Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Courtesy Nokor Kork Thlork


Anonymous said...

Tep Vong is the only Buddhist religious master in Nambodia!

Anonymous said...

Tep Vong is Hanoi's dogs,to destroy Khmer's Buddhism,you should aware of that! Tep Vong serves Hanoi's interests not Khmer Buddhism.Tep Vong is fake monk-Hochinonk.


Anonymous said...

Good monk supose to not do politic. That's difference.

Anonymous said...

12:13 AM

Yes, but politic is about loving and caring for people. If they bridge this law, all monks have the right to stand up to fight against those unjust behaviour, because all monks survive by people and so do politicans. But again, if you violated such principles, you have to pay. Without people, their is no monk or gov't, so both gov't and monks like have to respect and be afraid people, not the other way round. Because when you are afaid of people, you are doing the right things by the people.

But if you take the law into your own hands, you are against the people and you can be put down by the people. Right now, Hun/cpp/vc are taking the law into their own hands, eg. land grabbing, land concession without people consent, leasing Angkho wat for 99 years without people consent etc. These are some of the things that your cpp do to destroy its country and nation for your own national interest, and now, everyone knows who you are and what you are capable of.

How do you feel being caught red-handed? worst than animals and even animals know right from wrong e,g its own territory and who its owner is etc. but you the fk VC and the Chin, huh! you guys do is steal, rob and kill your innocents neighbour for your survival but how long? For now, only time will tell, because god is right and just and so, you run but you can't hide.