

BEST WISHES to you Son Of the Farmer

A Survivor of our Own KHMER KILLING FIELDS

Son of Farmer said...

My beloved friend!

Forgive me for unacknowledgeably unable to answer explicitly all of your important questions, because I am publicly not a poliSickal or academic old man.

Why Pol Pot madly ordered Ta Mok to kill Chea Sim and more, but not Heng Samrin, because he still helped Yotheas pushing Youn back and stationed at the border, but in the end he was the one who allowed Youn to easily walking in, while Pol Pot and Yotheas boastfully thought they already had the final victories, after the third fights in the late of 77's.

Not only this book was writing by Marie Alexandrine Martin, "Cambodia: A Shattered Society", but I surprisingly met a few Yotheas in America, who fought and stationed at the Khmer-Youn's border, they also mentioned about the twice of Pol Pot's failing assassination, and Youn did invade us first, not once or twice, but thrice. If I could remember correctly, in the mid of 77's, Youn invaded Takeo province....

Pol Pot did madly order Ta Mok and Youn-KR, which they were called, "Khmer's body, Youn's head".

After KR successfully took over Phnom Penh, Pol Pot forcefully ordered all the city people, including my beloved family too, to left in three days.

Hou Yuon (if I could remember correctly, otherwise is Hu Nim) was proudly, publicly, and disappointedly spoke against Pol Pot's decision, "We would keep all the people in the city and initially build country together!",
After the week, he was gone, secretly dead!

I publicly confess that I hate Xihanouk!

No Xihanouk,
No Pol Pot...

No Xihanouk,
No Hun Xen...

60's Xihanouk secretly, but later on publicly allowed Youn staying in Khmer's soil!

70's, Xihanouk madly refused to come back with Nol Lon without absolute power, then selfishly joining Pol Pot, Khiev Samphan, Ieng Sary, Hou Yuon, and Hu Nim, whom Xihanouk repeatedly ordered to kill them.

I have 9 members in my beloved family, and only unearthly survived only three. I lived in Pursat province, and I accidently met Youn soldiers riding inside 4 or 5 trucks on the highway near railroad, during planting rice reason of 78's, and all of the children must moved the next day to the mountain for digging cannel.. almost the end of 79's summer, I was carelessly watched Khmer Rouge walking very long line as the train, nonstopped about two weeks heading to the mountain.. Therefore, I am still strongly disagreeing with any books that mentions about Youn invading us only two weeks!

Anonymous said...

Dear SON oF Farmer,
I personally and deeply so sad to have heard the losses of your 9 family members to the KHMER ROUGE REGIME and I support your historical comments above our KHMER FIGURE HEADS and you and I were there in Cambodia during SIHANOUK in the 60 's and then Khmer Republic in 70's and finally POL POT Regime in 1975 ,

And what do you think who was the actual Killers .
For example , I do not need to be YUON who is our long time historical enemy and if I am A real father of yours and ordering you to kill your own son and again like POL POT and IENG SARY , NUON CHEA etc, .. did they carry YUON 's orders to kill their own KHMER people for YUON ...NO ! , I DO NOT THINK SO ..Please do me a favor just follow the KHMER ROUGE Court Trial at this present time .

And I strongly agree with you NO NEEDS to read the books , authore by the people who were outside Cambodia rather than ourselves enduring and witnessing the Genocidal Acts in SROK KHMER.


A Survivor of our Own Own KHMER KILLING FIELDS

Son of Farmer said...

My beloved friend!

You and I are not only mentally, but also psychologically hateful of Pol Pot's regime, therefore we acknowlegeably don't need an other Pol Pot's regime.

I am still strongly, undeniably, and reasonably believing that Pol Pot and his gangsters did orderly kill most of the highly educated Khmers, including our own beloved Comrades, Hou Yuon( secretly killed after publicly disagreeing with Pol Pot's decision of evacuating all the city people) and Hu Nim( was killed during 77's after repeating the fail of assassination of Pol Pot).

Who is exactly a killer or responsible for all the innocent Khmers?

According my sole understanding, Pol Pot is the only one who would fully responsible for his crime.

Who else partially also responsible?

Xihanouk, and more, and most of them you already knew them.

Son of Farmer said...

I literally meant,

Hu Nim was killed during 77's after youn was repeating the fail of assassination!

Anonymous said...

Dear My Beloved Son of Farmer,
With your above statements
I JUST closed this CASE