Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Family Won’t File Complaint Against Lawmaker Over Hit-and-Run

By Phorn Bopha, The Cambodia Daily
November 27, 2013 

No court complaint will be lodged against CPP lawmaker Cheam Yeap over his role in a hit-and-run car crash that left one woman dead and her husband in a serious condition in hospital, relatives of the injured man said Tuesday.

Moeun Sina, the sister of Moeun Tha, 26, who remains in a serious condition at Calmette Hospital after the crash on Friday that killed his wife Pin Sophea, said that the parliamentarian’s lawyer had paid the family more than $1,000 in compensation and, therefore, no complaint will be lodged with the court.
“We will not press charges,” Ms. Sina said, adding that Mr. Yeap’s money is being used to pay her brother’s medical bills.

“He [the lawyer] said that another $400 is [to be paid] to the doctor,” she said, adding that Mr. Yeap ought to buy her brother a new motorcycle to replace the one destroyed in the crash.
On Friday morning, Mr. Tha and his wife, both 26, were traveling on a motorcycle when they smashed head on with Mr. Yeap’s SUV along National Road 1 in Kandal province’s Kien Svay district.

The couple was reportedly trying to overtake another vehicle when they crossed into the oncoming traffic lane and collided with Mr. Yeap’s vehicle, which according to witnesses, did not stop after the crash.

Mr. Yeap’s vehicle, which was being driven by an unnamed chauffeur, continued to drive away from the scene of the crash despite having the couple’s motorcycle trapped underneath.

Though the traffic law states that those involved in an accident must remain at the scene and report to the nearest authorities, Mr. Yeap has maintained he did nothing wrong by driving away from accident.

Pin Sophea and Mr. Tha were left lying on the side of the road for 30 minutes before they were taken to a local clinic. Pin Sopheap died shortly after being taken to Calmette Hospital on Friday afternoon, while Mr. Tha sustained a ruptured kidney and is in serious condition.

“I would want him [Mr. Yeap] to buy my brother a new motorcycle since he has lost both the bike and his wife,” Ms. Sina said.

“His bike was completely destroyed in the accident,” she said.

Mr. Savuth, Mr. Yeap’s lawyer said Tuesday that his client had “solved the problem” with the family of the dead woman and her badly injured husband.


Anonymous said...

well, if the victim's family don't want to file complaint with him, then why some people want to politicize it? if anyone to take action, it is the victim's family, i think. peace!

Anonymous said...

$1000 dollar for human life! This is show human life in scambodia is as cheap as animal life.

Anonymous said...

My family have been thr similar car accident in Cambodia where a tourist ramp thr my relatives motor cycle. Those rich Van owner have insurance, lawyer and police to fabricate the accident in turn change accident from right to wrong. Basically the tourish bus overtake as you know Cambodia only have one road with single lane on either side. They Van overtake another four wheel in front and in doing so speed and smash my relatives motor cycle causing husband, wife and children to loose a lim each...and because the owner of the Van have connection to Hun Sen and have money to bride the police and witnesses they are then able to change the story and make the cause that it was the motor cycle was speeding...but the type track show the van was on the wrong side of the road...!

So my point is the siutation here divert the truth because of power and money and association to CPP and Hun Sen they are able to get away from prision. The same here with Cheam Yeap, in Cambodia CPP MPs has power and money they NEVER account FOR THEIR mistake JUST like with People caught NEC and CPP of cheaping. They never accept it.
Also in Cambodia many CPP MPs, Hun Sen and Families and their associaties and business partners have killed many Khmer people over the years. Yet NOT ONE has been sent to prision.

-Koh pich
-Chea Vichea murder
-Chut Wutty murder
-Recent stug meanchey shooting
-Shooting of protester in the past and present
-Shooting of former oppositions SRP MPs
-Touch Sreney
-Sam Rainsy granade attack to list some

What about all the unaccounted for case that never made to the news??? they many many story to tell but they have been supress by the CPP as they own the media and the courts in Cambodia.

These CPP 68 Mps are and have been committing crime that is not reported and they should be brought to justice sooner...than later.

The rape of the Cambodian Constituion in forming the current illegal government is the the worse of it kind in Cambodia hsitory, they the CPP are desporate to hold on to power despite the people and electorate have vote them out in this election they still cling on to power.

