Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ពូជខ្មែរអង្គរបានត្រឹមសុំទាន! ពូជយួនឈ្លានពានប្រធានថៅកែ! តើមកពីនរណា?

What else do you want [sic]? 
30 years of so-called national development of Cambodia under Hun Sen, CPP-backed by Vietnam and China will lead to 'this.' Citizens have less [human & religious] rights than illegal immigrants; citizens are poorer than foreigners or illegal immigrants.

Courtesy ព័ត៌មានសង្គម/Social News


Anonymous said...

What's CNRP doing? Wake up...Wake up if you are winner.

Anonymous said...

មើលឃើញទេមហានគរ មហារអស្ចារ្យ មហាអាច់ជាក់រយាក់តែក្នុង បទចម្រៀងទេ នឹងពាក្យចេញពីមាត់
ពួក បក្សប្រជាចនទេ តែតាមពិតវាមើលមិនយល់ទេ

Anonymous said...

The price you'll pay for being honest/naive/believing NONSENSE....!Foreigners will takes advantage of your kindness etc.The world full of barbaric's acts to get ahead,Khmers people will be left behind if they don't change their attitude to be like those barbarians new commers (foreigners) Indians were almost wipe out from America's continent because they were naive/honest/kindness to new commers (whitemen) I am afraid that the fifty years all khmers will be in the camp or conservation some sorts on their own ancestral's land like the Indians in America to day.

Come on, all Khmers people wake up don't let this barbarians take us all to be their slave or putting our next generations childrens in the camp on our ancestral's land like America did to Indians people.Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!...You can't trust Yuons,Chens and Siams....! Please fight for our children's future,we all owe them the obligation,we fight for our survival in this generation as well.


Anonymous said...

Khmers are lazy and stupid. That's why they are begging for money. Do works, collect trash, clean toilet, and you'll make money even if you don't have skills.