Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hun Xen did it all

Courtesy ព្រះចៅអធិរាជ ព្រះអាទិត្យ's Photos


Anonymous said...

បទ ចោររួចខ្លួនម្ចាស់ជាប់គុក ច្រៀងដោយ លោក Koy Vanna គាំទ្រ ជួយ...

Anonymous said...

មែនហើយ !!!...មែនទែនហើយ !!!
CPP + CNRP = ល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ
ល្បិចកិច្ចកល-ឆាកល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ

* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា លួចអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា បោកអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា ត្រូវគេបន្លំអាឆ្កែណាទេ!

គឺពួក​វា......ក្រុម​អាចោរ យួនតែមួយ !!!
-អាសែន ដូចអាស៊ី!
-អាខា ដូចអាសែន!
-អាសែន ដូចមីកាហួ!
-អាឆៃ ដូចអាសែន!
-អាយួន9:58 PM ដូចតែអាសែន!

អាក្តCPP ដូចតែ អាក្តCNRP!
អាក្តណា ដូចតែ អាក្តណា!

Anonymous said...

Ah kwak is the Khmer's enemy number #1. What you see is he sold the nation properties to his tycoon friends and pocketed the money for himself and his criminal friends who systematically help him to finalize all deals that all of us have seen and heard of. Is it the outrage that khmers have to stand up to kick him and his corrupted officials out or not? If we still remain passive as other nations have judged us about our true character Cambodia will soon become a second Champa. And then it would be too late to all of us to free her back from yuon's grip. Bad destinies of our nation has began from the time Siems invaded and occupied Angkor in the 16 century. Since then khmers had been attacked by Yuons or by Siems and sometimes by both of these aggressors simultaneously so we were getting smaller and smaller as today. It is lesson of bitterness that all khmers have kept in mind from one generation to the next for many centuries. Therefore, it is a repeated cycle of history. Do all of us accept this premise as the fate of our nation or we have to change the course of the repeated history
of failure after failure by working together to direct our fight to defeat the traitor and his groups of criminals who in no doubt to devote their lives for their yuon's master as all of us have witnessed throughout 30 years of ah Kwang regime.

Anonymous said...

AS far as Iknow the land in Phnom Penh first YUON took it second Khmer Vietminh thirth King relatives fourth people return from refugees camp by 1986 same 1979,when they got back from war victim they no place to lives, they just live whre they can find work or food some back to own birth place .Kranhun Esan