Friday, November 01, 2013

After Sam Rainsy’s Call, No Answer From CPP

Mr. Kheng could not be contacted for comment, and Interior Minis­try spokesman Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak said that he did not know why Mr. Kheng had not re­sponded to Mr. Rainsy’s phone call.

By Colin Meyn and Aun Pheap - November 1, 2013

At about 10 a.m. Thursday morning, during a press conference at the CNRP’s Phnom Penh headquarters, opposition leader Sam Rainsy dialed the phone number of CPP Interior Minister Sar Kheng and told a few dozen reporters in attendance that he would broadcast their conversation over speaker phone.

But Mr. Kheng didn’t pick up.

Mr. Rainsy was calling to find out if the CPP was willing to negotiate with the CNRP over its de­mands for an impartial investigation into July’s national election, re­signation of the nine-member Na­tional Elec­tion Committee and the adop­tion of recommendations from the U.N. and other election mon­itors to overhaul the electoral system.

A “common friend” of Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Kheng called back shortly after the press con­fer­ence had ended to tell Mr. Rainsy that leaders of the CPP need­ed time to talk before responding to the CNRP’s request to restart top-level discussions be­tween the two parties, Mr. Rainsy said.

At about 2 p.m., Mr. Rainsy delivered a brief speech at a conference on government decentralization at Sunway Hotel and then hurried away.

“I’m in a terrible rush,” he said, adding that he had expected to hear back from Mr. Kheng earlier in the afternoon.

I’ve waited for a phone call from Sar Kheng since 12:30 [p.m.], but I have yet to receive [a call],” he said.

In an email sent to a reporter at 3:30 p.m., Mr. Rainsy wrote, “Total silence on the part of the CPP.”

Usually when I call Sar Kheng he calls me back,” Mr. Rainsy said over the phone later in the afternoon.

“Before, when Sar Kheng does not answer, I call the common friend, the common friend sends the message to another friend, and immediately Sar Kheng calls back,” he said.

“But this time is very strange,” he added.

Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Kheng spoke twice a day during the CNRP’s three-day demonstration last week—a line of communication that Mr. Rainsy said had been decided on during the last round of top-level negotiations in September.

We agreed that we must establish a communication line—a kind of hotline—and when there is any problem, Sar Kheng and I must talk,” Mr. Rainsy said.

“It worked for a while, until this morning,” he said.

CPP spokesman Cheam Yeap said that the ruling party was aware of the CNRP’s request to continue ne­gotiations to find a solution to the post-election political dispute, which has now entered its fourth month.

I have received information today that the CNRP wanted to hold negotiations with the CPP, but we have yet to fix a date for the meeting,” he said.

Mr. Yeap this week has gone back on a previous condition set by the CPP that the 55 elected CNRP lawmakers boycotting parliament must swear in as members of the National Assembly before the CPP will meet for further talks.

“This issue [of the CNRP’s boycott of parliament] is not involved with the negotiations. The negotiations do not require them to swear in [as members of the National As­sembly],” Mr. Yeap said, contradicting his own, earlier comments.

Mr. Kheng could not be contacted for comment, and Interior Minis­try spokesman Lieutenant General Khieu Sopheak said that he did not know why Mr. Kheng had not re­sponded to Mr. Rainsy’s phone call.

“That is a personal matter,” he said.

At about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Mr. Rainsy called a reporter to pass along an update: The “common friend” had called him to say that the interior minister was busy and would return the opposition leader’s phone call Friday.

“I am sure they will respond…. We are not going to play hide and seek,” Mr. Rainsy said.

(Additional reporting by Alex Willemyns)


Anonymous said...

Sam Rainsy, you are our elected prime Minister, supported by millions of Khmer and foreigners. Why do CPP makes you so small? Even Sar Kheng plays with you like a little rat in a cage.

Anonymous said...

All CPP are VC and why isn't the international community do something about it? everyone in this world already knows who the VC are and what they capable of e.g owed Chinese lots of money and don't want to pay back, used their whores to gain Prey Nokhor (Saigion) and Khmer Krom and now, using Hun and his Viet wife to rule to ruin our country and nation. So, it is time for the Chinese and all international community to eliminate them crooks out of their existence for good or else, they will spread just like a wild flower.

Anonymous said...

Hun/Cpp = VC and they are full of shit. They make you feel welcome to negotiate and talk or our doors are open etc. But when in reality, they only fake it. They don't want to negotiate because they want to maintain their position as the winner when they are not!. Again and again, Funcipic, CNRP and international community been fooled by them crooks. It is time to wake up, don't believe a word they (CPP) say. e.g Kingta once said, 'I helped them (VC) in every way I could, until losing my crown and still, they back stabbed me...they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles'.

The truth is the VC should thanks our kingta and our people from helping them to win world war II but in this case, they manipulated that, they have helped us instead. Please, remember this peope, their evil tactics and tricks are plentiful. Right now, they know that CNRP is the winner but they won't let that happen, otherwise, they feel that, they no longer can steal, rob and kill us khmers. So, they won't let Hun go down, because it is part of their game, is to swallow srok khmer up really.

It is time for all khmers to wake up. Hun Sen is Hai Phu and is member of the VC and his wife is also VC and so, Cambodia is not independent, it is being controlled by the VC and so, what are we going to do about it. It is time for Chinese/US to put more presurse onto the VC to leave Cambodia alone and say enough is enough.

Cambodia can not move forward untill all of them are gone, back to where they come from, really.

Anonymous said...

Sat Kheng does not want the phone conversation recorded or broadcasted live.

Anonymous said...

CPP clique is just a puppet of Hanoi. Every time they do something, they need permission from Hanoi of what to do, what to say, how to say, that is why they will never be ready for a live broadcasted negotiation with CNRP.

Anonymous said...

see how weak rainsy is? he shows his weak position, CPP don't need you but you need them you are a LOSER, you are dealing with HS deputy, and not even HS his deputy treated you like a mice. Rainsy needs to step down!

Anonymous said...

Chinese always back up when our nation has a probleme to cheer Master thief Hun Sen to shaw the world that China very kind to Khmer.KRANHUN EASAN

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

5:11 PM,

What's up little CRIMINAL CPP? Are you is on training class to become the next Ah Chhkae Yuon blame game idiot? The LOOSER is you, not S. Rainsy. Why? bacause you know nothing compare CNRP leader.

Anonymous said...

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