Wednesday, November 13, 2013

(BBC series) Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire -- REBELLION (about the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, 70 A. D.)


Anonymous said...

Can KI post something useful or relate to Khmer ?

Anonymous said...

This is useful,yuon empire will fall just like Rome Empire,Khmer krom rebels everyday and its puppet Nambodia,NamLaos,Namkampuchea Krom will all rebellion against Annam Empire soon.Nambodia these days ruled by Hun Sen will fall because of his oppression and he was working forHanoi regime to eliminate Khmer's race,Khmer people now awakening every where just like Jew people during Roman era.Don't you see method that Hun Sen used to oppressed his own people for Hanoi? Roman used their oppression against Jews people led to the fall of their Empire.It a lesson for yuon Hanoi,they should learn from Rome Empire,also a lesson for Cpp,they should not suppressed/oppressed Khmer people for Hanoi.Annam Empire will fall like Roman Empire soon.