Saturday, November 02, 2013

Cambodia trial ends, court looks to future

Cambodia trial ends, court looks to future  

Senior former Khmer Rouge members deny involvement in killings of 2 million people in a lengthy and costly trial. 

Al Jazeera | 1 Nov. 2013

'Political interference'

"The court is necessary, but here it’s not sufficient, it’s deficient, mainly because of political interference," Theary Seng, a human rights lawyer, told Al Jazeera. "The court process is controlled by the current government, which includes former Khmer Rouge, the prime minister, the president of the Senate and the president of the National Assembly. And the list goes on. It’s resulted in donor fatigue, senior resignations and has created this limping court that, to me, is a sham." A former civil party to the court - her parents were killed by the Khmer Rouge - Seng withdrew from the process two years ago.


Anonymous said...

We need to see the end result:

Has the CPP accepted the CNRP as the winner yet ? If not, then that non violence demonstration does not mean anything.

If this traitorous CPP party, which has destroyed almost all Khmer natural resource, is still holding on to power, this so called non violence demonstration is just a game that this puppet CPP party let the CNRP play to entertain SOME people. We cannot say that the CPP has done a good deed for not hitting or killing the people during the demonstration. People have the right to walk peacefully.

Khmer people have overwhelmingly voted the CPP out, and the CNRP must remember that.

The CNRP has the obligation to claim that victory.

The CNRP must know that nobody has more risk than Khmer people. We are on the verge of losing Cambodia completely to this evil Vietnam.

The CNRP needs to take some steps to inform the international community about our real problems. Otherwise, they might press the CNRP to accept something from the CPP that are detrimental to the CNRP's and Cambodia's existence.

The CNRP must know in advance about the repercussion of the negotiation on this November 5th 2013. Khmer people want you to talk only about the formation of an independent committee to clarify the irregularities of the election.

But we knew the result of the negotiation already: the thief CPP will absolutely refuse to create an independent committee, and the CNRP will need to go back to a more intensified demonstration.

I say one more time, no lost life, no fruitful result for the CNRP.

Why does I keep saying that ? Because Khmer people and I knew this evil Vietnam’s determination to swallow Cambodia so well. Vietnam is not going to give up Cambodia easily. We got to fight hard for it.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

which part of this post is sensitive news?

Anonymous said...

This ECCC in Cambodia is Hanoi-US ECCC to cover up their own war crimes in Cambodia as follow:

1. Yuon Hanoi killing field such as K 5 plan in 1980s in Cambodia.

2. US brought war from Srok yuon into Cambodia and US carpet bombed in Cambodia since 1960s-1973s killing field.

Above only parts of Hanoi and US war crimes and crimes against Cambodian people in stead of paying compensation to Cambodian people they set this show trial under the name of finding justice for nearly 2 million Cambodian who killed between 1975-1979.Sic!

Anonymous said...

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