Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ពិតជាមហាសែនថោកទាបណាស់ តើបងប្អូននៅទ្រាំបានដល់ពេលណាទៀត?

From reader

Courtesy Khmer world ខ្មែរពិភពលោក


Anonymous said...

No need to worry too much YOUNs are everywhere in Cambodian and now their YOUN Kids have finished Master even PhD they are preparing to set up their own party so soon or later they will have their own party for National Election, and the last one HO CHI MINNH plan will finish to control Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

Mr ly diep, où es tu ? Ah youn bandit entrain volé le pays, mais tu n as jaimais parlé un mot d eux.
Ly diep, quelqu'un qui n'a jamais soutien les nationalistes, est il un nationaliste?

Anonymous said...

Mr ly diep n'est pas nationaliste mais il est journaliste.

Il n'entre pas la moule de partis.

Il est libre comme l'air.

Il parle de quoi comme il veut.

Il n'a aucune obligation de soutenir quel partis que ce soit.

C'est son choix et c'est un choix personnel.

Mais le patriotisme est différent de nationalisme.

Le respect d'un libre choix d'un compatriote c'est un respect du fondement de liberté.

Personne ne peut lui imposer de tel ou tel choix.

Anonymous said...

I do not belive this information,because Mr ly diep never speak a bout this problem.
you must to understant that Mr ly diep,and Mr soun serey rotha are the real nationalistes of youn yeack kong.

Anonymous said...

I already told you along time,in Hun Sen government it has a lot of Vietcong name Khmer hiding behind Hun Sen. They work just make Khmer country weak or for destroy Khmer country and let Hanoi swallow after.Just one example CHUM PRASIT,his father is old vietcong and secret agent of Hanoi before 1975, many Khmer people living in Phnom Penh before 1975,they know very well his father.Now Chum Prasit became ministre of energy and resource,this place Chum Prasit can steal many Khmer interest for Hanoi. All vietcong named Khmer, they work for steal Khmer interest or destroy Khmer country for Hanoi. OH....poor Khmer country, OH... poor Khmer people. Why some Khmer people still sleep very well or you ready to be slave of Hanoi?

Anonymous said...

Now, all khmer people must to supprime youn in our country one by one until the end, because this option it is a last hope of khmer people to save our motherland.