Thursday, October 17, 2013

Typhoon Wipha leaves death and destruction in Japan

TOKYO — A typhoon caused deadly mudslides that buried people and destroyed homes on a Japanese island Wednesday before sweeping up the Pacific coast, grounding hundreds of flights and disrupting Tokyo’s transportation during the morning rush. At least 17 deaths were reported and nearly 50 people were missing. Hardest hit from Typhoon Wipha was Izu Oshima island, which is about 120 kilometers south of Tokyo. Rescuers found 16 bodies, most of them buried by mudslides, police and town officials said. Dozens of homes were destroyed, and about 45 people were missing.

Japan's Ground Self Defense Force soldiers remove debris to search for survivors after a landslide buried houses caused by heavy rain of typhoon Wipha at Oshima island, 120km south of Tokyo on October 16, 2013. AFP PHOTO / JIJI PRESS /AFP/Getty Images

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Anonymous said...

Remember all the Oooze and Azzzh about the signs in the sky that were posted on KI?

Some were saying a good Omen is coming on Cambodia, but I said, bad omen maybe coming on Cambodia and the world.

Well, Cambodia was or is still under a deluge. Vietnam and China got slam with the typhoons.

This is only the beginning of the end and more to come. Will men able to take more what is awaiting them?

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