Sunday, October 20, 2013

Golden memories ... សុវណ្ណអនុស្សារ

Dedicated to the great Khmer poet and song composer Mr Kong Bunchhoeun on his birthday.

ដងស្ទឹងសង្កែ (Dorng Stoeng Sangke) By Sinn SiSamouth

ស្ពាន​ឈើ​​អភ័ព្វ / Spean Cher Aphop - Sinn Sisamouth

សំបួរមាស / Sombour Meas - Sinn Sisamouth


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You Mr. Kong Bunchhoeun. We all wish you the best.

Jendhamuni said...

Dear School of Vice,

Great selection from you, as always. I love all songs. I have not listened to the second song for quite so long.


School of Vice said...

Thank you, Jendha as always for your kind thought and courtesy.

All of these songs are my favourites and have special memories for me. At least the first two were/are composed by Mr Bunchhoeun, and the third may have been written by him too, I feel.

I think these songs are a sort of personal account of his life - so I have been led to believe.

Mr Bunchhoeun is perhaps among the greatest of the golden era poets and composers in my humble opinion. His songs capture the spirit and soul of his Khmer people so well that even without knowing him personally his compatriots feel a sort of kindred spirit towards him through listening to his music.

It is one of life's great privileges to be able to listen to these classics again and again - at least that seems to be the case with me.

Thank you Mr Bunchhoeun for your priceless talent, genius and your immortal legacy.

Kindest wishes on your birthday Mr Bunchhoeun.

Jendhamuni said...

Dear School of Vice,

Yes, belated Happy Birthday to Mr. Bunchhoeun.

I just saw the message about his birthday, sent to me by readers. I know I posted this too late on KI. This email was buried. I wish I had a chance to see this email on time.

PS: I have been thinking about the first and the third songs a lot these couple days, almost posted them here on my own :)


Kalonh Chuck said...

2 a.m here on the East coast over a glass of champagne...Thank you for the golden memories SOV, although I have to do some research as to who Kong Bunchhoeun is.

Portes-toi bien!

Anonymous said...

Tum Nuonh Guitar sung by S. SiSamouth also was written by Kung Bun Chhoeun ; he also wrote another famous oldies sung by S.Sisamouth called M'loup Daung Tee Dob, Mr Kung Bun Chhoeun is very talented, my hat off to this great songwriter.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd song:

សំបួរមាស [----- mieh] : kind of shrub (Acacia farnesiana) with small fragrant yellow flowers (It is usually grown around gates or as a hedge and the leaves / fruits are used in certain ceremonies)


Anonymous said...

Why done your not put a singer Lim molina at LOWELL?She da sexy and beautiful lady with her good voice and sing!!I like molina and the rest 2!