Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RFA: CNRP vows more protests if demands not met

CNRP spokesman Yim Sovann said the upcoming protests will be different from the previous ones.


Anonymous said...

Yep! No rule for protesting the corrupted pig's govt, do not just sit in the park it will not gets any result from sitting in the park.Let'em loose to do whatever they want....Don't make Cpp laugh at you again.Egyptian's style or Libia's style will work with Cpp,otherwise you waste your time,manpowers and resources!


Anonymous said...

៥៥ យកមិនយក?៥៥ យកមិនយក?៥៥ យកមិនយក?

ទោះជាពួកអាអស់ឯងខំប្រឹងស្រែក ធ្វើមហាតបាតុកម្ម ឬ មហាតបាតុកម្មសូត្រធម៌,,,,, មហាតបាតុកម្មស្មូត្រ, មហាតបាតុកម្មភាវនា, មហាតបាតុកម្មសមាធិ, លុតជង្គុង ក្រាបទូល
ក្រោមល្អងធូលីព្រះបាទ, ប្តឹងទៅតុលាការ ឬ ចង់ប្តឹងទៅអង្គការសហប្រជាជាតិ ឲ្យបែកមេឃ រញ្ជួយផែនដីទៀត
ក៍ផែនដីនេះមិនទាន់ដល់វេនពួកអាអស់ឯងដែរ នៅមានឯកឧត្ដមបណ្ឌិត
ហ៊ុន ម៉ាណែត ហ៊ុន ម៉ានិត ទៀត ។ល។ និង។ល។
ផែនដីនេះមិនអាចមាន ព្រះអាទិត្យពីររះលើផែនដីតែមួយបានឡើយ។
ចេះច្បាប់បោះឆ្នោតទេ? ចេះគណិតសាស្ដ្រទេ? ៥០+១ = ១២៣/២=៦១.៥+១=៦២.៥
លេខចេញយ៉ាងច្បាស់ចាញ់ហើយ មិនព្រមចាញ់ទៀត
ត្រូវចាំណា សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ មិនមែនជាមនុស្សលោកទេ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទ ហ៊ុន ទៀន ចាប់ជាតិ សមេ្តចជាព្រះបាទធម្មិក សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិទេព សមេ្តចជាទេវតារស់មកសង្គ្រោះប្រជាជនកម្ពុជា និងប្រទេសកម្ពុជាឱ្យ សម្បូរសប្បាយ រង់រឿង និងសុខក្សេមក្សាន្ដ!!!

សមេ្តចជាព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...។
ជយោ! សមេ្តចបណ្ឌិតអគ្គមហាសេនាបតីតេជោ ហ៊ុន សែន វរ្ម័នទី១ ជាទេវតានៃកម្ពុជា!!!

បរាជ័យ! ពួកអាខ្មែរក្បត់ជាតិរត់ចោលស្រុក!

បរាជ័យពួកអាសត្វឆ្កែបរទេស (!!)

បរាជ័យពួកអាកាកសំណល់បាតសង្គម (!!)


ហ្ការី អ៊ឹង
សមាគមខ្មែរឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា និងជា
បេក្ខជន ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា

Anonymous said...

Bullshit damn dog GARY EUNG.
You understand the word fraudulent,Scam and cheating.
I can believe homeland security or FBI let the killer living under our skin like this.
Home land security ,CIA and FBI should wire tap Gary Eung and keep close eyes on terrorist activities.
Californian tax payer

Anonymous said...

Standing up together ,stronger and hit Hun Sen harder ONLY ONCE TIME OR CAMBODIA will be finished in Vietnam grips.

Anonymous said...

Scum of the earth, Geary Ing, should not name himself after American name. Those with American names should be Americanized. Americanized Cambodians do not act stupid , without shame like Geary.
Why you dare telling that you live in America when you act like mad animal. Hun Sen is so ignorant and you are lower than and bow to Hun Sen, what kind of Animal you are.

Anonymous said...

Thank You CNRP, go forward , do not stop, we ,oversea, will support you.
without CNRP evil will stive. We must take back our Cambodia from Viet and Viet dog like geary ing's boss.

Anonymous said...

correction: Evil will strive!

Anonymous said...

សូមប្រយ័ត្ន !
ចំពោះខ្មែរទាំងអស់គ្នា !...ភ្ញាក់រលឹកឡើង..!

