Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reading MATTHEW chapter 26 -- Denial

Recently, I discovered the sermons of my college pastor online. While at Georgetown University (1991-95), I, along with 10-20 other Georgetown friends, attended Fourth Presbyterian Church, a 10-15 minute drive from campus through the manicured estates of Northwest Washington, DC to the leafy suburban neighborhood of Bethesda in Maryland.

We drank in the deep wisdom of our college director, Chuck Jacob (now a senior pastor at Knox Presbyterian in Ann Arbor, MI) and of Dr. Rob Norris on Sunday mornings (and at times, classes he taught during the week days).

When I attended, the US Vice-President Dan Quayle and his family (and security detail), my Georgetown professor former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and many other well-known names from politics, academia and media, also attended. Dr. Norris' predecessor was then-chaplain of the US Senate, Dr. Richard Halverson. 

All to say, if all of these accomplished people came Sunday after Sunday and benefited from Dr. Norris' sermons, maybe we too can find intellectual as well as spiritual nourishment from these talks?

It does not take long before one is taken in by the profundity and the humor -- not to mention, the accent! -- of Dr. Norris's exposition.
Gospel according to Matthew
លោក​ ម៉ាថាយ
Background Notes
Sermon:  DENIAL
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