I think it will be justice for Cambodian citizen if we can put these 68 CPP Mps in prision soon...with the united Khmer people power we will put nation interest and change our future for the better.

Anonymous said...

if you complain all the time, why don't you tell cambodia to train more lawyer so cambodia can become a law society. seek the help of the lawyers because they know more about khmer law and can sue the perpetrators for the victims! don't tell me, people in cambodia do not have the concept of lawyer? do they know what suing is? the victims can always sue the wrong-doers! that's how they do in america, copy america for a change! i don't want to hear anymore excuses! just sue them if you have concrete evidence against them. here's a hint: take video of the site of the accident, etc and use that in the court of law. and don't tell me you don't trust the court, you must be living in la la land if you say! cambodia has law, use that to your advantage if you are the victim. that's what lawyers are trained to do! hire them to help you if you want justice! stop blaming and hating the gov't. the gov't is here for a purpose, not at your expense or your whims! i don't want to hear it anymore!

Anonymous said...

10:26am, and you know why? pure khmer are pure evil, they hate each other, that's why life is so cheap in cambodia. now you know!

Anonymous said...

Also i forgot to mention they offer $500 US each for the lost of the lim and offer to repair the bike.
They say to my uncle and aunty if they dont accept the $500 each they will ensure they go to prision, please note the hospital cost for them total to $1000 each. They are poor and now poor and disabled. Slightly better then the case with Yeap as the victim are all dead so no one to claims i'm sure the victims family is threathen and force to accept what ever the amount of money Yeap's offer...the going rate in Cambodia is $1000 for a life. If someone could accident crash and killed Cheam Yeap i'm willing to pay $2000 to Yeap family for their compensation and not going to court.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cambodian people life is dirt cheap under AH HUN SEN Vietcong slave regime! As for Cambodian women are more dirt cheap too and they send oversea to work as house maid and sex slave!

Fuck AH HUN SEN and his family tree!

Anonymous said...

Hun Sen is Hun Nal and Hun Nal is 'Hai Phuc'. what can we say. His wife is also Viet in disguise. It is hard to believe that, our armed forces working so hard to protect our land and sea and only to be given by the puppet or traitor or VC in disguise (pretending to be our kHmer leader but not). How can this be? how blind are we to let them sit on our top seat for so long and still able to continue until these present days. Why isn't the international community do something about it? why are they allowing them (VC/China) to continue to fool them around.

Eg how the Chinese always say to the US not to interfere in our internal affair while they do! when are they going to learn that these two nations (VN and China) are the crooks nation of all of the Southeast Asia, their nations have lived based on a lied and they need to be stop or else, we are finished. Today they are continue to use the same old tactics and tricks to get what they always wanted, that is to rule the world. eg. selling their war related weapons to kill one another, so that they could have it all in the end (killing two birds with one stone). Then, they would blame on victims who killed victims and the surviving victims ended up paying their debt e.g from buying all those weapons etc.

Right now, they repeating the same process into Thailand, Sri Lanka, Rowanda, Sudan, Congo, Syria, and all other countries around the world. They even own the world bank including owning all investment property in US and EU as well. Oh god if you we don't stop them now, we will too late. It is time for EU, UN, US and all Asian Nations to form into one to help to destroy these two nations of the Viet and Chinese out of the world map for good or else, that is it! we are finished. Because, ' I have helped them in everyway I could but they still criticised me none stop, they are expansionists and they are like crocodiles' Sihanouk and Hun Sen added 'the truth is, nobody wants to lose their land or sea but because we are under their controlled'.

These two nations of the Viet and Chinese are so evil and should not be trusted and if we don't stop them now, that is it. we are finished for sure. So wake up everyone!. Just bring your chemical or biological bombs and do it now before it is too late, the end.

Anonymous said...

It is not true. They are talked them and bribed them not to file complaint and of course they are scared. As a senior member of the CPP party and as good as they talked of themselves, trying to evade justice for killing innocent people by hit and run is a crime. It is not the way to proceed law and order in the court of justice and it sets a bad example!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sue ah Chheam Yeap for million for the dead and two millions for the injured for hospital bills and pain & suffering,teach all these crooks a lesson of their ugly life.


Anonymous said...

How they can file against such Viet's croock? We don't how many agents were warned the both victims and relatives! But if those victims are the CPP, then it is okay.