ឈប់រស់ក្រោមការបោកប្រាស់ ញុះញង់ធ្វើ (មហាបាតុកម្មឯកជន) របស់អា គណបក្សសង្គ្រោះយួន ស្អីគេនោះ?
-អាឆ្កែកន្ទុយខ្វៀនសំរាំង ស៊ី (អាយួនបន្លំខ្មែរ)
-អាប្រជាភិថុត កិម សុខុយ (អាយួនប្រែរូប)

** ជាមេដឹកនាំបាតុកម្មក្លែងក្លាយបង្រ្គប់កិច្ចតទៅ

សូមប្រយ័ត្ន! ពួកនេះវាធ្វើចិត្តសាស្ត្របោកប្រាស់

Anonymous said...

Gary Ung go to fuck your mother like dog since your mind going wrong like dog. Animal never know who is the mother like you Gary Ung. That's why go to fuck your mother (Gary Ung's mother pussy) still good for you.
Amen !

Anonymous said...

Lots of BARKING but No Action! that's all can be said..WHOOF! WHOOF! WHOOF!

and CPP knows that!

Anonymous said...

there are only two ways-
1-take back cambodia now with cost;
2- let it be Kampucheakrom #2 with no cost now but later.I pick #1 what about you ?

Anonymous said...

It time for Khmer Krom, Khmer Kondal and Khmer Ler to join as one to demand for our right. No more silent, no more tears, and no more afraid. If we don't act now, the Viet/VC will continue to harm us. These people will not stop. They did it to Loas, Prey NoKhor (Saigon), Khmer Krom, Kosh Tral and now the whole Srok Khmer if we let them. Hun Sen said that, he is a Viets'puppet. So, it is not Hun Sen's fault because he has no choice. If he doesn't do what is told to do, then, they will finish him off. Hun Sen is not as bad as you think. He has confessed, which mean he is a good person too. When he said that 'no one wants to lose their land or water but because we are under their controlled'.

So, it is time for people to get up and do something about it. This time, make no mistake. We have to continue untill the job is done. We have to march until all the demands are met. Hun Sen must go and it has to be now! Hun Sen is under Viets' controlled and so, we have to do what we have to. Again, I don't want Hun Sen to die, but to step down only. Because if he dies, outsiders will say, 'yes, we've done it again, we use khmers to kill khmers and then, in the end, we will have it all like always, hahahaha'.

No, we must not hurt one of our own. The main focus is to make the evil VC out of the khmer political system e,g almost all members of CPP are VC, they are Hor Nam Hong, Sok An, Sok Kong, Cheam Yeap, Yip Chun, Keiv Kanarith, Sar Kheng etc. They are Khal YOun Clon Khmers or the decendent of the Viets and Chinese working for their national interests. In japan and the West, they make sure, no outsider is to work in the political gov't. But in Srok Khmer, they are infiltrated without check. Mainly because we are in ther grip and so, they are the one who decide who should do what e.g making sure owner of land becoming their slave.

So, it is time to wake up and it has to be now!. Khmer Rise!!! God almight is with all of us. Because he knows everything about us. Khmers has never been interferring in anyone internal affair, but they did interferred with ours. So, because God is right and just. He will be on our side. All you need to do is just go for it. Don't forget to bring some dry food (noodle) and drinks with you because they are your energy.

Again, together we stand and divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

Lok protheans teing py,
Make it happen this term not the next one. They will kill more Khmer people if you delay you both are alright but not reast Khmer who live far away.

Anonymous said...


The time to make a peaceful demonstration to get social justice is now. The CPP had stolen Khmer people’s vote.

The CNRP must know that its back is against the wall, the only way to survive is to fight through it. And the time for Khmer people to sacrifice to save Cambodia is right here. Only when the killings committed by Hun Sen and his master Vietnam were so huge that the international community would intervene and punish the neo colonialist Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen.

The hypocrite Vietnam did not win the Vietnam war by itself. It got tremendous help from China and the Soviet Union. One factor that made Vietnam the winner was the sacrifice of its people.

And if Cambodia wanted to survive, its people must sacrifice NOW too. This is the right time, and maybe the only time that Khmer people’s sacrifice can save Cambodia. To defeat this pest Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen, Cambodia needs at least 100,000 Khmer people who are ready to make their ultimate sacrifice. And 100,000 is the psychological winning number over this neocolonialist Vietnam. Khmer people cannot make a full retreat after a few hundreds got killed by the evil Vietnam and its puppet. The time to sacrifice is NOW or NEVER.

The CNRP is the winner of the election. It must take the necessary steps to get it. Hun Sen will not hand the victory to the CNRP.

