Friday, November 22, 2013

Facebook user arrested for defamation freed

Cheth Sovichea, a Facebook user who was
arrested on a defamation charge for
criticizing a military police chief.
The Cambodia Herald, 21-Nov-13

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) -- Stung Treng military police officers have released a Facebook user who was arrested on a defamation charge for criticizing a military police chief on his Facebook page.

Cheth Sovichea, a staff member for the Telephone Company in Stung Treng province, was arrested on Wednesday, after he posted a message criticizing military police commander, Ieng Vandy.

He was released that same day after he signed a letter of fault confessing to the defamation.

Before he was arrested, Cheth Sovichea posted on his Facebook page along with a photo of Ieng Vandy, "Come to take money, and use inappropriate words … I wouldn't expect that out of him [Ieng Vandy] with his high position, but his words are not even equal to dirt."

Cheth Sovichea posted on his Facebook page
along with a photo of Ieng Vandy
The 23 year-old Facebook user made his criticism after local media had reported in their Facebook pages that military police officers in Stung Treng province seized several motorcycles from residents and charged them $200 each to get them back.


Anonymous said...

I believes, the hun sen regime from the top officer ranking to the bottom officers, their made get a bribes , or blackmail extortion a corrupted and the police or military police to do cover-up report to the court. The institution of hun sen regime more ever, the hun sen regime the corruption is systematic.

Anonymous said...

4:09 AM
I agree with you 100%

It is good to dopt on them 'cyndicate group of mafia' of operation. This is clearly to show that Hun/CPP is a group of mafia ruling to ruin, like, to steal, rob and kill. This Hun dynasty is taking the law into their own hands (bloodsucker) e,g encouraging their commanders to operate in a corruption manners, like blackmail and extortion etc. People of Cambodia need to learn to expose them all one by one, e.g who they are and what they capable of. e,g just this case is a good example of it and now, we know who they are and what they capable of (Hun/CPP=VC=Mafia group).

They can not go on like this. But first, Hun needs to stop taking bribe from those commanders, in order for those commanders to stop being involved from such evil action. Hun is the roots of all evils within our system, Hun Sen is a puppet and is following the VC and so, this make the VC mastermind such evil action. If Hun not wake up now, Hun and dynasty will be finished also. They did before and they will continue to do it again and again. Right now, VC and the Chinese are laughing and say 'ah Hun is our good dog, when we tell him to sit, he sits and when we tell him to bark, he barks and now, we tell him to fight against CNRP Sam he does. let just sit and watch and lets the game begins...hahaha'.

Hun and CPP are a bunch of actors from the VC and the Chinese commanders. So, for the Hun dynasty, goodluck, if you look into the past, you will see the future. But if you are the VC pretending to be khmers, well, only time will tell. So, good luck to Bunsomhearg and Hai Phuc ( puppet or VC in disguise). Good on the VC and the Chin for playing their evil game well. But in end, god is right and just, he once said those who live by the swords shall die by the swords, so let your lying tongues die by your own lying tongues and now everyone in this world knows this true fact and should be more aware of them more and more, that is, do not truth these two nations of the VN and the China.

Anonymous said...

Cambodia is only a democracy on paper. It's like watching a movie over there. The ruling cpp are more like actors than actual civil servants. They're nothing but hypocrites from communist Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

His face look like Sakal...Doch mless té. TS.

Anonymous said...

If CPP investigates into this corruption leak and gather enough evidences to out this PM crook, their party will gain more polularity. I think the accusation is legit.