Monday, October 28, 2013

Reusey mouy deum


Anonymous said...

A beautiful and relaxing song for Sunday!

Love the video as well!

Thank you, Jendha!

Pissed Off

Jendhamuni said...

Dear Pissed Off,

I like this song a lot! My father gave me this sound track. I believe this song is just perfect for an 'elderly'


Anonymous said...

Dear Jendha,

I think the tune of this song comes from the Chinese song which I used to hear.

Hopefully, Mr. School of Vice listens to this song!

Pissed Off

Anonymous said...

beautiful song! note one of unity in cambodia during sihanouk's sangkum reastr niyum era was that cambodia has a policy of no racial discrimination. look how cambodia benefit from that during that time.