Monday, October 14, 2013

Kompoul Phnom Srouch

កំពូលភ្នំស្រួច ដោយ គៀង យុទ្ធហ៊ាន
Amazing song, amazing voice by Mr. Kieng Yuthhan
[A call for unity] lyrics. All photos provided by HS...



Anonymous said...

Phnom srouch,Phnom Sronng chea kornleang deal ning Srorng Chiveth khmerss manokor,Is a mountain and is a place of paradis of all khmers that lover with a lot respecte!See your on DECEMBER^^!Klen Srovthob kou ory chabcheth mlessthe bomphlek minban knong samag thang the meandomlaiy preamer orngkor khmers koun barang nakmean..thang sorseuy tha hatey banchea preamer khmer eykor chngag mless chrean the chomend ning thirk sor arch thveu ory koun barrang chapcheth ning orngkor khmerss.Som orkoun deal pou ning ming comdamsrov keudchea angkor ory kyom chaim pel yop thngaing throng.I'm missing your whole!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jendhamuni,

"Kompoul Phnom Srouch" is undoubtedly a very powerful song. It stirs a passionate emotion of love for, remembrance of and reconnection with our beautiful, proud, but still suffering Cambodia, the motherland we, as Cambodians, can never forget wherever we are in this world.

Despite the saddening lyric and melody it possesses, the song paradoxically generates hope, determination, and desire to live on among many suffering Cambodians who were seriously traumatized physically and mentally during the era of Pol Pot, the man who destroyed his own country in the name of building it.

The song brings back the souvenirs of living in hell on earth under the Khmer Rouge and the undesirable and unnecessary suffering every Cambodian of the era had to endure. Finally the song reminds me of our refugee brethren in my group, before crossing into Thailand, who turned our heads one last time to look at Cambodia and silently said good bye, but with unshakable hope that one day we shall return.

I did not know the title of this song till today so thank you very much sincerely for the good video and song you have posted. Also I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the great work of Mr. Kieng Yuthan and other artists who sing this song.

Keep up the good work; though you are young and growing up in America, you have, without a doubt, become a role model who can positively impact on Cambodian youth growing up in America and elsewhere so that Cambodia will always be in their heart and mind.

Together we, as Cambodians, shall do whatever we can to help our motherland and her people get back on their feet and be proud once again among the families of nations of this world!

Pissed Off

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jenhda :)

Anonymous said...

I believe this is Kieng Yuth Han I know. Currently, he lives in Sisophon. Born in Ta-ong Village, Svaychek Commune, Banteay Mean Chey. He was a student in Battambang. I don't remember what Lycee he attended. I knew he liked to sing back then. When he was in a refugee camp (Kao I Dang?), he was a singer. I remembered sending him a letter asking him to send some music/songs to me.

I also was born in Svaychek and I know him very well. The only thing I'm not sure is his accent because every native-born in Svaychek has an accent similar to those in Siem Reap.

Can anybody tell me if he is Yuth Han I'm talking about?


Jendhamuni said...

Dear Pissed Off,

I thank you so much for your spiritual support. Your caring words and kind expression are very much appreciated as they are the food to keep my energy going.

Deep Respect,

Jendhamuni said...

Dear 6:30 AM,

I have his picture somewhere. I will look for it, if we don't hear anything from him. Mr. Hean comes to KI sometimes. Maybe you will recognize him if I show you the picture.

With Respect,

Anonymous said...

Hi 6:30AM, I hope the in the link bellow is Kieng Yuthhan you are looking for!