Friday, November 22, 2013

Civil servants’ bosses told to halt skimming

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Vong Sokheng, The Phnom Penh Post
21 November 2013

Civil servants including police officers in a supervisory role who cut into their subordinates’ salaries will face consequences including criminal charges, Interior Minister Sar Kheng announced last week.

In an order obtained by the Post yesterday, Kheng urged civil servants who handle payroll to immediately report to the Ministry of Interior anytime their employer takes money from employees’ pay – including in cases where the money is ostensibly going toward charity or humanitarian organisations.

The ministry will implement anything from administrative discipline to charging a defendant in court, Kheng’s decree states.

“Whatever the purpose for which the funds would be used … [civil servants] need to absolutely stop cutting salaries, whether the cut is small or large,” Kheng says in his announcement.

“[All involved police departments] in municipalities and provinces have to implement this order with the spirit of responsibility and effectiveness.”

But greasing palms – sometimes using the salaries of lower-ranking employees to do so – has become so endemic in Cambodia’s public sector, that Kao Poeun, president of the Cambodian Independent Civil Servants Association, doubts the order can be implemented.

Bribery and turning blind eyes to corruption – or actively participating in it – have been blighting public servants for years, Poeun said.

In this environment, higher-ups have abused their employees’ salaries often.

“There is no concrete number, but bosses cutting into an individual civil servant's or police official's pay cheque has been widely reported,” Poeun said.

Under Cambodia’s labour law, management may only dip into an employee’s salary for agreed-upon union dues, or if the employee must dock pay for equipment the employee broke or lost – in that case, only up to 20 per cent of the worker’s total pay cheque can be taken out – said Moeun Tola, head of the labour program at the Community Legal Education Center.

Civil servants are not covered by the labour law, Tola said.

But in principle, he added, wages should not be deducted from any employee’s salary unless there is a prior agreement.

A provincial police chief Tola knows told him he and officers had their pay docked for equipment like body armour, Tola said.

He believes Kheng’s order came in response to a rash of recent complaints from civil servants about bosses taking exorbitant percentages of their salaries.

“The police, the military police and so on are not happy right now,” Tola said yesterday.

Sharing Poeun’s perspective, Tola said he does not think the order will be ultimately enforced.

“I don’t have any optimism or any hope that the government ruled by the [Cambodian People’s Party] will do that,” Tola said.



Anonymous said...

leaders have to enforce the rule of law and emphasize on it. eventually the khmer citizens will catch on and adjust to the concept because for most, it is a foreign concept for them, so be their educators and mentors! plant good seeds and we all will reap the benefit of its fruits!

Anonymous said...

This is old news and same CPP tactic and tricks. This is to weed out the Civil Groups and Oppositions, of course many of those organizations are restricted by the CPP.

Remember the last elections, Hun Sen said the same things, when the Anti Corruption Unit was set up to clean out the corrupted officers in CPP.

But what did the Anti Corruption Unit do since established? There are reports of Election fraud, reports of CPP using the states property as personal reporty, reports of deforestation, reports of Civil group bribed and killed of the CPP officers..

No one in CPP have been prosecuted for the crimes since established. But more plan game for the CPP to target the Oppositions and Civil group.

How is this going to be any different?


Anonymous said...

He just sings a song.

Anonymous said...

Since the Yuon slave Hun Sen w'ont do anything to stop the criminals who destroyed our forest, it is time to stop those criminals ourselves.

One way to stop those criminals from cutting down more trees is just gathering a few hundreds of people, then walking on the high way to stop those logging trucks ourselves and chase those truck drivers away.

If people keep doing this a few times, those criminals will go away.

If not, we will escalate our efforts by burning those criminals' trucks.

If the actions of those criminals who destroyed our forest were legal, then burning the trucks of those criminals must be even more legal.

Furthermore, it is time to take Khmer soul Angkor Wat, Phnom Bokor, Koh Tun Say, etc... back from Ah Kantorb Sok Kong. Khmer people are extremely sick with this pest Sok Kong.

Koh Tral later.

So far, have we absorbed enough pain from the traitor Hun Sen ?

It is time to do something to save our motherland.

Bun Thoeun

Anonymous said...

Some khmer people always blame Youn for their own problems, that why most of the khmer people are dirt poor. And all their leader are blind with money and fame. I wonder when is khmer people going to wake up?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vietnam is nearly achieved their plan 100%, taking Cambodian land, push Vietnamese refugees keep coming to live in Cambodia legally, by the year 2020, Vietnam will have 10 million people living in Cambodia. Vietnamese government try to open many Banks in Cambodia and encourage Vietnamese companies coming to take more land in Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jealousy comments never true...Useless barking.