Thursday, November 07, 2013

CPP Lawmaker Says Deforestation Is Good for Economy

Vietnamese Ambassador Ngo Anh Dzung
By Mech Dara and Dene-Hern Chen - November 7, 2013 The Cambodia Daily 

CPP lawmaker Chheang Vun on Wednesday lauded the economic and social benefits of the widespread clearing of Cambodia’s forests for development projects.

Speaking to reporters at the National Assembly after a meeting with the Vietnamese Ambassador Ngo Anh Dzung, Mr. Vun, who is also the spokesman for the Na­tional Assembly, said the protection of forestland is important, but not more important than economic development.

“We need to balance the consequences of deforestation, [which is] what we can get from the deforestation for the good of the people,” Mr. Vun said, adding that the Lower Sesan 2 dam in Stung Treng province is a prime example of economic development growing out of felled forests.

“Hydropower is very important for developing industry,” Mr. Vun said, adding that the taxes collected from this new industry will bring “more revenue for the state and for families.”

The government cannot allow people to stop progress, he said.

“If they do not want us to cut the forest and stop the economic de­velopment, we cannot accept this,” he said.

Last month, the Council of Ministers ordered a halt to logging in preparation for the Lower Sesan 2 dam in Sesan district following allegations from a local commune chief that the company contracted to clear the forest was illegally fell­ing trees outside the dam concession’s boundaries.

Mr. Vun promised that the Sesan dam will move ahead eventually, despite the calls for the project to be canceled.

Thun Sarath, spokesman for the Forestry Administration, said that the formation of a committee to investigate illegal logging in Sesan district and demarcate the concession’s boundaries is “ongoing.”

“We will cooperate with the community on what’s going on and how to crack down on illegal logging,” Mr. Sarath said.

The Lower Sesan 2 dam has been a lightning rod for criticism from local communities, NGOs and environmentalists. Slated to displace more than 5,000 people in Sesan district, environmentalists have said the dam’s impacts to local fisheries could affect more than 100,000 people living up and downriver from the dam.

Chhith Sam Ath, director of NGO Forum, said that the government is concerned only about economic development, but not about social development.

“If we are talking about development, it is development for whom?” Mr. Sam Ath asked. “If the people say they don’t want development to impact their livelihoods and the forest and impact climate change, and the majority of them say they don’t need this development, I think we need to listen to them carefully.”


Anonymous said...

Stupid monkey. This Vun guy need to be put on trial for crime against humanity. The Cambodian people are not reaping the rewards, only his boss the f*cking Yuons are reaping the rewards. This idiot need to be placed in a jail cell.

Anonymous said...

No other person is stupid than this guy. Government lacks of quality people, it's bad to have these all kind of people to work for the country. Same people same government and want to change.

Anonymous said...

Can this monkey, Chhean Von, know how much it costs economically emotionally as many as million Cambodians lost their home, rice plants and even their lives due to recent Cambodia flood that was majorly caused by deforestation, the act that has been done by cpp officials for thirty years plus ! Khmer people should know how selfish and how stupid this person including his clan are.

one khmer

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Anonymous said...

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ជាមួយអាឈ្លើយសម រង្ស៊ី និ​ង
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Anonymous said...

sometimes, it is needed and good to develop some designated areas and preserve and conserve and protect other important areas of cambodia's natural resources as well. can't just protect all and left out cambodia like a primitive society or primitive country. is that what the french colonial people did to cambodia they want to preserve or conserve cambodia's natural resources? no wonder cambodia is lack behind in development. learn from others and the past, too! wake up, cambodia! look around the world! we are not alone on this planet!

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Anonymous said...

Well! is that is true why doesn't viet thieves wipe out their whole country forest as well?

Anonymous said...

After you had collected all the Khmer wealth since 1979 and now you are being acted as one kind of nation in world come to help khmer once again and again. That strategy was repeating the same old shit as like to come to protect and help khmer get out from French colonial as help khmer from the Kmer Rouge. Those matter was totally not true at all.
Since you was the only was a trouble maker all alone to swallow cambodia but you had done so cool in front of the Khmer ignorant and the international to make them believing on youn, Uh.