Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miss Sin Rozeth, Deputy Governor of O'Cha district, Battambang, distributes food to flood victims donated by Khmer workers in South Korea

Anyone who wants to donate or contact Miss Sin Rozeth, you can call her on (country code 855) 012853121 or 012213770 or 070652840.


Anonymous said...

Great speak, Keep up the hard works my lady hero save our people and nation. In future You truly could be a first Cambodian lady Prime Mister.

Anonymous said...

neang kanha niyeay mat-mat
bes bet doch mu sochua !

mu sochua pi kmeng .

Anonymous said...

មែនហើយ !!!...មែនទែនហើយ !!!
CPP + CNRP = ល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ
ល្បិចកិច្ចកល-ឆាកល្ខោនយួន តែមួយ

* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា លួចអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា បោកអាឆ្កែណាទេ!
* វាគ្មានអាឆ្កែណា ត្រូវគេបន្លំអាឆ្កែណាទេ!

គឺពួក​វា......ក្រុម​អាចោរ យួនតែមួយ !!!
-អាសែន ដូចអាស៊ី!
-អាខា ដូចអាសែន!
-អាសែន ដូចមីកាហួ!
-អាឆៃ ដូចអាសែន!
-អាយួន9:58 PM ដូចតែអាសែន!

អាក្តCPP ដូចតែ អាក្តCNRP!
អាក្តណា ដូចតែ អាក្តណា!

Anonymous said...

Please do not misunderstand me Miss Sin Rozeth of what i'm going to say about your speech in front of all the poors and the flood victims in the Prek Norindr which was my native village. I accept your facts that you've based on your short and meaningful speech, but I'm looking for your human elements which are: sincere, compassion and sympathy, especially the soft approach toward your audience whom you've interacted with, ipif you want to build up your good reputation for higher public offices in the future.