Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brief history of the King thingy

Welcome to the Banana Kingdom
Well, in case you miss King Sihamoni. Here he is ;)


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Below is the worst Khmer traitor Hun Sen statement:

“[Mr. Hun Sen] would like to ex­tend his admiration to the demonstrators and their leaders, who maintained good cooperation with all levels of authorities to avoid any irregular activities,” the statement says.

The CNRP's leaders,

When the traitor Hun Sen congratulates you, you must be out of touch with Khmer people.

This is the most crucial time in Khmer history, it requires the leaders to make bold decision and ultimate sacrifice.

If you are a chicken, you need to transfer your task to others who are willing to sacrifice their life to save Cambodia.

Khmer people must know how to deal with incompetent leaders.

For example, in the CNRP, its committee members must compose with patriotic and competent people. Make sure that NO element of the Yuon slave in that committee.

When people feel that under the current leader, the party will go nowhere but down hill, the committee must gather and pick a new leader. If the party were able to do this transition smoothly, the party will get stronger and stronger and the CPP cannot break the CNRP. Make sure that no struggle of power. Do according to the internal rules or regulations of the party.

Put aside the personal interest, just keep the party stronger.

Remember, NEVER move out of the party and create a new party. This idea will serve the Yuon and kill Cambodia.

We do something to improve the party. That one new thing that Khmer people must learn and adapt.

Bun Thoeun

PS: Change the way you make that demonstration. It is not working.

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King Sihanouk and his son are belong to viet and china,and khmer don't investigate of his story and obey him as a god,actually some part sihanouk work for hochiminh and still sihakmoney follow his father to cheat all kon khmer,should know about that,He is not a god,He is a human like every body,but he just born with the rich or top commander,never know some devil can born with the rich too depend on how they grow up and make sense for the people.

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The word cannot be found in the dictionary.

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Oh! come on , pourk ah sdach aush niss bamplannh luy cheat chrouen nass. All of Sihanouk family has done nothing for the country,but destroying killing the nation.

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Nobody wants to talk about his stinky thingy that may not even exists.

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ទោះជាពួកអាអស់ឯងខំប្រឹងស្រែក ធ្វើមហាតបាតុកម្ម ឬ មហាតបាតុកម្មសូត្រធម៌,,,,, មហាតបាតុកម្មស្មូត្រ, មហាតបាតុកម្មភាវនា, មហាតបាតុកម្មសមាធិ, លុតជង្គុង ក្រាបទូល
ក្រោមល្អងធូលីព្រះបាទ, ប្តឹងទៅតុលាការ ឬ ចង់ប្តឹងទៅអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិជាមួយស្នាមមេដៃ ឲ្យបែកមេឃ រញ្ជួយផែនដីទៀត
ក៍ផែនដីនេះមិនទាន់ដល់វេនពួកអាអស់ឯងដែរ នៅមានឯកឧត្ដមបណ្ឌិត
ហ៊ុន ម៉ាណែត ហ៊ុន ម៉ានិត ទៀត ។ល។ និង។ល។
ផែនដីនេះមិនអាចមាន ព្រះអាទិត្យពីររះលើផែនដីតែមួយបានឡើយ។
ចេះច្បាប់បោះឆ្នោតទេ? ចេះគណិតសាស្ដ្រទេ? ៥០+១ = ១២៣/២=៦១.៥+១=៦២.៥
លេខចេញយ៉ាងច្បាស់ចាញ់ហើយ មិនព្រមចាញ់ទៀត
ត្រូវចាំណា សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ មិនមែនជាមនុស្សលោកទេ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទ ហ៊ុន ទៀន ចាប់ជាតិ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទធម្មិក សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិទេព សមេ្តចជាទេវតារស់មកសង្គ្រោះប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា និងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាឱ្យ សម្បូរសប្បាយ រង់រឿង និងសុខក្សេមក្សាន្ដ!!!

សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...។
ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!