People must understand that decades later, Khmer people’s sacrifice will produce fruitless result because Vietnam’s grip is getting tighter and tighter as time goes by.

Therefore, the CNRP cannot pass this fight to the next generation. It is the CNRP’s morale obligation to fight the evil Vietnam and its puppet Hun Sen this time while the chance for the CNRP to win is certain.

Vietnam said it fought the colonialists France and the US, and now it is Cambodia’s turn to fight the neocolonialist Vietnam.

Khmer people will prevail at last and Cambodia will live forever because people have been well aware of the danger posed by Vietnam and the future leader will go to the top through popular vote, not inherited the power like Sdach Lob Sihanouk.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

For jendhamuni,

Anonymous said...

All Khmers,
Stand Up and Protect yourselves. Kill Youns before they kill you.
I fully support Violent Nationwide Mass Protect. This time try to make it a Good one to show your opponents that you are serious bout it.

Anonymous said...


Before you do that you have to change your smart leader Rainsy FIRST! because he will not tolerate any violence, it has to be PICNIC style with the Band and Smeung Smath Tam preah reach damreh! and HS loved that style very much!

Anonymous said...

well, I already warned the VC to stay away from Cambodia politic or else, their country and nation will be swallowed by the sea. I want them to know that, this is only the beginning. If they still continue to be involved, I will continue to ask God almighty to come to destroy them until they have nothing left. This is a second warning. Viets must get out of Cambodia and its political system now! or else, the worst is yet to come, Amen

Anonymous said...

ហ្ការី អ៊ឹង
បេក្ខជន ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ា

ស្ថានកុងស៊ុលខ្មែរ ប្រចាំឡុងប៉ិចរដ្ឋកាលីហ្វ័រញ៉ាមានរួចហើយ។

ព្រះអាទិត្យតែមួយ រះលើផែនដីនេះ...។គ្មានព្រះអាទិត្យពីរ។

ហ្ការី អាំង

Anonymous said...

The slogans during the protest of 23rd October should be offensive and say:

1- We demand Hun Sen to step down.
2- CPP did lose the election.
3- NEC committed election fraud.
4- No investigation on the election means CPP is losing.
5- We need justice on the election.
6- We are fed up with dictatorship regime.
I believe CPP has a point of weakness which is the investigation of the election fraud. So CNRP has to focus totally on the investigation of the election fraud and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Rainsy will submit the request for permission first from Sar Kheng, that's Rainsy policy and it has to be Smeung Smath Tam Preah Reach Damreh and it has to be picnic style, Rainsy has to rehearse his band for the song, LMAO

Anonymous said...

Yeah Real Big day Oct 23, Rainsy will submit the request for permission first from Sar Kheng, that's Rainsy policy and it has to be Smeung Smath Tam Preah Reach Damreh and it has to be picnic style, Rainsy has to rehearse his band for the song, Sar Kheng can easily approve this request until the next Five year. LMAO

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

បាតុកម្មត្រូវតែធ្វេី ! តែត្រូវដឹងថា េតីចង់បានអីឲពិតប្រាកដ ?
កំុបាតុករចង់បានអញ្ចេះ ស្រាប់តែខ្លួនហក់ទៅចង់បែងចែកអំណាច
ជាមួយចោរ... នោះវាមិនត្រឹមត្រវទាល់តែសោះ !!
បេីធ្វេីបែបនេះម្តងទៀត មុខតែអស់រាស្ត្រគាំទ្រហេីយ !!

Anonymous said...

វាគ្មានចាញ់ឧបាយរបស់ អាមេដឹកនាំយួនណាទេ
សុទ្ធសឹងតែគ្នាវា គឺយួនតែមួយ!

ឆ្កែកន្ទុយខ្វៀន នៅតែខ្វៀន,
ក្រោមដំបូល រាជរដ្ឋាភិបាលចោរ តែមួយ

អាអាចម៍អុកដំទណ្ឌិតសម រង្ស៊ីរួញពងក្រអឺតក្រទម អាកឹម​ សុខា ប្រជាភិថុត
ស៊ីឈ្នួលដើរតួជាឆ្កែខ្ញុំយួន ក្រោមការចុះញ៉ម និងកក្តាន់អាស្វា Hai Phúcហ៊ុនសែន!

ធ្វើជា(មហាត)បាតុកម្ម ក្លែងក្លាយដើម្បីផ្លាស់ប្តូរ

Anonymous said...

Rainsy is a loser and he will always be a loser.