Saturday, November 30, 2013

FBI Holds Investigation Talk for Cambodian Youth

FBI logo over map of United States of America (screen shot from website)
By Khoun Theara VOA 29.11.2013

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday gave a talk to some 200 Cambodian youths in Phnom Penh, describing criminal investigation, especially in human trafficking and child prostitution.

Various youth from across nine provinces attended the discussion, where they learned how they can participate in reporting crimes in their home areas.

“We investigate laws and rules that our government has created,” one FBI official, who asked to remain anonymous, told the group. “And if someone breaks those laws, we gather evidence through our investigation and in the end hopefully arrest and prosecute someone who breaks the law.”

The aim was to show the group how the FBI investigates, he said. “I would like to encourage you to think critically about the social problems I investigate here in Cambodia. And I want you to understand what it takes to conduct an investigation, to get to the truth and in the end solve crime.”
Those crimes often deal with child sex tourism, “which is closely linked to human trafficking,” he said. “We often see kids who have been forced into forced labor or prostitution, or we have Americans who come here and exploit those children.”

Tools of the investigator can include biometric scanning and DNA, lie detectors and the interview, he said.

Mak Chamroeun, head of the Khmer Youth Association, said he was interested in learning modern techniques of crime investigation and how he can be more involved.

“There are many crimes where I am living, including rape, robbery and drug trafficking,” said Steung Phrearung, 20, a student at a local university. He was looking for ways to be more involved in solving such crimes, he said. “I will report these to relevant authorities.”


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the FBI should help cambodia in its fight against crimes in the country.

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that's a good way to strengthen western democracy in cambodia! khmer people from all walks of life can use exposure to western concepts in many ways. remember, pol pot killed off most of the educated khmer people, so in this new day and age, cambodia can get the help it needs from the western countries. that is to help make a real, lasting difference not just for cambodia, but for all to enjoy as well.