Monday, October 14, 2013

Undercover cop beaten at protest

Authorities carry a gunman who was beaten unconcious by a mob yesterday during a demostration at a rally marking World Teachers’ Day at Freedom Park. HENG CHIVOAN

Mom Kunthear , Buth Reaksmey Kongkea  and Sean Teehan The Phnom Penh Post Mon, 14 October 2013

Phnom Penh municipal police yesterday confirmed that a man who attended a rally marking World Teachers’ Day while armed with a press credential and a handgun is an undercover police officer.

“The armed man was a police agent,” Chuom Narin, deputy chief of the Phnom Penh municipal police, said. “He was allowed to carry a gun during his assignment investigating the demonstration in a public park.”

The officer – who wore a press credential purporting his employment as a reporter for a website called MID PP and a sales representative of Mongkolrith Import & Export Co, Ltd – was identified on the press badge as “Poerung Choeun”. As of press time, the Post could not confirm the officer’s true identity.

Choeun became conspicuous when he began taking photographs at Freedom Park during a demonstration organised by the Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association (CITA).

Despite the city’s refusal to sanction the demonstration, about 200 union members gathered at the park, demanding the government increase their pay to at least 1 million riel ($250) per month.

They intended to march to the Ministry of Education with a petition supporting the platform, but were later stymied by a large contingent of military police who blocked streets connecting to Freedom Park.

When Cambodia National Rescue Party lawmaker Mu Sochua noticed Choeun photographing monks in attendance at the rally, she saw that he had what appeared to be a handgun holstered at his hip. When she confronted him, angry demonstrators grabbed the gun off Choeun, stripped him of his clothes and began beating him.

“When I saw his press pass, I was wondering, ‘Why does a man with a press pass have a gun with him?’” Sochua said in an interview yesterday following the incident.

After police separated Choeun from the mob he was taken to Calmette Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries, according to a Calmette staff member who spoke on condition of anonymity.

After spending about an hour there, a man claiming to be Choeun’s boss from MID PP arrived and took him away, the doctor said.

A man who answered the phone at Mongkolrith Import & Export, but did not give his name, said that Choeun worked there but he had not seen him in weeks.

Phnom Penh deputy prosecutor Meas Chan Piseth later demanded to meet with the person who took the gun from Choeun, however CNRP chief whip Son Chhay, who turned the weapon over to police, said he was unsure of who actually pulled it off Choeun.

Chan Piseth yesterday said that the matter is already under investigation.

Infiltration of a pro-labour demonstration by undercover police offers happens routinely in Cambodia, said Kong Athit, vice president of the Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union.

“I’m not surprised, because all the time [police] do things like that,” Athit said yesterday. “They should not be there, according to the [spirit of public protests], they should not be there.”


Anonymous said...

“When I saw his press pass, I was wondering, ‘Why does a man with a press pass have a gun with him?’” Sochua said in an interview yesterday following the incident.

This Sochua lady is smart beyond comprehension. She uses logic rather than anger to deal with situations. Way to go, lady. Khmers need you and Cambodia needs you.

Anonymous said...

What goes around, comes around. This undercover cop is no longer undercover. Finally, khmers have done something right - to abuse the abuser.

Anonymous said...

Jeanne d'Arc of Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

This is how Khmer Cpp destroy their nation by cover up their thug whom has intention to use his gun to kill unarm civilians protesters,if he had good intention he won't be worn someone else batch pretence to press and if he kill someone he will gets away with the crime and blame on a scapegoat whom batch he worn in this case Mr Chouen will be punished like Chea Vichea scapegoat Born Samnarng all over again.

Prosecutor Meas Chan piseth wants to know who took the gun from his thug,why? Your thug was about to commit crime,why do you want to prosecute good samaritian? A message for Chan piseth Meas,prosecute the gunman not the one that took the gun away from your thug!


Anonymous said...

Diversion tactic: the topic of investigation should rather be who sent this guy to sabotage the crowd.

Anonymous said...

1) On the spot, this an undercover police officer (agent) came as a fake journalist but his goal wanted to kill MR Run Chon and MS Mou Suhua.
2) No the Police boss said the police thief Chuom Narin said that this agent belong to his man.
3) If the goal of assasinationplan was successful to kill both MS Mou Sohua and MR Run Chon then the police thief will turn his tongue other. He will tell the media that the killer was unknown or the followers of CNRP. Then will arrest the other innocent people like in the case of MR Chea Vichea.
4) All things was happened in Cambodia today is just like game. no justice and nothing, manipulated from white to black and from black to white by this regime.
When we interccept their electronic communication, then we will know all what the police is playing behind the scence.

Anonymous said...

The most of them was trained in Hanoi and their uniforma too. Please compare riot police uniform with Viet uniform! How long Cambodian people are still waiting?

Anonymous said...

This the communism all about. So, French, Australia and other countries who have already congratulated this communist and illegitimate government are also fake democratic countries. All Cambodian people really disappointed with these countries who we used to trust and respect.

Anonymous said...

Lol! A blown cover? This is too funny.
An undercover with press credential exposing his sidearm. Wow, you couldn't make this stuff up. On top of this, the Deputy Chief of PP admitted that the blown undercover agent is his men.
The good thing is, he still alive.

Pkaychivit said...

I don't buy this boll shit that Chuom Narin boll shit. I agree with 9:12 PM

Anonymous said...

CPP sent their man to intimidate the opposition party. Since having guns can do whatever you want, come on.