Sunday, November 03, 2013

China Says Tiananmen 'Terror Attack' Planned in Advance

A man works on a security camera which is installed at the Tiananmen square in Beijing October 31, 2013.
VOA News
Chinese state media are releasing more details about what they say was a terrorist attack in Tiananmen Square carried out by militant Uighurs - a mainly Muslim ethnic group in western China. And reports coming in from Xinjiang Province tell of a crackdown on the minority Uighur community there.

China Central Television says eight Islamist separatists from Xinjiang province had been planning the attack in Beijing for more than a month, and had accumulated more than $6,500 in funds to support their plot.

The state-run broadcaster says three of the suspects drove a Mercedes SUV loaded with 400 liters of gasoline into Tiananmen Square on Monday. The vehicle crashed and exploded in flames, killing the three men and two tourists and wounding dozens of other people. Authorities say the five other suspects lerft Beijing before the attack and were arrested later in Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital.

The World Uyghur Congress said Friday that Chinese police have arrested at least 53 people in Xinjiang since the blast in Beijing. The exile group said "a period of unprecedented repression" appears imminent, and it appealed for support from the international community.

The World Uyghur Congress, which is based abroad in Munich, says exiles fear that Beijing will use the Tiananmen incident to justify further restrictions on the Uighur community, which they already is considered a target of religious and cultural persecution. It expressed skepticism about Chinese authorities' version of what happened in Beijing, and urged the world to withhold judgment until full details are known.

China's domestic security chief, Meng Jianzhu, said the attack in Beijing on Monday was carried out activists from a Muslim Uighur separatist group based in Xinjiang, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), which is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.N., U.S. and others.

The CCTV report, however, said the Tiananmen plotters decided to form a terrorist group only last month.

China says it dopes not mistreat Uighurs, but is waging a campaign against separatists trying to form a separate nation in what they call East Turkestan. Chinese authorities say Uighurs are guaranteed wide-ranging religious and cultural freedoms.

Clashes in Xinjiang between Uighurs and the Han Chinese majority, including members of government security forces, are not uncommon. Beijing says over 200 people have been killed in such attacks in recent years, but this is the first time authorities have blamed Uighurs for a major incident in the national capital. 

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Anonymous said...

Talking about Uighurs, I have read an extensive of materials relating to this issue. The Chinese like to expand in their territory. They have taken in a total of 56 different nations to form under a one roof, and classified them as chinese, e,g Uighurs and Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan are one of them, why? Because the Chinese believe that their neigbhour can be a theat to them and so, they have to conform and join into a one world with one gov't.

They believe that if they are to be separated, it will be easier for Westerner to inferefere in its internal affair. They beleive that 'no nation would want them to grow but to fall apart' (which is true) and that 'Untited we stand and divided we fall'. And also they believe the bigger the better 'more people mean more work forces and more productions be done to achieve the outcome. Preparation by using the same method from A-Z by using the rule of law.

e.g from pre-school to University and then in getting a job (limitation of professional field) and the rest divide into different engineering as well as placing them into different labour forces e.g training to be police and armed forces like each school they can sellect who will do what (divide them into equal trade and training).