Friday, November 01, 2013


Anonymous said... 
HUN SEN has not any intention to step down or have a peace deal with any Cambodian Political Deadlock, HUN SEN never wish to give up his power, Vietcong has a back strong to support HUN SEN for serving their Interest, Vietcong might fight with Thai army along the border around Preah Vehear Temple making Cambodian people to confuse and forget about Vietcong and pushing Cambodian to hate Thia and forget about Vietnamese aggressor. Sam Rain Sy wants to talk now but HUN SEN is busy to discuss with his boss Vietcong how to deal with the Cambodian Rescue Party for the next step ?


Anonymous said...


I'm hungry. I'd like to eat something.
Toi doi. Toi muon an thu gi do.

What would you like to eat?
Ong muon dung mon gi?

I want to eat Cambodia.
Toi muon an Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Heh Ah Kwak, ah Chker's yuon, Ah son of a bitch: you're so happy to have a hug with ah stupid dog from Hanoi. This very pleasant hug by the side of the new demarcation post represented the significant importance that ah Kwak has acknowledged yuon's non-stop claims of encroaching upon our territory in our eastern border. To mark this event Khmers should publically condemn and denounce in very stronger term about ah Kwak's policy of ceding again and again our land to his aggressor master, yuons, which are our historic enemy Number 1. It is undeniably that ah kwak has gravely committed treason against our nation. Why does he have so much power on his hand? Are we willing to accept him as the khmer' s land proprietor? Where are all Khmer nationalist? Or it is a worthless cause to act.

Anonymous said...

ដុល្លាមហាសាល សែនញញឹម
គឺជាបំណុល បន្ទុកលើរាស្ដ្រ
សែនសើចដាក់មាស ហ៊ិនវិនាសភោគផល
ក្នុងដីមានរ៉ែ ខ្មែរបានត្រឹមជីក
ទិន្នផលផ្ដល់មក ចិនយួនអ្នកកើប
ខ្មែរបង់ជីវិត្ត បាក់ដីគ្របលើ
សែនមិនអើពើ ព្រោះមមាញឹក
ផ្គាប់គុណចៅហ្វាយ លើកដាក់ចំណែន
សែនខ្មោចរស់យួន បង្ខិតសីមា
ជួលដីកាត់កោះ ជុល្លផលសមុ្រត្រទន្លេបឹង
យុទ្ធវិនាសចតុកោណ ខ្មែរឆ្លងដែនរករស់
ប្រាសាទឧទ្យាណ រមណីយ្យដ្ឋានព្រៃឈើ
សែនបូជាយញ្ញ តរលុះសព្វថ្ងៃ។
បើខ្មែរចង់សុខ សែនលាកប្រមុខ
នុះខ្មែរបានថ្កើង ម្ចាស់ទ្រព្យពេញសិទ្ធ!